Where to Host a Side Event at Alliance Summit 2022

10 March 2022
10 March 2022
Where to Host a Side Event at Alliance Summit 2022

Like the currency, crypto gaming is growing like mad. That’s why you should host a side event at Alliance Summit, a crypto event in Amsterdam, taking place from the 20-21st of April.

This crypto gaming conference is unique because it is intimate in nature. This is not an effort to get as many attendees through the door as possible. They want the right attendees.

If you’re looking to participate in a crypto gaming event built by and for the community, then Alliance Summit is your chance; the people involved are creators, builders and operators looking to foster innovation in the field.

This handy article will show you the why, what, and where. It’s how to host a crypto event in Amsterdam made easy. We’ll also drop some handy event planning advice along the way. So get to it and enjoy!

1. Why Should You Host a Side Event at Alliance Summit?

So why should you host a side event at Alliance Summit? Because it’s intimate and hands-on. It’s for those who want to make a real innovative step for the community. Here are just some practical benefits:

  • Engage with the best builders: There will be a special guest list of speakers with diverse experience in the field.
  • Discover Projects: Explore new paradigms in-game economics design, community building, and possibilities unlocked by web3. And opportunities to get involved from the ground floor.
  • A Curated Community: Alliance Summit is dedicated to curating an event with people who have relevant skills and experience in crypto gaming.
  • Safe Space: This is a mysterious element that is still a secret. However, attendees are promised spicy and fascinating discussions in still TBD safe space.

There’s also another reason you should host a crypto event in Amsterdam during Alliance Summit. It’s not open to just anyone; you need to pass their registration questionnaire. So here’s an idea, host a crypto gaming conference open to everyone.

2. What Kind of Crypto Event in Amsterdam Can You Host?

So far, the following themes have been outlined by Alliance Amsterdam:

  • What type of games can we build / can be enhanced by web3?
  • Open vs Closed gaming economies and ecosystems.
  • Lessons learned over the past three years, existing challenges, open questions.
  • Economy Design: sinks and faucets, tokenomics, economic sustainability, balancing
  • Community Building: bootstrapping gaming communities, building culture, scaling contributions
  • Guilds: scholar management, asset management, platform offerings for games and players, tooling
  • Governance: stakeholder mapping, what to decentralise first → last
  • Technology: interoperability, NFTs & token standards, DeFi x Gaming

Your crypto event in Amsterdam can be a part of this conversation. Or perhaps you can think of a more enticing crypto gaming theme to lure attendees away?

As for what type of event, Alliance Amsterdam is hosting talks, workshops, and networking opportunities. You, of course, are not limited to this.

We recommend hosting a crypto gaming conference, workshop, after-work event (networking opportunity), and, crucially, hackathons!

To learn more about hosting a blockchain conference, follow this link and get informed and inspired!

3. Our Favourite Venues in Amsterdam for Alliance Summit

Incredible Light Installations For a Crypto Gaming Conference

So without further ado, here’s our first venue for your crypto event in Amsterdam. It’s a fantastic location defined by its incredible lighting installations. You’ll find it in Amsterdam West, housed in an old peanut factory.

Events here are immersive and spectacular, leaving an impression. Several rooms have a unique concept lighting display, from light tunnels full of smoke, a hexagonal mirror room, a jungle swing room, and more.

This venue is suited for crypto gaming because it’s modern and dramatic, with a raw intensity to suit a hands-on Alliance Summit event. Plus, your guests will have the joy of a private bar and free parking.

You’ll also be happy to know it’s a blank canvas venue, meaning you can customise your crypto event in Amsterdam here as you like it. And finally, you’ll have a total capacity of1,500 in a standing event and 300 in a seated event.

Atmospheric Blue Hall For Crypto Event in Amsterdam

Atmospheric blue hall for seminars featuring seating space for 275 people.Atmospheric Blue Hall For Crypto Event in Amsterdam via Eventflare

If you’re looking for a modern and charming location for your crypto gaming conference, then you’ll love this atmospheric blue hall.

You’ll find it in New-West, with stunning views over the Sloterplas lake. The venue itself is sleek and modern, befitting the crypto gaming motif, and the seating is in a gorgeous bright blue that invokes a sense of liveliness to proceedings.

It comes with high-end facilities, too, such as a modular stage, HD projectors, sound equipment, and a professional lighting system.

Plus, there’s a 145m2 foyer for receptions, breakout sessions, and after-work experiences. There are also great catering options, high-speed WiFi, and finally, you’ll have a total capacity of 275 people.

Raw Industrial Location For a Crypto Gaming Conference

Raw industrial location with a sun-drenched terraceRaw Industrial Location For a Crypto Gaming Conference via Eventflare

If your crypto event in Amsterdam has a cool and edgy theme to it, then you’ll want to book this raw industrial location right away.

If you like locations that feel like an aircraft hanger from an action film, then this space might be perfect for you. You’ll find it in Amsterdam North, with a spacious terrace that directly overlooks the Amsterdam skyline.

It’s a tough-looking industrial shell with corrugated walls, steel roof beams, and a bold concrete floor. However, the style is more complex than that. The decor is full of vintage furniture, a cosy open-plan lounge space, rustic oil drums, exotic plants, and charming paper lanterns.

This venue is a superb choice for a crypto event in Amsterdam as it also has a private bar an organic and sustainable catering service. The furniture layout is versatile to your designs, too, so you’re in control. And finally, you’ll have a total capacity of up to 350 people.

Truly Unique Space For an After-Work Event at Alliance Summit

Truly unique space with trendy designTruly Unique Space For an After-Work Event at Alliance Summit via Eventflare

So here we are, our final selection on our whirlwind tour of crypto gaming venues in Amsterdam. Our choice for an after-work event at Alliance Summit is a truly unique space with a trendy design.

You’ll find it in the charming neighbourhood of old west, stretching out over 750m2 and allowing for up to 700 people in a standing event and 130 people in a seated event.

It’s a treasure trove of concept fixtures, built from refined wooden materials, with generous amounts of neon, massive skylights, all set in a pristine industrial backdrop. Plus, it has a private bar, a spacious mezzanine, and a luxurious terrace!

Wrapping up

And that’s a wrap. Thanks for taking the time to read our guide to hosting an event at Alliance Summit. Make sure to check out the rest of our venues in Amsterdam for more hot event spaces.

But before you go, we think your crypto event in Amsterdam would really benefit from having some of Amsterdam’s best vegan catering, wouldn’t you think?

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