5 Cool Venues With Outdoor Space in Amsterdam

09 April 2021
09 April 2021
5 Cool Venues With Outdoor Space in Amsterdam

In the heart of Amsterdam lies a collection of sophisticated venues, each offering stylish indoor spaces and exquisite outdoor areas ideal for corporate events. As the city's vibrant energy merges with the tranquil allure of its outdoor settings, Amsterdam presents a perfect backdrop for professional gatherings with a touch of elegance.

From sleek terrace lounges overlooking the iconic canals to modern garden venues nestled amidst historic architecture, the options are as diverse as they are impressive. Whether you're planning a networking luncheon, a product launch, or a corporate retreat, Amsterdam's outdoor venues provide the ideal blend of sophistication and versatility.

Join us as we explore these chic spaces designed to elevate your corporate events, where every detail is meticulously curated to ensure a seamless and memorable experience for you and your esteemed guests.

1. Modern Rooftop Terrace With Sandy Brown Furnishings

Modern rooftop terrace in Amsterdam with sandy brown furnishings via Eventflare.webp
Modern rooftop terrace in Amsterdam with sandy brown furnishings via Eventflare

Soar 85 meters above the vibrant city and immerse yourself in breathtaking panoramas of the modern skyline at this rooftop terrace located beside Rembrandt Park. This versatile venue transforms with the seasons, offering the perfect ambience for any occasion.

During sun-drenched summers, plush lounge sofas create a chic atmosphere ideal for sipping cocktails and basking in the golden rays. As winter arrives, this rooftop gem undergoes a magical metamorphosis, transforming into a whimsical Winterland. Imagine trading cocktails for curling matches or gliding across an enchanting ice rink—an unforgettable experience for your guests.

But the venue’s magic extends beyond its seasonal charm. This all-weather venue caters to a variety of events, from intimate private dinners with breathtaking cityscapes as your backdrop to lively after-work gatherings and stylish cocktail parties.With an expertly curated bar, attentive staff, and impeccable catering service, every detail promises a truly unforgettable experience.

For inquiries or further details, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Your perfect event awaits amidst the splendour of this rooftop gem.

2. Stunning Outdoor Space Surrounded by Historical Buildings

Stunning outdoor space in Amsterdam surrounded by historical buildings via Eventflare.webp
Stunning outdoor space in Amsterdam surrounded by historical buildings via Eventflare

Escape the Amsterdam bustle and unveil a secret gem—a captivating private garden ideal for your next event. Nestled in the heart of the city, this tranquil oasis offers a unique setting that blends historical charm with modern functionality.

Imagine your guests mingling amidst captivating 17th-century architecture, the surrounding buildings creating a warm and intimate ambience. This versatile space seamlessly adapts to various gatherings, be it an intimate private lunch or a lively cocktail reception. Plan a celebratory dinner bathed in soft evening light, or host a relaxed after-work gathering for colleagues.

The venue boasts a fully equipped bar, ensuring a smooth flow of refreshments throughout your event. Additionally, top-notch catering services and attentive staff are available to take care of every detail, freeing you to revel in the occasion. With enough space for 200 people in a standing reception setup and 175 for seated dinners, this private garden caters to gatherings of all sizes.

Ready to transform your event into an unforgettable experience? Contact us today!

3. Luminous Outdoor Event Space With Glass Walls

Luminous outdoor event space in Amsterdam with glass walls via Eventflare.webp
Luminous outdoor event space in Amsterdam with glass walls via Eventflare

Craving a venue that seamlessly blends the vibrancy of the outdoors with the comfort of indoors? Look no further than this unique rooftop greenhouse! Bathed in natural sunlight, this spacious venue offers the best of both worlds.

Imagine hosting your event under a canopy of glass, surrounded by lush greenery yet protected from the elements. The adjoining rooftop terrace beckons for those seeking a breath of fresh air and panoramic city views. This versatile space comfortably accommodates up to 100 guests and adapts to any occasion, from sophisticated business dinners to captivating art exhibitions.

Modern amenities like Wi-Fi and a sound system ensure a smooth-running event. Friendly staff is on hand to cater to your every need, and delicious catering and beverage options can be arranged upon request.

Ready to transform your event into a light-filled experience? Contact us today, and let's create something truly special!

4. Cool Outdoor Veranda Surrounded by Greenery

Cool outdoor veranda in Amsterdam surrounded by greenery via Eventflare.webp
Cool outdoor veranda in Amsterdam surrounded by greenery via Eventflare

Imagine a sprawling veranda bathed in natural light, where the lines between indoors and outdoors gracefully blur. This expansive event space is your answer, offering the perfect blend of fresh air and modern convenience.

Ideal for diverse gatherings, this venue seamlessly transforms to host anything from elegant dinners to corporate events. Plan a captivating conference, a vibrant launch party, or a product exhibition—the space adapts to your vision.

The original decor incorporates charming trees, adding a touch of nature's elegance. Beyond the large windows lies a picturesque garden, creating a visually stunning backdrop for your event. Feel the gentle breeze and soak up this verdant haven's pleasant atmosphere.

Furthermore, the venue boasts high brightness thanks to the ample windows, ensuring a light and airy environment. Ready to host an unforgettable event in a stunning green haven? Contact us today, and let's create a remarkable experience.

5. Stunning Outdoor Space With a Canal View

Stunning outdoor space in Amsterdam with a canal view via Eventflare.webp
Stunning outdoor space in Amsterdam with a canal view via Eventflare

Unveiling a kaleidoscope of event possibilities—this multi-functional venue overlooking the charming Amsterdam canals offers a plethora of spaces, each boasting its own unique atmosphere and character.

Imagine selecting from a variety of meticulously designed event rooms, all seamlessly blending functionality with undeniable charm. Step outside and discover expansive outdoor areas, perfect for basking in the summer sun or enjoying a cosy winter gathering with twinkling lights.

This all-encompassing complex provides everything you need to host an unforgettable event. Whether you envision an intimate gathering of 50 guests or a grand celebration for 1,500, this versatile venue adapts to your vision.

Embrace the changing seasons—bask on a beach bed during the summer months, sip a refreshing beer on the terrace, or savour a delectable meal in the restaurant overlooking a tranquil lake during the cooler months.

Ready to transform your event into a truly remarkable experience? Contact us today and let our team guide you in selecting the perfect space for your vision.

Wrapping Up

Feeling spoilt for choice yet? We understand! This is just a taste of the amazing outdoor venues Amsterdam has to offer.

Don't worry; your perfect match is out there—and our event planning wizards are itching to help you find it. So ditch the decision fatigue and let's chat. We've got a whole treasure trove of unique spaces waiting to be explored.

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