A Guide to Event Translation Services in Barcelona

18 May 2022
18 May 2022
A Guide to Event Translation Services in Barcelona

Welcome, event planners, to our guide to translation services in Barcelona. Today, we’ll take you through which kind of services to choose and which providers to pick.

This article isn’t entirely city-specific – there’s something for event planners everywhere here –so don’t leave so soon; it’s also packed with practical advice on how to get your event translation right.

Event translation is an excellent service to provide for your events. It allows you to reach a larger, more global audience and understand your content and speakers better. It will endear your brand to your audience members, who will feel more engaged and welcomed by hearing a familiar tongue.

So we hope you enjoy reading through your options and make sure to keep an eye out for some bonus expert advice articles we’ve hidden throughout!

Human or Machine Event translation

There are two ways to interpret or translate live audio: automated, via software, or through a professional interpreter.

The Advantages of Automated Event Translation:

  • Some software is free (Google Translate, Skype Translator, etc.)
  • It’s quick
  • You can translate between multiple languages at once

The Disadvantages of Automated Event Translation:

  • Accuracy can be very low
  • Accuracy is also very inconsistent across different languages
  • Machines can’t translate context, emotion, complicated words, slang, tone etc.
  • Mistakes can costly
  • Sometimes translation simply doesn’t work

The Advantages of Human Event Translation

  • Higher translation accuracy
  • Humans can interpret context, emotion, complicated words, slang, and tone rather than simply translating words
  • Human interpreters can review their work and provide a quality process
  • Humans can interpret the creative use of language, e.g. puns, metaphors, slogans, etc.
  • Humans can account for idiomatic differences between their languages
  • Humans can interpret words and concepts that don’t have direct translations

The Disadvantages of human Event Translation

  • Humans aren’t as quick as software
  • A human interpreter in Barcelona can be more expensive
  • A human interpreter in Barcelona is limited to the languages anyone translator can work with

When to Use Automated Event Translation:

  • When the workload is significant, and you only need to capture a general meaning of the text
  • When your translation isn’t intended for a live audience
  • For internal use where 100% accuracy isn’t needed
  • To partially translate for a human to later improve on

When to Use Human Event Translation:

  • When accuracy is important
  • When presenting content to a live audience
  • When you have a duty of care to provide accurate translations
  • When trying to tap into creative nuances of language
Event Translation Barcelona via Arabization

The Top Options For Event Translation in Barcelona

Associated Interpreters of Barcelona: Associated Interpreters of Barcelona (AIB) is a partnership of interpreters in Barcelona who are all members of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC). That’s a seal of approval when it comes to first-rate standards.

They offer both live event translation as well as remote work. They’ve also got an impressive portfolio, having worked with the European Union, Council of Europe, FAO, ILO, Banco Sabadell, Consumer Goods Forum, Agbar, and Banco Mediolanum name a few.

Marcela Nicolao Forastieri, Conference Interpreter: Marcela Nicolao Forastieri is an independent Barcelona interpreter. She has a passion for language and communication. Working with her is a more personal experience than working with some agencies and companies.

Her services spread to Spanish, English and Portuguese event translations in both remote and live interpreting. Her broad experience includes politics, training programs, medicine, tourism, construction, environmental guided tours, and more.

DMC Solutions: DMC Solutions offers translation services in Barcelona for companies big and small and has worked in various fields, from video games to books and law documents. They’ve worked with some impressive names such as Microsoft, Electrolux and CoStar Group.

They’re a local company passionate about Barcelona and its charms. They’re not just limited to event translation; they’re actively advocating for the city, determined to assist and recommend to guests how to enjoy their visit.

The Top Machine Translation Services

DeepL: Is DeepL translator accurate? This is a question many users ask. DeepL markets itself as “the world’s most accurate translator”. It can translate 26 languages and is used by more than 200,000 professionals, and is proven to outperform its rivals by 3:1. So maybe it’s more than just marketing?

Interprefy: Interprefy is excellent because it automates live captions for live events and is fully streamlined for 3rd party app integration. It’s trusted by some of the most prominent groups in the world, too, from Facebook to Google and even in The White House.

Wrapping up

And that’s a wrap on our guide to translation services in Barcelona. We hope you’ve learned something today and have a clear idea of what your event translation will look like!

Your next mission is to look through our stunning selection of Conference rooms in Barcelona. Life’s too short for boring space spaces, folk!

And our final piece of expert advice is our event planner’s guide to getting around Barcelona. May it serve you well!

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