Workshop Rooms in Malta

Hello there, event planners! If you’ve been thinking about hosting a workshop in Malta, we love the idea.

Not only is this little island a great mix of history, culture, and beaches, but it’s also a developing hotspot for businesses. So, if you’re looking to host a workshop that’s going to walk the edge between serious and fun, Malta is the perfect destination!

We know you’ve already got plenty to plan for your workshop in Malta, so we’re here to make things a little easier. We’ve put together this concise guide to workshop rooms in Malta that will cover everything from the types of workshop rooms you’ll find, to where you’ll find them, and even how to cater for your workshop.

So, read on and get ready to host an unforgettable workshop experience.

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A Guide to Hosting a Workshop in Malta

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FAQ about Malta venues and events

How much should I expect to budget for when hosting a workshop event in Malta?

Budgeting for your workshop event in Malta can vary depending on a few factors. The size and location of your chosen venue, the time of year you plan to host your workshop, and the specific amenities you need will all play a role.

As a rough estimate, basic workshop spaces can range from around €50 to €150 per hour. If you're looking for larger and well-equipped spaces, you might be in the ballpark of €150 to €300 per hour. For high-end or specialised venues, you could be looking at €300 to €600 or more per hour.

Keep in mind that these are just ballpark figures, so it's always a good idea to reach out to venues directly to get precise pricing based on your unique requirements. And don’t forget to factor in other expenses like catering, transportation, accommodation, workshop materials, marketing and promotion, and so on.

What are some unique after-work ideas to celebrate our workshop session in Malta?

Our section on after-work ideas in this guide already covers this. If you need help thinking of more after-work ideas, we recommend contacting our local experts.

How can my attendees get to my workshop venue in Malta?

Getting your attendees to your workshop venue in Malta is a breeze! Malta has a well-connected transportation system, and here's how they can make their way:

  • From Malta International Airport: If they're arriving by plane, they can easily hop in a taxi waiting outside the airport terminal. Alternatively, the public bus system is efficient and budget-friendly, with various routes connecting the airport to different parts of the island.
  • Public buses: Malta's public bus network is quite extensive and covers the entire island. Your attendees can use buses to get to their destination within Malta. They can check schedules and routes online or at bus stops.
  • Taxis: Cabs are readily available throughout Malta, and attendees can book one either through a taxi app or by asking their accommodation provider to arrange one. Just make sure they book from a licensed taxi service.
  • Renting a car: For more flexibility in exploring Malta, some attendees might choose to rent a car. Malta has numerous car rental agencies, and driving is on the left side of the road, similar to the UK.
  • Ride-sharing apps: While ride-sharing services like Uber are not available in Malta, there are local alternatives like Bolt and Cool Ride-Pooling.
Should I consider language for my workshop in Malta?

When planning your workshop in Malta, it's a great idea to consider language. English is widely spoken in Malta, making it an ideal choice for conducting your workshop to ensure effective communication with participants. This language is commonly used in both business and education on the island.

However, you can also add a local touch by incorporating some Maltese phrases or cultural references to enhance the experience. Be mindful of your attendees' language preferences, and if necessary, provide translation services or materials in their preferred language to ensure everyone can fully engage and enjoy your workshop.

How can I secure sponsorship for my workshop event in Malta?

When it comes to securing sponsorship for your workshop event in Malta, consider tapping into the local scene. 

Reach out to businesses, startups, or organisations that resonate with the essence of your workshop. Let them in on the fantastic perks of partnering up, such as increased visibility, expanding their network, and making a positive impact in the local community. 

Tailor your pitch to align with Malta's vibrant sectors, like tourism, culture, and sustainability, and demonstrate how being a sponsor can help them achieve their objectives while staying true to their values. 

If you need more help, check out our guide to writing an event sponsorship proposal.

How can I organise registration and ticketing for my workshop session in Malta?

Start by selecting a reliable event registration platform like Eventbrite, Eventzilla, or even platforms like Meetup or Facebook Events.

Create an event page where attendees can easily register and purchase tickets online. Offer multiple ticket options, such as early bird pricing or group discounts, to attract a diverse audience. Promote your workshop through social media, local event listings, and partnerships with local organisations to boost visibility.

Don't forget to provide clear instructions for payment methods, and consider offering both online and on-site registration options for added convenience. Finally, have a friendly and responsive customer support team in place to assist attendees with any questions or concerns. 

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