5 Fun Team Building Activities in Barcelona

19 January 2022
19 January 2022
5 Fun Team Building Activities in Barcelona

You’re probably tired of hearing the phrase ‘team building’. Sure, it gets banded about a lot in the corporate world. However, this guide to fun team building activities in Barcelona is here to silence the cynics.

Team building is an industry in and of itself these days, with more exciting and unique days out being invented every day!

And what better place to do one than Barcelona. A city loved the world over, vibrant in pace, seeping in history, and some of the best food and drink you could hope for.

So whatever your team-building outcomes are, our guide has a style of activity to suit it, so get to it!

1. Espai Boisa: Masterchef

Espai Boisa: Masterchef via Espai Boisà

Even if you’re not into cooking, you can get into Master Chef. It’s a show that showcases drama, passion, fierce competition, and outrageous skills.

So without further ado, we’d like to introduce to you our first team-building activity in Barcelona today, Espai Boisà. It’s a fun, engaging, and dynamic cooking workshop based on the famous TV show.

This team-building activity can be booked for up to 32 people. The concept is simple, you’re split into two teams, just like the show. Then ach team is challenged with preparing 3 starters and a dessert while the professional chef prepares the main course.

Of course, a winning team will be crowned, but most importantly, you get to eat all the food! And as well as being hands-on, this activity fosters communication, skill-building, and team spirit.

2. Scarlett Entertainment Flamenco Workshop

Scarlett Entertainment Flamenco Workshop via ScarlettEntertainment

Here is the first of our team building activities in Barcelona that require a little bit of physical activity. It’s a workshop, where you’ll learn one of Spain’s most legendary traditions, Flamenco dancing. The workshop by Scarlett Entertainment usually lasts for 45 minutes and is suitable for a team of anywhere between 15 and 40 people.

Your classes will take place at the stunning grounds of Poble Espanyol, Montjuïc. With sessions led by professional dancers and trainers. And the most authentic touch of all will be the music you dance to, played live in front of you.

This service is even better because the sessions are tailored to what you want, by difficulty or style. From the famous Carmin to some light tap dancing, you’re the boss!

3. Get Volley

Get Volley via BarcelonaStagWeekend

One of the city’s prized possessions is the beach. It makes sense that we had to throw in a team-building in Barcelona that takes place in the sand!

We reckon volleyball is great for team building because it’s easy to learn and great fun. It teaches collaboration and fine hone a competitive edge amongst team members. Plus, it’s great to get to the beach.

We recommend Get Volley’s service, where sessions are led by professional instructors who teach the different team-building exercises and teach fundamentals skills and techniques.

The experiences last 90 minutes, so it’s short and sweet, leaving you lots of time left in the day to relax and soak up some rays.

4. Arte Bar

More often than not, wine makes everything better. That’s why Arte Bar’s team-building activity in Barcelona is so special. It’s a wine drinking and painting session.

Whatever happens, you’re a winner. If your painting is a disaster, drink some wine to make yourself feel better. If your painting is a success, well, drink some wine to celebrate!

For just €32, you get 3 hours of painting and wine. During which, Arte Bar’s expert staff tutors you through the ins and outs of the artistic painting process.

It’s a great team-building activity because it’s a stress reliever, it fosters company culture, and you’re bound to have a good laugh in the process!

5. Barcelona Sail

Barcelona Sail via BarcelonaSail

Here’s another team-building activity in Barcelona that requires a little bit of exercise. And even better, you get to be by the beach again. Two birds with one stone!

Team up with Barcelona Sail to experience the thrill and classiness of regatta racing. It’s a hands-on team-building session that also emphasises the importance of being environmentally friendly too.

You and your team will learn basic sailing techniques, fundamental boat mechanics before being split into groups of 4 to 6 to race the sea that lies in front of the great city of Barcelona and with a competitive ocean-faring scavenger hunt.

You’ll also get a brief and informative plastic pollution presentation. And to add some rhythm to proceedings, it’s all put into action in an exciting quiz.

6. ArtCava’s Cellar

ArtCava’s Cellar via ArtCava

This is our last team-building activity in Barcelona today. ArtCava is a full day’s visit to a Catalonian vineyard.

With most vineyard trips, your experience is too short and doesn’t allow for much engagement with the winemaking process.

That’s why we like ArtCava. This experience includes an agricultural breakfast, an informative guided tour of the cellar, and a robust tasting, culminating in you taking your favourite wine home!

Plus, there’s a Mediterranean feast for lunch, and while it was being prepared, you’ll be able to try some vermouths and more Cava.

The ethos of this experience reflects that of the vineyard itself and that’s family. For groups of 2 to 20, you’ll be welcomed with open arms and given the best hospitality all day. It’s fabulous!

Wrapping up

So there you have it, our guide to the best team building activities in Barcelona. We hope you’ve found some inspiration. And remember, you don’t have to choose just one activity, just saying.

And while you’re here, if you need an external venue for your team building in Barcelona, check out the workshop rooms we have in the city.

But before you go, one last bit of expert advice. Perhaps the perfect way to end your team building activity is to take your team to one of the 8 best group dining venues in Barcelona.

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