Amsterdam - Best Vegan Catering

19 November 2020
19 November 2020
Amsterdam - Best Vegan Catering

Nobody is laughing anymore, are they? Vegan food has gone from the but of jokes to the biggest trend in catering for years.

Amsterdam has, is, and will be leading the planet in vegan catering. Amsterdam vegan food isn’t just an environmental endeavour, it’s a sincere culinary one too.

We’re very confident your curiosity to find Amsterdam vegan caterers will be more than satisfied once you get to the bottom of this list.

Vegan Sundays 

Vegan and healthy soup
Vegan Amsterdam via facebook

Vegan Sundays was established in 2011 by Chef Alexander Gershberg. He wished to inspire the world to eat more healthily and for healthy food to become sexier. 

You can see pictures of Vegan Sunday goods here. The photos alone are a good argument for a plant-based diet. 

Vegan Sunday offers private catering and cooking workshops that will really impress your guests. 

Veggies and Spice 

Snapshot of vegan food from Amsterdam caterer
Veggies and Spice via veggiesandspice

Veggies and Spice specialises in vegan and vegetarian event catering. Their food is colourful, healthy and full of flavour. They’re flexible and keen to tailor to your needs, so the food compliments your event.

If you want to get guests excited about your corporate event lunch, then share the Veggies and Spice Instagram page with them for some mouth-watering food shots.

Besides event catering, Veggies and Spice also offers recipe development services, as the demand for vegan and vegetarian products is rapidly growing.

The Green Temple

Private dining event in white open space with vegan food
The Green Temple via theconsciousclub

The Green Temple is a beautiful space, with a unique green wall, and friendly plants everywhere. They claim their plants reduce headaches by 45% and tiredness with 32%. A meeting here might be the most effective one your company has then.

They made the tables themselves from 300-year-old oak floorboards from the famous Wester Tower. The antique glass room dividers are from the 19th century, which gives The Green Temple it’s own unique feel.

Their spaces might be the epitome of laid back, but they take their catering very seriously. Their speciality is a range of homemade drinks. They have a wide range of prices and services, so your guests don’t have too little or too much.

Sweet Beet

Dish with sweet beet and healthy alternatives
Sweet Beet via greenkitchenstories

Sweet Beet is a passionate vegan catering company based in Amsterdam. Their food is tasty and always presented colourfully and creatively.

They are prepared and ready to roll out unique menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner, sweets, party time, and vegan high tea. Their colour and style will make anyone feel uplifted. 

You can even make the food by doing one of their workshops. Perhaps a sustainable team building idea?


Snaphot of a vegan dish
Vegabond via vegabond

You’ll find Vegabond on the picturesque De Clercqstraat. Their deli is a wonder of vegan products like handmade plant-based cheese, egg-replacers, vegan ice-cream, vegan beauty products, sustainable lifestyle items and more. A plant-based diet has never been easier or more seductive.

The Vegabond menu will satisfy you breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And they range from healthy to better-not-to-think-about-it.

If you have a private catering event for 10-150 guests, you might want to consider them as your caterers. They’re really good at it. Go on, just one office lunch.

Alma Catering Amsterdam

Snapshot of vegan dishes
Alma Catering via almacateringamsterdam

Alma Catering Amsterdam makes food made daily from scratch and only includes the freshest ingredients. Alma means soul in Spanish, which is apt. They drive to contribute to a more sustainable world.

They can help plan your team meals, so you all eat healthy, tasty vegan food during meetings. They’ll also deliver directly to you, so all you need to do is eat. 

They love throwing events too; their Amsterdam dining tables sport colourful tablecloths, candles, green ceramic plates and flowers. Choose from a diverse menu of breakfast, lunch, dinner and finger foods — perfect vegan party food. 

Vegan Junk Food Bar

Vegan burger
Vegan Junk Food Bar via veganfoodandliving

Vegan Junk Food Bar is already an Amsterdam institution despite only opening in 2017. 

It’s a game-changer. Vegan food is often associated with clean living. But here we have, pure, unadulterated junk food. Just because you’re saving the world, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to indulge! 

You can check out the Vegan Junk Food Bar menu, but it’s not for the faint-hearted. Portions are ample and to be enjoyed guilt-free. Likewise, DO NOT follow their Instagram unless you’re prepared for your stomach to start singing. 

Wrapping up 

It sure is interesting watching vegan food grow in popularity, and develop as a cuisine and trend. It’s now becoming a force in a world obsessed with food. 

If you are interested in offering vegan food to your corporate guests, you will probably want to be innovative and unique in other ways. You can check out these other event trends here to stay on top. 

Featured image: Vegan Catering via iamexpat

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