The Top Boardrooms in Amsterdam

12 April 2021
12 April 2021
The Top Boardrooms in Amsterdam

Like eating and sleeping, boardroom meetings are facts of life. But just like eating and sleeping, they can also be fantastic life-affirming events.

We believe that the best way to start is to book the right venue. The fact that you’re looking for boardroom meetings in Amsterdam leads us to believe you’re off to that good start already.

In this article, you’ll see the top boardrooms Amsterdam has to offer. You’ll find venues for casual meeting sessions, to classy and formal corporate wonders. So without further ado, let’s get to it!

Elegant Boardroom in Amsterdam

Elegant Boardroom in Amsterdam
Elegant Boardroom in Amsterdam via Eventflare

We’re kicking off on the larger end of our boardrooms,with this elegant space in the heart of the city.

The chandelier is like a mechanical spider. We love the arching and symmetrical windows, and the spaciousness of the place. It has brilliant skylights and a remarkable wooden floor pattern too.

It has a whopping boardroom capacity of up to 58 people and comes equipped with a flip chart, sound equipment, a projector, WiFi, and has a kitchen for you to make use of too.

Stunning Boardroom in Amsterdam with Glass Walls

Stunning Boardroom in Amsterdam with Glass Walls
Stunning Boardroom in Amsterdam with Glass Walls via Eventflare

Now, how about this stunning boardroom in Amsterdam? It’s a stunning raised glass box set in one of Amsterdam’s most important cultural institutions.

The curvature of the glass walls is elegant, so too is the contemporary decor and the wooden flooring. This venue is ideal for intimate and stylish boardroom meetings.

Your meeting will be made all the more productive thanks to the top-grade technological amenities to match its contemporary decor including WiFi of course. And finally, you’ll have a boardroom capacity of 8 people.

Elegant and Open Boardroom in Amsterdam

Elegant and Open Boardroom in Amsterdam via Eventflare

How about this elegant and open boardroomin Amsterdam?

This room is every bit a masterpiece in how to live. It has a remarkable flow through its impressively tall ceilings held sturdy by white pillars and roof beams. We love the lengthy sofa and the even longer rustic table.

The windows are large with stylish cross-section framing, giving you natural lights and a great place to observe the action on one of Amsterdam’s lively streets unfold before you.

Plus, it has a maximum capacity of 58 people over its 200m2, which we think is just marvellous!

Large Industrial Studio 

Large Industrial Studio via Eventflare

In the much-loved area of De Pijp, we have this large industrial daylight studio.

Welcome to a studio that has married the themes of retro garage and mother nature. The earthly furniture and decorations feel so natural in this bright and spacious place, with lovely features like white tile walls and old motorbikes hanging around.

They offer a freshly prepared and healthy lunch menu, and over a whole host of great amenities for a meeting. And finally, the boardroom capacity goes up to 15 people!

Unusual Boardroom in Amsterdam 

Unusual Boardroom in Amsterdam via Eventflare

Rumour has it – not that this has ever happened to us – that wine has brought many a productive meeting to a halt. Probably for the best that you don’t host your meeting at this awesome urban winery then!

No, but seriously, check out this glass nest room in the corner of the factory. It’s spacious, has slender furniture amongst its industrial core, and has a great vantage point to watch the wine-making process. And if you really want, you can have your meeting take place right in between the towering vats.

They have food, drinks – both hot, cold, alcoholic and non-alcoholic – as well as wheelchair access. Plus, they have all the boardroom amenities you could need including WiFi, projectors, sound equipment and more!

Open Inspiring Boardroom for Hire in Amsterdam 

Open Inspiring Boardroom for hire in Amsterdam via Eventflare

How about this sprawling 100m2 inspiring boardroom in the heart of Amsterdam. What’s more, it dates back to 1850 and has 8 metre high ceilings!

This venue is caught in different worlds: is it a cosmopolitan loft? A conservatory? A refurbished garage space? Whatever it is, it’s beautiful. The chevron wooden flooring, the engine gasket table legs, the skylight, the vintage wood-burning stove, it’s all just wonderful!

All in all this space has a boardroom capacity of 22 people. Plus, there are some very attractive looking lounging areas for when you need a well-earned break!

Wrapping up

Well, that’s a wrap from us folks. We hope you’ve seen the right venue for you. That being said. The fun doesn’t have to stop here though. You can check out the rest of our meeting rooms in Amsterdam on our platform.

And after a really successful meeting, what better way to celebrate than by visiting one of the best bars in Amsterdam?

Featured image: Elegant and Open Boardroom in Amsterdam via Eventflare

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