Barcelona’s Top Convention Venues With Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

by Akshayaa RaniM,  15 April 2024
by Akshayaa Rani M, 15 April 2024
Barcelona’s Top Convention Venues With Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Barcelona is buzzing, and we're not just talking about the sangria! This Spanish city is fast becoming a conference hotspot, attracting professionals from all over the world.

Several major events, such as the Mobile World Congress, the European Society of Cardiology Congress, and globally recognised crypto and blockchain events, have put Barcelona on the map for event planners. These events not only demonstrate the city's ability to host large gatherings but also its appeal as a destination where business and pleasure can be combined.

So, if you're considering Barcelona for your next convention, you've come to the right place! With the perfect blend of culture, weather, and top-notch venues, this city has everything you need to host a meeting that stands out.

And did we mention the icing on the cake? Barcelona is blessed with over 300 days of sunshine a year, so indoor/outdoor venues are all the rage here. They offer the best of both worlds — the comfort of a modern indoor environment and the charm of an outdoor space where you can soak up the sun and the city's vibrant atmosphere.

Ready to check them out? Let’s go!

1. A Charming Event Venue in Barcelona by the Seaside
A charming event venue in Barcelona by the seaside via Eventflare.webp
A charming event venue in Barcelona by the seaside via Eventflare

This charming event venue in Barcelona by the seaside effortlessly combines the best of both worlds—the cosy indoors with the breezy outdoors.

Inside, the space is full of potential. With a vibe that blends a cosy cafe and a grand ballroom, the intimate conference venue is spacious enough to accommodate 150 seated attendees or 200 standing. And don't worry about the technicalities; the conference atmosphere is taken care of with music and sound equipment on hand.

But the real treat is just outside the doors. Here, the Mediterranean lifestyle takes centre stage with an inviting terrace overlooking a tranquil pool. It is an idyllic spot for breakout sessions or a post-conference cocktail in the shade of the Barcelona sky with a view of the sea. The garden view, framed by greenery, provides a quiet backdrop for thoughtful conversations and mingling, while the poolside area, furnished with loungers, invites relaxed socialising.

And don't worry about the amenities—catering, fresh coffee, and cold drinks are just a request away. The furniture? Chic and comfortable. The staff? Super attentive. Everything is designed to make conferences as smooth as possible. There's even plenty of parking and wheelchair access, so no matter what needs attendees may have, they'll be able to join in the fun.

2. A Flexible Convention Venue in Barcelona in a Former Film Production Warehouse
A flexible convention venue in Barcelona in a former film production warehouse via Eventflare.webp
A flexible convention venue in Barcelona in a former film production warehouse via Eventflare

Lights, camera, action! Welcome to this flexible convention venue in Barcelona in a former film production warehouse. The space has shed its glamorous film days and now catalyses corporate creativity and collaboration. The interior is a masterful blend of rustic charm and industrial edge, infused with a touch of Mediterranean warmth — a signature Barcelona feature.

The main salon is designed for both productivity and relaxation, with a bar that's perfect for coffee breaks or a cocktail reception to wind down. As attendees move between the indoor sanctuary and the allure of the outdoors, they are greeted by a picturesque portico. Here, a swimming pool offers a tranquil respite, inviting informal discussions and moments of reflection under the open sky.

In terms of amenities, this flexible conference space is equipped with a bar for refreshments, a projector for presentations, a flipchart for dynamic brainstorming, and music and sound equipment to create the right ambience and ensure every professional need is met with sophistication. That's not all. There's also reliable WiFi to keep everyone connected.

Indoor and outdoor formats are just some of the flexible areas in this venue. The space can accommodate a variety of event formats, from a standing room for up to 120 guests to an intimate U-shape for 30, a theatre-style arrangement for 120, and a classroom setting for 68. Whether hired together or separately, the venue's indoor and outdoor spaces provide a versatile backdrop for events that aim to inspire.

3. A High-Rise Conference Location in Barcelona WIth a Sunny Terrace
A high-rise conference location in Barcelona with a sunny terrace via Eventflare.webp
A high-rise conference location in Barcelona with a sunny terrace via Eventflare

Located in the vibrant cultural district of L'Hospitalet, this high-rise conference location with a sunny terrace is a vision of innovation and style. With soaring ceilings and vast open spaces, it promises to bathe conventions in soft, natural light that floods through generous windows and a skylight. This architectural masterpiece is perfect for those who want a blank canvas to create an experience that's truly their own.

Inside, the infinity cove provides a stunning backdrop for conventions, while the large terrace invites guests to step outside and bask in the Barcelona sun. The versatility of the space is its superpower, effortlessly transforming to suit the tone of the conference. Need privacy or a change of mood? The blackout curtains can turn day into night in an instant.

As for capacity, this venue can accommodate a standing reception for 160, a theatre-style conference for 100, a classroom set-up for active learning or an elegant seated dinner for 120. Amenities such as high-speed WiFi ensure connectivity, while the provision of water keeps everyone refreshed.

But that’s not all this flexible conference venue offers. The sunny terrace is a welcome addition, providing space to host breakout sessions or even a networking event under the sun.

Pro-tip: Conventions can often generate a lot of waste. Here are some top tips for hosting an eco-friendly event in Barcelona.

4. An Alluring Convention Centre in Barcelona With a Garden
An alluring convention centre in Barcelona with a garden via Eventflare.webp
An alluring convention centre in Barcelona with a garden via Eventflare

Just a short drive from the Eurostars Executive Hotel, in the chic northern district of Barcelona, lies this alluring convention centre that is the epitome of historical elegance and modern functionality.

Surrounded by lush gardens' serene tranquillity and the grandeur of 12th-century architecture, this venue offers a magnificent meeting setting in its spacious indoor halls and picturesque outdoor courtyard.

The indoor space has a timeless charm, enhanced by state-of-the-art facilities. It's spacious enough to accommodate a variety of setups, from keynotes to panel discussions, and is equipped with high-speed WiFi and an exceptional sound system for flawless presentations. This blend of old-world aesthetics and contemporary technology makes it an unrivalled choice for conventions seeking a distinguished venue.

As you step outside, the venue opens into an interior courtyard celebrating Barcelona's open-air splendour. Here, elegant furniture sits on a cobbled floor, inviting delegates to network and mingle under a canopy of stars and soft, ambient lighting. This outdoor space adds to the convention experience with its natural beauty and provides a refreshing change of scenery, perfect for breaks, casual meetings, or even after-work cocktails.

Catering and drinks are also available at the venue for an additional cost.

5. A Historic Event Venue With an Outdoor Garden Space
A historic event venue with an outdoor garden space via Eventflare.webp
A historic event venue with an outdoor garden space via Eventflare

Tucked away in Barcelona's historic centre, surrounded by echoes of the city's rich maritime history, is a conference venue unlike any other. This historic event venue with an outdoor garden space has plenty to offer.

Enter, and a majestic replica of Jhon of Austria's Royal Galley is at the heart of this place, transforming a typical convention into a journey through time. And let's not forget the outdoors—this venue also boasts a lush garden area. Perfect for when the convention calls for a change of scenery, it's a peaceful place to chat and strategise, surrounded by greenery.

Capacity-wise, the venue can accommodate up to 334 guests for standing receptions, making it ideal for large gatherings.

Attendees benefit from an attentive event manager and modern amenities, including high-speed WiFi. Essentials such as coffee, tea, water, and stylish furnishings are readily available.

Wrapping Up

That's it for Barcelona's top convention venues with indoor and outdoor spaces. The city's proven track record of hosting world-class events means you are choosing a location where your event will be infused with an energetic spirit, cultural richness and the warmth of the Spanish sun.

We have many event venues in Barcelona for you to choose from, including these top conference rooms with exceptional breakout spaces. Enjoy!

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