Top 7 Tips For Hosting Your Side Event During Devcon in Bangkok

by Akshayaa RaniM,  18 March 2024
by Akshayaa Rani M, 18 March 2024
Top 7 Tips For Hosting Your Side Event During Devcon in Bangkok

Hey there, trailblazers of the Ethereum world!

Brace yourselves for the ultimate blockchain extravaganza at Devcon 7 in Bangkok. From November 12th to 15th, 2024, the buzzing streets of the Thai capital will be your playground for all things crypto and blockchain-related. Devcon isn't your typical snooze-fest conference; it's more like a turbo-charged carnival of creativity where developers, entrepreneurs, and all-around blockchain enthusiasts unite to code, connect, and conquer!

And guess what? This year, we're bringing the party to Bangkok. Whether you're a skilled coder looking to enhance your expertise, a budding entrepreneur aiming for success in the blockchain space, or just someone intrigued by the latest in crypto tech, Devcon is here for you. Bangkok's the perfect spot to dive deep into the future of decentralised systems while soaking up the city's electric vibe.

Hosting your side event during Devcon in Bangkok is like hitting the global Ethereum landscape jackpot! Whether you're planning a coding workshop, a networking mixer, or a hackathon to end all hackathons, Bangkok's got the perfect backdrop for your side event. So, grab your gadgets, pack your party pants, and let's transform the ETH town like never before!

With that, join us as we share all the insider tips for making your side event at Devcon Southeast Asia the talk of the town.

1. The Best Reasons to Host a Side Event at Devcon 7

We’ll keep this short and jump into reasons why you should host a side event inBangkok during Devcon:

Global Tech Hub: Bangkok is a bustling tech hub in Southeast Asia, and hostingyour side event here means tapping into a diverse pool of talent, expertise, and potential collaborators from around the globe. Whether you’re seeking partnership, talent, or investment opportunities, Bangkok offers a vibrant ecosystem to connect and thrive.

Cultural Fusion: From awe-inspiring temples to bustling street markets, Bangkok offers a one-of-a-kind backdrop that will captivate attendees. Embracing Bangkok’s cultural diversity can enhance the overall experience of your event and leave a lasting impression on participants.

Networking Opportunities: This event provides an excellent opportunity to expand your network and forge meaningful connections with like-minded individuals. Whether it’s exchanging ideas over street food or bonding during a workshop, Bangkok’s vibrant atmosphere fosters organic networking opportunities.

Collaborative Spirit: Devcon thrives on the spirit of collaboration and knowledge-sharing. Hosting a side event allows you to tap into this collaborative ethos, facilitating meaningful interactions and discussions among attendees. Whether you’re hosting a panel discussion, a hands-on workshop, or a brainstorming session, this conference provides the perfect platform to engage with the right audience, exchange insights, and spark new ideas.

2. Different Event Ideas to Host for Your Side Event at Devconnect Bangkok

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the typesof side events you can host at Devconnect Bangkok. Here are a few examples that will allow you to educate, inspire, or facilitate collaboration for your guests.

Builder Workshops: Dive deep into specific blockchain topics with hands-on workshops. These events offer practical learning experiences where attendees can gain new skills and knowledge.For example, you could host a workshop on blockchain development, scalability solutions like L2s, or the basics of blockchain analytics. These workshops can be led by industry experts, providing attendees with valuable teaching and learning opportunities.

Networking Mixers: Bring ecosystem enthusiasts together casually to network, mingle, and make connections. Networking mixers allow attendees to meet like-minded individuals, share ideas, and build professional relationships. Consider organising themed mixers, such as a builder networking night or a women in crypto meetup, to cater to different interests and demographics.

Panel Discussions: Engage attendees with insightful panel discussions featuring industry experts and thought leaders. Panels offer a platform for discussing current trends, challenges, and opportunities in the Ethereum world. Topics can range from DAOs and decentralised governance to L2-enabling technologies and dev tooling.

Hackathons: Foster creativity and innovation with hackathons that challenge participants to solve real-world problems within a limited timeframe. Hackathons encourage collaboration, problem-solving, and rapid prototyping, making them ideal for sparking new ideas and projects.

3. Choosing the Right Speaker for Your Devcon 7 Side Event

Your side event is incomplete without gathering the best speakers to talk at your event. Here are our top three guiding rules to keep in mind when selecting a speaker:

Do Your Research: Delve into potential speakers' backgrounds, expertise, and previous engagements. Ensure their knowledge aligns with the event's theme and audience interests. Devcon SEA, where innovation and Ethereum technology take centre stage, aims to bring renowned speakers who can offer valuable insights into emerging trends and developments.

Get Interactive: Foster engagement by selecting knowledgeable speakers adept at interacting with the audience. Interactive sessions, such as Q&A segments or panel discussions, allow attendees to engage directly with speakers, fostering meaningful connections and facilitating knowledge exchange.

Evaluate Speakers’ Credentials: Look at speakers' credentials, including their professional background, accolades, and speaking experience. For Devcon SEA, where attendees expect top-notch expertise, choosing speakers with a proven track record of delivering engaging and insightful discussions is crucial. Consider speakers who have previously spoken at ETH conferences or demonstrated expertise in areas such as decentralised systems, zero-knowledge proofs, or Layer 2 scaling solutions.

That said, if you're pressed for time, you can always rely on one of our local experts to compile a list of potential candidates for you.

4. Picking the Right Venue in Bangkok

When choosing the perfect venue for your Devcon 7 side event, consider the vibe you want to create and what your attendees will need.

Are you aiming for a professional workshop setting? Look for conference centres or event spaces equipped with all the tech essentials.

Want something more casual and dynamic? Tech hubs or coworking spaces offer a vibrant atmosphere and excellent networking opportunities.

For a laid-back vibe with a view, consider rooftop bars or restaurants in areas like Sathorn or Riverside. These locations provide a relaxed setting for mingling and socialising, complete with customisable menus to suit all tastes. And if you're after versatility and convenience, hotels and event spaces offer everything from flexible layouts to on-site catering.

When choosing, prioritise factors like space, amenities, and accessibility. Ensure the venue can comfortably accommodate your event size and technical needs. Negotiate transparently on pricing and terms, and don't forget to factor in transportation options for your guests.

But the easiest way is to utilise our Ask Expert function. Just inform one of our local specialists about your requirements, and they'll provide you with a personally curated selection of top-notch options.

5. Best Ways to Attract Sponsors to Your Devcon Bangkok Side Event

Sourcing for sponsors can be a tricky business. You must skillfully convince them by offering unique incentives or opportunities that will benefit all parties. Here are some innovative ways to attract them:

Innovative Partnership Opportunities: Offer opportunities to sponsor innovative partnerships that go beyond traditional branding.For instance, propose collaborative workshops or panel discussions where sponsors can showcase their expertise and engage directly with attendees, positioning themselves as thought leaders in their industry.

Interactive Sponsorship Experiences: Partner with sponsors to develop interactive installations or experiential activations, such as virtual reality demos or live demonstrations, to create interactive sponsorship experiences that captivate attendees. This allows attendees to engage with sponsor offerings firsthand and permits sponsors to showcase their value proposition effectively.

Tailored Marketing Opportunities: Offer sponsored content opportunities such as sponsored blog posts, social media shoutouts, or dedicated email campaigns that highlight sponsors' contributions and offerings.

6. How to Market Your Event During Devcon SEA Week?

During Devcon SEA week, turning heads and grabbing attention for your event is your ticket to the spotlight! Dive into Devcon's social media whirlwind—tweet, post, and share on platforms like X and Discord. Spice things up with teasers, sneak peeks, and hype-building announcements that'll have everyone excited.

And hey, let's not forget to tap into Bangkok's local crypto scene. Reach out to cool cats, influencers, and media outlets to spread the word and make your event the talk of the town. Offer them merchandise like swag packs or Thai-inspired artwork with blockchain motifs to entice them to promote your event.

But wait, there's more. Don't overlook the power of good old-fashioned face-to-face engagement. Hit the streets with flyers, posters, or stickers in hand, turning heads and catching eyes at key locations around Devcon and beyond. And when the big day arrives, be there in person to shake hands, share laughs, and build excitement. With a mix of online hype and real-world charm, yourside event will steal the show.

7. Selling Tickets for Your Devcon Side Event in Bangkok

The rule of thumb here is to always use trusted platforms like Eventbrite or Meetup to create a dedicated page for your side event. Provide all essential details such as event date, time, location, agenda, and ticket prices.

To attract attendees, utilise your social media channels to spread the word about your side event. Share engaging content, teasers, and updates leading up to the event, and encourage followers to register by including a direct link to your ticketing page in your posts.

Additionally, incentives like early-bird discounts or exclusive privileges such as VIP access should be offered to motivate attendees to register in advance. This not only aids in better event planning but also boosts revenue generation.

Pro Tip: Here’s a deep dive into our tips on top inflation and event planning strategies to help you organise your event to success.

Wrapping Up

We trust you found our top tips for hosting your side eventduring Devcon 7 helpful and inspiring.

For those looking to take their game to the next level, don't miss our ultimate guide on choosing the perfect venue for your side-event at Devcon 7!

Get ready for an epic experience, and we can't wait to see you at Devcon SEA in November!

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