Amazing Drinks Reception Venues In Barcelona

by HarryPrince,  15 January 2021
by Harry Prince, 15 January 2021
Amazing Drinks Reception Venues In Barcelona

Is there a better way to kick off – or celebrate the end of – a successful corporate event than a good drinks reception? Well, the answer to that is no.

We’re firm believers that a team that plays together wins together. And what better city to host it in than Barcelona?

We’ve put together a guide to Barcelona’s best drinks reception venues, and it’s making us sad that we’re not there now. Avoid the blues by booking one today!

The Serras
Rooftop terrace with pool in Barcelona
The Serras via booking

The Serras is in the historic Gothic Quarter. The two most charming features are the skyline view of Barcelona’s most iconic sights and the rooftop terrace from which you see it. 

Barcelona is a busy and loud city at the best of times. Enjoy it at a classy and cosy distance from this terrace. We love its modest wooden features. The touches of leather and many candles compliment it perfectly. 

It has fast WiFi, flat-screen TVs, AV equipment and various catering options, from full catering to light snacks. It can hold 80 standing, 30 seated for dining, or, maybe 30 seated for a private show? 

If you’re thinking about serving champagne, take bets to see who will fall into the pool first.

La Foodieteca
Warm and modern event venue with parquet flooring and trendy furniture
La Foodieteca via eventflare

What is it about open kitchens that are so exciting? We’re not quite sure, but we do know that we love La Foodieteca’s. It’s a big, versatile space that screams cool party. It’s in a central location, so it’s an easy trip home or a short trip to the next party…

At first sight, it’s a modern space. But the closer you look, the more it reveals its rustic charms. The old exposed steel beams and wooden flooring are gorgeous touches. Its most distinctive feature is its arching windows that meet the floor. 

It can hold up to 60 guests standing, or 14 people for a cooking workshop around the open kitchen. It can hold 20 for a boardroom meeting or up to 40 for a presentation, live music, or stand up comedy. 

The Kingdom Palau
open event venue with earth colours and an industrial touch
The Kingdom Palau via eventflare

The Kingdom Palau is an intriguing looking place. At its core, it’s a medieval stable survived from an old palazzo. And yet, it looks modern, in a subtle way. Above all, it maintains a rustic and Mediterranean charm that guests will love. 

The stone walls, imposing windows and high ceilings will make your guests feel like they’re partying in two different centuries. Its outdoor areas will invite them to wander to and from the other rooms with complete freedom in Barcelona’s warmth. 

The Kingdom Palau can hold up to 100 guests for a standing function or 40 for a dining event. If you want to put on a theatre show, it sits 80.

Old Convalescence House 

Beautiful historical courtyard in BarcelonaOld Convalescence House via eventflare

The Old Convalescence House is a historical building that used to go by the name of General Hospital. It’s an important landmark in the history of Catalan medicine.

It has a baroque style courtyard that is as close to a time machine as you’ll get. Even the coldest of us would be in awe at this elegant and romantic space.

This magnificent place can host up to 450 guests standing, and 300 for dining. Imagine a summer’s eve cocktail party, for example. We can only dream. Make it a reality.

Casa Capell
Spacious and modern reception hall with industrial features
Casa Capell via eventflare

Casa Capell is one of those reception venues for modern and creative companies to celebrate and show off their ideas. It’s an industrial space that is one big blank canvas for you to do as you want. 

Feel free to experiment with the place’s entire dynamic. Flood it with natural light or plunge it into total darkness to build a mysterious party vibe. 

Casa Capell can host up to 150 standing guests. Maybe a DJ wouldn’t go a miss? How about 140 guests for a unique tasting dining experience?

La Carpa 
La Carpa via eventflare

La Carpa is summertime in venue form. It’s decked out with lovely wooden decks, trees, flowers, colourful bean bags, parasols and fairy lights. Like we said, summertime.

It’s also one of the best bars in Barcelona for discos, so you’ll be in very good hands.

It’s chic and can handle a wide range of events. La Carpa can hold a staggering 450 people over a staggering 450m2 of space. If you want to give your guests a summer vibe, find out more here!

White event hall with wooden ceiling beams
Mezanina via eventflare

Mezanina is in the Bohemian area of Gràcia. It’s in a swanky building from the 19th century. In a previous life, it was an old dairy farm believe it or not, and now it’s one of the cities most lauded reception venues. 

It has kept its former self’s best traits, like the vaulted ceiling, wooden beams, cast iron column, and stone walls. Now, it’s enhanced with the deftest of contemporary touches. 

This building is specifically modelled for custom events, and especially for a good drinks reception! There’s a large, bright mezzanine and different floors and corners for more intimate conversations and catch-ups. It’s spacious at 135m2 and can host a party of up to 150 guests. 

Casa Vicens
Event venue in Gracia with traditional tiles and white walls
Casa Vicens via eventflare

Casa Vicens is also in Gràcia. We love its village feel. There’s nothing like being reminded of more simple, idyllic, times in the big bad city. 

There’s big angled wooden beams that sleep above you, an amazing 42 windows, and a colourful Meditteranean-style rooftop to get a breath of fresh air. And, the perfect final touch? A minaret in the corner to marvel at. 

There are catering services available, top-notch sound equipment, and super-fast WiFi to share your memories as they happen. 

It’s not small either; you can host up to 90 guests for your drinks reception here. Not too shabby, eh? So If what to do in Barcelona is one of your questions, then Casa Vicens is the answer! 

Lavaca Coworking
Industrial reception venue with quirky lighting and furniture
Lavaca Coworking via eventflare

Lavaca Coworking is in the bustling and madcap area of Poble Sec. What we love about this area is how informal it is. Throwing a party here is like throwing a party in the flat you had in uni that you loved to bits. 

Its cafeteria area, breakout area, and smoking area are perfect for a drinks reception. You’ll also have great multimedia equipment at your disposal to play music, show videos or maybe some karaoke? 

There is ample space with 150m2 to play with, and a max capacity of 120 guests. So forget the best bars in Barcelona and throw a house party! 

Sleek loft with quirky furniture and natural light
Mitro via eventflare

Mitro is unfortunately the last of the reception venues in this guide. But it’s a beauty. It’s a loft area that is best described as a millionaire bachelors studio apartment. If we can guarantee one thing, it’s that someone will start playing the piano in the corner at one point during your reception. 

There’s a lot to love about this place. The brick walls, impressive roof beams, natural light and modern furniture, are enough to make any interior designer jealous. Oh, and there is an open kitchen. 

It’s a spacious 280m2 and hosts a huge 250 guests. The event is, naturally, tailored. Whether you want a full staff and catering service, or to be left to your own devices, it’s up to you. 

Wrapping up

And there we have it, some truly amazing drinks reception venues. It’s a shame you can’t pick them all. Well, you can, we won’t stop you. There’s something for everyone, from big to small, nostalgic to futuristic. 

Now that you’re 100% sold on Barcelona, you’re going to need somewhere to stay. Check out our guide to the best hotels in the city.

Featured image: Mitra via eventflare

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