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    Use local event experts to uncover the best venue for your activity.

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    On-the-ground logistical support using the best local vendors.

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  4. How it works
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    Quick and simple, from booking to payment and from fiat to crypto.

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    Our ambition is to make your event memorable, from discovering, to on-site assistance, to post-production. 

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Common questions

What is Eventflare?

Eventflare is a fully integrated 360° online platform to book and manage unique international corporate events.

How does Eventflare work?

Eventflare is an agency for high-impact corporate events. Join us, from ideation to execution and even game-changing post-event analysis.

Discover the unique, with our team of local event experts around the world. They’ll find you the best venue to suit your needs.

Book securely. Our system is fast, secure, and versatile to your preferred currency (even crypto!)

Then, plan with ease. Our local experts will then give you on-the-ground support, inviting you to collaborate with the coolest local vendors. 

And finally, experience Eventflare. Our international team will be there for around-the-clock digital support as well, helping your event planning go like a rocket!

*And N.B. By 360°, we mean the works, from catering to branding, winning sponsorships, team building exercises, parties, merchandising, the lot. But only the solutions you need, of course, our services are fully customisable, remember!

How do I book an event venue?

You have two options: 1) You can browse our amazing collections as you please using our intuitive filter systems.

Alternatively, there’s option 2) Ask an Expert. Simply drop us a line, spelling out your wildest dreams, and one of your local Event Super Heroes will come back to you with a hand-curated selection for you to choose from.

Once you’ve found the one, our secure booking system will take care of the rest. From fiat to crypto, pay however you want!

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