6 Incredible Auditorium Venues in Amsterdam

by HarryPrince,  15 March 2021
by Harry Prince, 15 March 2021
6 Incredible Auditorium Venues in Amsterdam

There’s not much more exciting in this business than a good conference. And a good one can really change the world. auditorium venues in Amsterdam are no different!

Conferences are black slates where you can showcase your passion and your expertise to the world. Really, what is not to love?

And Amsterdam is a great city for corporate events too. Make your guests happy and host here!

Some of Amsterdam’s most incredible auditorium venues will no longer be secrets after you’ve read this. And you can get yourself booked in with just a couple of clicks.

1) Original Screening Room with Velvet Armchairs
Original Screening Room with Velvet Armchairs via Eventflare

Anyone who has a taste for Art Deco will swoon at the sight of this venue. The rows of velvet chairs are not only outrageously comfortable; they’re beautiful and take up a luxurious amount of space.

You’ll find it on the Singel canal, one of the city’s favourites. This puts you in a position to walk to any of the centre’s best attractions.

Moreover, the room comes equipped with a high-quality projector and WiFi. The location also offers a catering service to complement your events. Lastly, this space cancomfortably seat up to 37 people.

2) 15th-Century Chapel for Events 
15th-Century Chapel for Events
15th-Century Chapel for Events via Eventflare

The up-and-comers will tell you history is overrated. A shame for them, because they’ll miss out on this treasure. It’s a 15th-century chapel that has the decorum only age can bring. What’s more, it still has the glow of youth about it.

It’s quietly hidden between some fellow historic neighbours on the Zeedijk – as if it wasn’t iconic enough already. And it’s a logistically strong location too, being across the canal from central station.

Moreover, this versatile auditorium is suitable for hosting various events, from meeting to private dinners. The venue includes state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment to make a success of every conference. The maximum capacity ranges between 180 and 520 people, depending on the set-up.

3)  Exquisite 17th-Century Multipurpose Auditorium
Exquisite 17th-Century Multipurpose Auditorium
Exquisite 17th-Century Multipurpose Event Space via Eventflare

This venue is slightly more modern, being only from the 17th-century. And it’s even equipped with a magnificent historical Bach organ. It’s a former church with a brow-raisingly high ceiling in the form of a dome that’s worth straining your neck to admire.

It’s located in the Jordaan. Although effectively in the city centre, it is still somewhat of a residential area. The Jordaan is one of Amsterdam’s oldest and iconic areas; and what was once a slum area is now more perfect than a postcard.

Its versatility compliments how striking this venue is. Plus, it’s a glorious backdrop for product launches, award shows, private dinners and much more. Conferences are very well taken care of, with the venue having state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, high-speed WiFi and more to take care of business.

Additionally, you can request an AV technician, decorator, photographer and security guard. Designed to accommodate up to 600 people, this magnificent church can host an event of a lifetime!

4) Industrial Modern Space with a Versatile Setting
Industrial Modern Space with a Versatile Setting via Eventflare

If you want a conference venue in Amsterdam that is sleek and modern, this is the one for you. It has towering floor to ceiling windows and a versatile layout. Plus, it’s built with corporate events in mind.

It’s located in Oost (East), just by Amstel Station, a major train station in the city. And on the other side of the station? Well, the lovely Amstel river of course!

The venue comes equipped with WiFi, a beamer and projection screen, an audio system with a microphone and blackout screens.

There’s also additional space available to use as a reception area to check-in guests. Regarding the capacity, this space can host up to 350 people.

5) Contemporary Chic Space Overlooking the IJ
Contemporary Chic Space Overlooking the IJ
Contemporary Chic Space Overlooking the IJ via Eventflare

This building was designed by the Viennese architectural firm Delugan Meissl Ass. It’s an intelligent use of Amsterdam’s limited space, with 1,200m2 of exhibition space, beautiful lighting and a simple white modern finish.

It is located in the Noord, which is over the IJ-Meer river. You can get there by ferry. The rides are every five minutes, and they’re free!

The location comes equipped with a projector, screen, sound and lighting system and internet access.

Capacity-wise, this space can host up to 90 people for cocktail receptions, 85 people in a theatre layout and 49 people for private dining.

6) Event Market with Robust and Raw Character
Event Market with Robust and Raw Character for conferences
Event Market with Robust and Raw Character via Eventflare

This place is very cool. And you can believe us when we tell you that, as it’s best known as a food market venue. And food markets are very cool.

It’s an industrial venue that wears its years with grace and decorum. The ceilings are such a height that it feels like an industrial cathedral or a hanger for a rocket. You’ll love the modern, gentle touches that soften the edges of its authoritative tone.

What’s more, it actually has two spaces. You can hire one or both. Why not use both for a two-part staged event?

The first space is a whopping 1,400m2 allowing for up to 1,500 guests. The second is a smaller but substantial 540m2 for up to 650 guests.

Wrapping up

So there you have 12 incredible auditorium venues in Amsterdam. We could go on, but you’re busy. If you’re curious to see more, we can definitely help you out!

We’ve got one last idea for you. Get on the hottest trend in recent years and provide some cracking vegan catering. You can check out our guide to the best vegan catering companies in Amsterdam to see what options are available to you.

Featured image: Amsterdam Auditorium Venues via Eventflare

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