7 Unusual Venues in Amsterdam

14 June 2023
14 June 2023
7 Unusual Venues in Amsterdam

Add a dash of quirkiness and creativity to your event with our list of unusual venues in Amsterdam. Yes, you heard right, Amsterdam is brimming with unique and offbeat venues that are sure to make your event an unforgettable experience.

From a converted church-turned-event space to creative pool spaces, Amsterdam’s unusual venues offer endless possibilities to ignite your imagination and create a one-of-a-kind event.

So, step off the beaten path and let your creativity run wild in the vibrant city. And, if you need a bit of guidance, our local experts are just a click away.

Modern Unusual Event Venue in Amsterdam with Lounge-Style Décor

Modern Unusual Event Venue in Amsterdam with Lounge-Style Décor via Eventflare

Step into a world of wonder at this unusual space in Amsterdam, conveniently located by the dazzling Rembrandt Park. This modern rooftop terrace with lounge-style décor offers a remarkable setting that is sure to impress your guests.

Prepare to be amazed as you ascend 85 meters into the sky, where this outdoor oasis awaits, offering an unmatched vista of Amsterdam and a trendy lounge-style décor that’s straight out of a dream.

In the summer, your guests can relax on plush lounge sofas or soak up the sun on comfortable sun loungers while sipping on delightful cocktails. As the winter season unfolds, the terrace undergoes a magical transformation into a cosy Winterland, where the loungers make way for an exciting ice hockey rink and multiple curling arenas in place of the loungers.

With the capacity to host a moderate-sized gathering, which is perfect for hosting private dining. Additionally, it serves as an exquisite backdrop for after-work get-togethers or trendy cocktail parties.

Amenity-wise, with a well-stocked bar, attentive staff, exceptional catering service, and high-speed WiFi, this venue provides a seamless event experience.

Majestic and Unusual Space in Amsterdam with a Palatial Ambience

Majestic and Unusual Space in Amsterdam with a Palatial Ambience via Eventflare

Add a touch of old-world charm to your event at this unusual venue for hire in Amsterdam. Built back in the 1600s, this majestic event space with a Palatial ambience is located right in the heart of Amsterdam and just a stone’s throw away from the Nieuwmarkt subway station, making it easily accessible for your guests.

Brace yourself for an experience fit for royalty, as this stunning space boasts lofty ceilings, towering pillars that seem to touch the sky, sleek and minimalist walls, a sturdy concrete floor that can handle any dance party, and colossal arched windows that frame picture-perfect views.

Get ready to make memories with a crowd, as this delightful space can comfortably host up to 400 guests in a standing setup. From conferences and seminars to symposiums, product launches, receptions, and gala dinners, this space is the ultimate playground for your imagination.

Expect nothing less than a seamless experience, as this space is equipped with high-speed WiFi and an exceptional sound system. Additionally, catering services and drinks can be arranged to cater to your specific needs and preferences.

Creative and Unusual Venue for Hire in Amsterdam

Creative and Unusual Venue for Hire in Amsterdam via Eventflare

Welcome your guests to this quirky venue in Amsterdam that breathes life into every occasion. Located in the heart of Amsterdam, this creative pool space for private events promises a touch of distinction for your meetings.

In terms of style, get ready to be in awe of its industrial-style charm, highlighted by a captivating sea-blue swimming pool as its centrepiece. To add a playful twist, there’s a trendy private bar area adorned with stylish decorations.

Offering versatility at its finest, this unique spot can cater to a variety of purposes. Whether it’s a laid-back gathering, an intimate private dinner, or a lively product launch party, this venue sets the stage for an unforgettable experience.

With a generous capacity of up to 120 guests for a standing event, 100 guests for a walking dinner, and 30 guests for a sit-down setting, there’s plenty of space to bring your ideas to life. You also have access to high-speed WiFi, comfortable furnishing, a great bar, and a set of friendly staff to cater to your event’s needs.

Waterfront Quirky Venue in Amsterdam with a Trendy Design

Waterfront Quirky Venue in Amsterdam with a Trendy Design via Eventflare

Discover this unique venue in Amsterdam nestled in the heart of Oud-Zuid. Located in a historic part of Amsterdam, this waterfront venue with a trendy design offers a truly exceptional setting for your event.

This venue boasts a spacious and contemporary interior, perfect for hosting intimate private lunches or dinner events. But the real gem is its cool and fresh terrace, where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the sea and passing boats during a spring or summer gathering.

As for capacity, this versatile space can comfortably accommodate sit-down dinners for up to 250 guests. And to top it off, the venue offers its own catering service inspired by Japanese cuisine. So, treat your guests to a tantalising array of fresh sushi dishes and succulent grilled meat plates.

Other amenities like a fully-stocked bar, dedicated staff, and high-speed WiFi are also available for the sole purpose of your event’s success.

Charming and Unique Venue in Amsterdam with a Modern Touch

Charming and Unique Venue in Amsterdam with a Modern Touch via Eventflare

Prepare to have your guest’s breath taken away by this unusual venue in Amsterdam. This charming monumental church - having undergone a complete transformation - offers an outstanding experience. It is located in the Kruiskerk in Amstelhoek, a village on the river Amstel.

As you step inside this venue, you will be greeted by a modern ambience and upscale furnishing. Light, air, and space intertwine, creating an environment that sparks both inspiration and comfort.

This versatile venue is well-suited to host up to 50 guests in a standing setup. The upper floor is a spacious and bright 120m2 area that can be configured to accommodate various meeting setups. On the ground floor, you’ll find a large contemporary kitchen, fully equipped to meet your culinary needs.

That being said, amenities like comfortable furniture, modern light fixtures, and a fully stocked kitchen are available when you hire this venue.

Striking and Unusual Venue in Amsterdam with High-Class Interiors

Striking and Unusual Venue in Amsterdam with High-Class Interiors via Eventflare

Looking for an unusual venue in Amsterdam that will transport you and your guests into a world of wonder and magic? Well then, we’ve got you something special! This striking boat venue with high-class interiors is located within a boat just a 5-minute walk from the renowned Bloemenmarkt, the world’s only flower market.

Get ready to have your guest’s senses dazzled by the combination of opulent interiors and jaw-dropping views of the legendary Amsterdam skyline.

This mind-blowing venue is an absolute dream, perfect for hosting all sorts of fantastic events. Picture private dinners that transport you and your guest to another world, corporate parties that ignite the spirit of fun, or after-work gatherings where laughter fills the air.

With its impressive capacity, you can host up to 180 guests in a seated setup, or 500 guests in a standing setup. To add on, this venue offers a delightful bar, comfortable TV furniture, top-notch speakers, a screen, water facilities, and a high-speed WiFi connection as amenities.

Dazzling and Unusual Event Venue in Amsterdam

Dazzling and Unusual Event Venue in Amsterdam via Eventflare

It's time to turn up the dial on your upcoming event and make it a night to remember by opting for this unusual space in Amsterdam. Conveniently located just a quick 3-minute walk from the one and only Bloemenmarkt (the world's only floating flower market), this dazzling venue with a charming atmosphere can appeal to your sensory palette.

Prepare to be dazzled as neon lighting adds a vibrant burst of colour to the pristine white surroundings, adorned with exquisite reliefs on the walls and ceilings. This venue’s distinctive atmosphere is guaranteed to take your event to a whole new level. So, whether you’re planning lively corporate parties, captivating product launches, or engaging conferences, this unique venue is the perfect choice.

This venue can comfortably accommodate up to 120 guests for a dining setup and up to 450 guests for a standing setup. Amenity-wise, it gives you access to a well-stocked bar, a projector, high-speed WiFi, furniture, and a water facility. And, with a tantalising selection of exotic cocktails and delightful cuisine, this venue can immerse your guests in a night of fun and excitement.

Wrapping Up

Alas! We’ve reached the end of our listicle. This means it's time to select your favourite venue and start planning. But if you’d like to check out a few more options, here’s a list of unique venues in Amsterdam that are just as charming.

And just in case you’re looking for something unique in terms of accommodation in the city, check out these great boutique hotels in Amsterdam.

And, let’s not forget the fact that you need to make the most of your visit to Amsterdam. So, indulge yourself in any one of these after-work venues for a fun time!

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