About Us

Our origins - and headquarters - are in Brussels, Belgium. At the time of reading, we’ve landed in 23 cities. But hey, we’re ready to touch down where the action is hot at a moment's notice.

To the uninitiated, planning an event can feel like running on a hamster wheel that never stops, like having a lot of plates spinning, like trying to drink from a firehose.

So yes, our job is to relieve you of some duties. Sure. But more importantly, it’s to make the experience enjoyable. And more important than that, to make your event high-impact.

Now here’s the thing, we see ourselves as leaders in the field. And to stay at the front, we need clients that dream big. So give us a pitch, why don’t you, and we’ll give you a return of serve.

The Crew

So, yes, we’re headquartered in Brussels. But we’re global, baby. Our crew is all over the place. We’ve got lone wolves in Scotland, marketeers from the mountains of Bolivia, a gang of Event cowboys in Madrid, and more cool characters still.


Learn, Grow, Win, Enjoy, with Eventflare

One thing about Eventflare is we’re constantly growing bigger and better, pulling off the impossible, again and again. Now, that can’t happen without talent. The kind of talent that likes flexing its skills, trying out new passions, going on awesome retreats, and most importantly, winning.

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Ikaroslaan 1, 1930 Zaventem, Belgium

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If you think you have event flare, shoot us a line at [email protected], we are constantly hiring!