Our 5 Favourite Food Trucks in Amsterdam

12 August 2022
12 August 2022
Our 5 Favourite Food Trucks in Amsterdam

Welcome, friends, to our guide to the best food trucks in Amsterdam. Whether looking for an event caterer or just trying to make the most of your adventure in the city, you’re in the right place.

Here’s the thing, street food in Amsterdam isn’t easy to spot. However, there are some real gems if you know where to find them. That’s where we come in. We’ve scoured the city and built this article for your convenience.

Down below, we have traditional Dutch delicacies, magnificent foreign influences, and, of course, some good old-fashioned fast food.

However, make sure you’ve eaten before you get reading. Your eyes will be bigger than your stomach otherwise. And make sure to join us in the conclusion for more local food tips!

1. Amona

Amona via Facebook

Amona declares their food as “the taste of Jordan”. A simple yet intriguing slogan. And what’s more, some folk even say it’s the best falafel in the city.

If you’re looking for an event caterer in Amsterdam that offers authenticity and rich flavour, you can do no wrong with opting for Amona.

Expect classic Arab food such as hummus, shoarma, baba ghanoush, and outrageously tasty soups.

Plus, you watch your food cooked fresh to order, which is always reassuring. And for the folk that just love cooking, it’s a pleasure to watch.

2. Food Crib

Food Crib via Foodcrib

Food Crib is the American fast food experience that has taken the locals by storm.

It’s a fascinating story that begins with an ice cream stand way back in the 80s. The crucial moment is when the proprietor discovered something called a hot dog. Then everything changed.

Fast forward to today, Food Crib sits in front of the most famous cultural landmark of the city, the Rijksmuseum. There, you can have it all, from coffee and ice cream to mind-blowing burgers, hot dogs, and salads.

We recommend the Junkyard Dog. A classic, brought to life by bratwurst, cheese, bacon, salami, piccalilli, and sauerkraut. And as well as being adored by the locals, it’s even loved by Hollywood celebrities like Chrissy Tiegan!

3. Vis Van Henry

Our 5 Favourite Food Trucks in Amsterdam
Vis Van Henry via Thefoodlineup

If you’re looking for street food in Amsterdam that pays homage to traditional Dutch culture, let us introduce you to Vis Van Henry (Fish From Henry).

As you might know, there are loads of pickled herring stands in the city – and they’re great. But what Vis Van Henry is doing is better. This food truck experience brings that street food tradition into the 21st century.

From the halibut to the oysters and the Thai fish cakes, the philosophy here isn’t just about tasty food. It’s about sustainability.

And what’s more, if you’re looking for an event cater in Amsterdam with experience, then Vis Van Henry is a strong candidate. They love doing conferences, pop-ups, festivals, and getting out into new markets!

4. Mr Blou I Love You

Mr Blou I Love You via Facebook

Mr Blou I Love You is the brainchild of Faycal Souid. It’s a culinary mission to make high-quality, organic food available to everyone.

Here you have an all-day menu featuring remarkable vegan food like homemade falafel, soups, and a salad bar. As for the meat-eaters, there are things like slow-cooked beef, chicken or salmon. We particularly love the wraps, banana bread, smoothies and coffee.

If you like the look of Mr Blou, then you’ll be happy to know that the city has a well-earned reputation for sustainable food. Just check out our guide to the best vegan event catering in Amsterdam to see why!

5. Rudi’s Original Stroopwafels

Our 5 Favourite Food Trucks in Amsterdam
Rudi’s Original Stroopwafels via Tripadvisor

And last but certainly not least, our next food truck in Amsterdam is Rudi’s Original Stroopwafels. And what a great selection to leave you on. It’s cheap, delicious, and irresistibly nostalgic.

Rudi’s is endearing in every way.  A family-owned institution on one of the most iconic market streets in the city, the Albert Cuypstraat.

Sure, you can buy the original family recipe cookie in the grocery store. But nothing beats buying it fresh from the griddle while the inside is still warm and gooey.

The syrup interior is perfect for most. – but some like theirs with a chocolate topping. Regardless, it’s best enjoyed with a hot drink!

Wrapping up

So there you have it, our favourite food trucks in Amsterdam. Your guest’s experience in the city will be poorer without a feast from one of these vendors, that’s for sure.

Your next mission is to take a look at our venues in Amsterdam. We have a style for every occasion. We’re confident of that!

And if you’re still curious about catering in the city, read up on our guide to the Best brunch spots in Amsterdam – the perfect supplement to impress your guests!

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