Conference Rooms in Buenos Aires

Hello there, event planners. It’s no surprise you chose to host your conference in Buenos Aires. It’s a fabulous choice! With excellent infrastructure, technology, culture, and people, it is the dream place to host successful conference events.

Want a flawless conference in Buenos Aires? Dive into our ultimate guide packed with insider tips on top venues, city navigation, tantalizing catering options, and more! Flawless conference experience guaranteed!

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A Guide to Hosting a Conference in Buenos Aires

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FAQ about Buenos Aires venues and events

What is the best time of year to book a conference space in Buenos Aires?

The best time to book a conference space in Buenos Aires depends on your specific needs and preferences. However, there are a few factors to consider:

  • Weather: Buenos Aires experiences its peak tourist season during spring (September to November) and autumn (March to May) when the weather is mild and pleasant. This is an excellent time for conferences, as attendees can enjoy the city without extreme heat or cold.
  • Local events: Be mindful of local events and holidays. Some periods, like during Carnival in February, may not be ideal due to increased tourism and potential venue unavailability. Similarly, major national holidays might affect local businesses and services.
  • Budget: Prices for conference spaces and accommodations can vary based on the season. Peak tourist seasons usually have higher rates. If you're looking for a budget-friendly option, consider booking during the off-peak months (winter months of June to August) when prices might be more affordable.
  • Availability: Popular venues in Buenos Aires often get booked well in advance, especially during peak seasons and major events. Plan and book your conference space several months ahead to secure your desired venue and dates.
Is there support to achieve sustainability for my conference in Buenos Aires?

Buenos Aires offers support and resources to achieve sustainability goals for conferences. Many venues have adopted eco-friendly practices, offering recycling facilities, energy-efficient lighting, and sustainable catering options.

The city also has local suppliers specialising in green products and services. Event planning companies focused on sustainability can assist in venue selection and waste reduction strategies.

Public and private partnerships, as well as community engagement initiatives, promote eco-conscious events. Sustainable transportation options, like the city's extensive public transit system, provide environmentally friendly commuting choices for attendees.

Additionally, some venues and services hold certifications or awards for their green initiatives, indicating their commitment to sustainability. Buenos Aires provides a supportive environment for organising conferences focusing on environmental responsibility.

What’s the average cost of hosting a conference in Buenos Aires?

The cost of hosting a conference in Buenos Aires can vary widely depending on several key factors. The size of the event, the chosen venue, the duration of the conference, the number of attendees, the level of services and facilities required, and any additional customised elements all influence the overall cost.

For a basic conference package in a mid-range venue with standard amenities, the cost per attendee per day might range from €50 to €150. Larger conferences or events in premium venues with advanced services and specialized requirements could exceed €200 per attendee per day.

You can read more about the average cost of hosting a conference in Buenos Aires in this guide.

How can I secure local sponsors for my conference in Buenos Aires?

There are several government and private organisations that you can approach to help sponsor your event. The Global Chamber of Buenos Aires is a great place to start when looking for sponsors.

Of course, we encourage you to approach sponsors with a solid plan of action. Read our 4 Tips for Growing Event Sponsorship to help you get started.

And, as always, we’re here to help you. Our local experts have in-depth knowledge of Buenos Aires and the local market. They will be able to help you figure out sponsorship opportunities for your conference in Buenos Aires as well as help you with anything else you might need.

How can my attendees get to my conference venue in Buenos Aires?

In Buenos Aires, you really don’t have to worry about transportation. The public transport system here is well-connected, reliable and cheap.

The locals mostly travel by bus(Colectivo) and subway (subte). A single ride is just $0.25. Plus both are well-linked to the other major areas in the city.

Alternatively, you can always opt for a taxi but be wary of scammers. You can book a taxi using a taxi app or hail a regulated black and yellow radio taxi that will charge you by the metre.

What language considerations should I make for my conference in Buenos Aires?

Spanish is the primary language spoken in Argentina, so having essential conference materials available in both Spanish and English is important. This includes agendas, programmes, signage, and any official documentation.

For international attendees who might not be fluent in Spanish, offering translation services or providing bilingual staff and interpreters can greatly enhance their experience. Moreover, it's a good practice to inform speakers about the language preferences of the audience, ensuring they adjust their presentations accordingly.

By addressing these language considerations, you create a more inclusive and accessible environment for all attendees, fostering better communication and understanding during the conference.

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