5 Exhibition Spaces for Rent in Amsterdam

03 March 2021
03 March 2021
5 Exhibition Spaces for Rent in Amsterdam

Hello, do you have a story to tell? Because we’re here to convince you that Amsterdam is a great place to share it.

Amsterdam is quite a big name in the MICE industry. It welcomes around 1.2 million business travellers every year!

1.2 million might seem like a lot. But it’s a fraction compared to the 19 million people who travel to Amsterdam for fun. All we’ll say is that there’s no rule against travelling for business and pleasure.

What you’re reading is a simple tale; five stories about some unique exhibition spaces for rent in Amsterdam. Making a choice might just be the hardest part. You can leave the dotting of the i’s and crossing of the t’s to us.

1) Multipurpose and Sophisticated Industrial Location 

Multipurpose and Sophisticated Industrial Location Multipurpose and Sophisticated Industrial Location via Eventflare

Starting us off, we’ve got a venue of contrasts. This multipurpose event space is delicate and uncannily industrial at the same time. What is ever-present is its sophistication. The huge skylights do their job of sucking in natural light beautifully.

It’s located in De Pijp, the envy of all the city’s other neighborhoods. It’s full of life, visitors, and is very much Amsterdam at it’s best.

This exhibition venue in Amsterdam has over 176m2 of floor space and can accommodate up to 150 people.

As well as the exhibition space, you’ll have a cantina that gives you up to 109m2, and a 90m2 boardroom that could be used as a breakout room.

One of this venue’s bonus features is it’s also available as a photoshoot location. If that’s what you’re interested in, we have a whole host of photoshoot venues in Amsterdam for you to choose from!

2) Art Exhibition Venue for Events in Amsterdam 

Art Exhibition Venue for Events in Amsterdam Art Exhibition Venue for Events in Amsterdam via Eventflare

As you could expect from any self-respecting art exhibition, this exhibition space is terrifically elegant. Deep black tiles have a gentle gloss on them. The rugs are thick and cosy. The white walls bring light, balance, and a canvas to your exhibition.

Although it’s an art exhibition by day, that doesn’t mean your guests have to trod around in solemn silence. You can use the lighting system to add a bit of rhythm to the party.

The layout is entirely changeable and can be tailored to the nature of your event. So if you have a vision, don’t sit on it!

Located in Amsterdam Noord (North), it is easily accessible via a short ferry trip from Central Station. Your future exhibition space in Amsterdam is nestled in a booming area that’s thrusting the old city forward.

The venue has a floor space of over 165m2, which is more than enough room for 190 guests.

If you and your guests are passionate about art, maybe you could interest them in a trip to one of Amsterdam’s famed photography museums?

3) White Room with High Glass Roof

White Room with High Glass Roof
White Room with High Glass Roof via Eventflare

Who could say no to a 9-metre ceiling? Not only that, a ceiling with a sloping glass roof. The wooden roof beams are painted white, giving the space a further unique look.

Its latest instalment is an artistic chandelier made of fluorescent lights. And its in-house showpiece is the famous photo of Michael Jackson on the Lauriergracht in 1977.

It has a cool lighting system that can be modified to suit any vibe you’re looking to pull off. Its central location, at the foot of the Red-Light District, adds some Amsterdam authenticity and logistical convenience.

This exhibition space in Amsterdam has a floor space of 75m2 and can accommodate up to 100 guests. 

4) Artistic Gallery Events 

Artistic Gallery Events via Eventflare

Artistic flair isn’t a gift that we’re all blessed with. But you have the power to give it to your exhibition. This artistic gallery is a strong example.

Anyone with a passion for throwing events will be intrigued by this venue’s flexibility. It can magically transform into an after-work venue, a meeting room, or a private dining space after your exhibition.

What you might be interested to know is this space is opposite Central Station. So if you need to dash to the airport, or feel like exploring the country, just step out the door.

With all its space, it can hold a maximum of 200 people.

5) Green and Bright Multipurpose Event Space

Green and Bright Multipurpose Event Space via Eventflare

Our final exhibition space for rent in Amsterdam is by no means making up the numbers.

Fashioned with love to create a sacred space, these serene vibes will be all over your exhibition. There’s a plant wall that is specifically designed to reduce headaches and tiredness. The owners tell us that it is 45% effective!

The centre table is handcrafted from 300 year-old oak from the famous Wester Tower. And the historical reclaiming doesn’t stop there. The rooms are divided by antique glass from the 19th-century.

It has a floor space of up to 90m2 and feels bigger still thanks to its earthly furnishings.

Wrapping up

So we had a simple task. If you’ve read this far, we fancy our chances. Whichever venue you think is best for telling your story, they’re all terrific choices!

If you’re looking for some tricks to make your exhibition venue in Amsterdam optimised past the call of duty, have you had a good think about food options yet? Perhaps our guide to the best vegan catering in Amsterdam could set you on the right track.

And if you want to find out more about corporate events in Amsterdam, we’re ready to spill the beans!

Featured image: White Room with High Glass Roof via Eventflare

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