The 6 Best Vegan Event Caterers in Barcelona

by Akshayaa RaniM,  09 August 2023
by Akshayaa Rani M, 09 August 2023
The 6 Best Vegan Event Caterers in Barcelona

As event planners, we’ve got to be inclusive, and keeping in mind our guest’s dietary preferences and catering to it would be that grand gesture. You will find vegan catering in Barcelona that creates an exciting food scene that offers plant-based cuisine.

We’ve put together this list of some of the best Barcelona vegan caterers that will pair well with any one of our tasteful event venues in this city. From flavourful appetisers to healthy main courses and yummy desserts, here’s your chance to check out some awesome vegan catering in Barcelona.

1. Nova Catering & Events: Barcelona Vegan Caterers
Nova Catering & Events - Barcelona Vegan Caterers via
Nova Catering & Events - Barcelona Vegan Caterers via

Introducing Nova Catering & Events, serving delectable Barcelona vegan food. Located in the centre of Barcelona, this team of professionals offers you healthy cuisine that is also equally respectful to our surroundings.

Their main goal is to ensure that their clients. So be it wedding catering, catering companies, catering production companies catering delivery, or even something as exciting as street food and boat catering Nova Catering & Events has you covered.

From scrumptious vegan wraps and tortillas and delicious macaroons to a traditional Catalan dish, Nova’s catering team is professionally and passionately equipped to deliver a plant-based culinary spread your guests will love.

2. Bistronomy: For Barcelona Vegan Food
Bistronomy - For Barcelona Vegan Food via
Bistronomy - For Barcelona Vegan Food via

With Bistronomy, vegetarian event catering in Barcelona has entered a whole new level. Created by Maatej Jaraba in 2017, Bistronomy was set up to share its founder’s vision of sharing his knowledge and passion for cooking with his customers along with incredible service.

So, all you have to do is share your dietary requirements and plant-based interests and you’ll have a personalised private chef to cater to your event's food needs. Only the best local and organic produce is used to tailor-make an experience your guests will never forget.

Their menu options are classic, packed with flavours, and cooked with seasonal ingredients tailored to suit your palette and event. But that’s not all, they take care of all services so you can mingle with your guests and later also clean up leaving everything spotless.

So, be it a special celebration, a business lunch, or a private event, treat your guests to amazing vegan food that exceeds your expectations. And when you decide to host your special occasion at any one of these fine private dining event venues in Barcelona, rest assured that the kitchen is left in pristine condition after the event.

3. Pâtisserie Caroline: For Vegan Event Catering in Barcelona
Pâtisserie Caroline - For Vegan Event Catering in Barcelona via
Pâtisserie Caroline - For Vegan Event Catering in Barcelona via

Located along M. Paterno St. in San Juan is Pâtisserie Caroline, a thriving vegan catering company in Barcelona. This bakery café started in 2008 is famous for its cakes, and to be specific- the Calamansi Dacquoise.

But that’s not all, their salad Caroline, clubhouse sandwich, pasta con sarde, and Bailey’s cheesecake are a few other must-tries. So, if you’re looking to serve breakfast, lunch, brunch, or drinks at your event, Pâtisserie Caroline delivers food that’s a treat.

Serve tempting yet healthy sweet bits, cakes, small snacks, and chilled refreshments at your upcoming event, and bring out the inner child in your guests.

4. Estació Vegana: Vegetarian Event Catering in Barcelona
Estació Vegana - Vegetarian Event Catering in Barcelona via
Estació Vegana - Vegetarian Event Catering in Barcelona via

Looking for vegan event catering in Barcelona? Well, look no further than Estació Vegana. With chefs Nuria and Marina crafting dishes using 100% vegetable ingredients and having experience in catering for conventions, business dinners, team-building events, and conferences, Estació Vegana is a perfect choice.

Finding common ground in cooking, these two talented chefs are all set to take you and your guests through a culinary journey of flavours and textures. With organisations like Barcelona En Comu, Surt, Forad Camp, Memora, and more to testify to their professionalism in service and delicious food.

Using recipes passed down generations, their passion for food is based on tradition and diversity. But the main ingredient they use is the love put into every dish they craft and cook. Every dish is very personal and is created exclusively for you and your guests to celebrate consciously.

5. Barcelona Vegan Catering: A Vegan Catering Company in Barcelona
Barcelona Vegan Catering - A Vegan Catering Company in Barcelona via Facebook.jpg
Barcelona Vegan Catering - A Vegan Catering Company in Barcelona via Facebook

Next up is Barcelona vegan catering. With over 30 years of experience in producing great vegan food, they are one of the top-known caterers for vegan catering in Barcelona.

Be it some simple finger food or high-end vegan dining, Barcelona Vegan Catering’s aim is to please.

All you have to do is give them a brief of the kind of event you’re hosting and your vegan preferences, and from then on, Barcelona Vegan Catering is set to deliver an unforgettable vegan spread. From Spanish classics and British roasts to authentic Thai food and juicy burgers, you’ve got a vegan option for every palette.

So, whether you’re planning an intimate celebration for 2 or a corporate gala for 100 rest assured that your guests will be served delicious food and drinks that’s vegan all the way.

6. Pearl Lemon Catering: For Vegan Catering in Barcelona
Pearl Lemon Catering - For Vegan Catering in Barcelona via
Pearl Lemon Catering - For Vegan Catering in Barcelona via

This next Barcelona vegan caterer should be your event catering buddy if you’re planning a vegan event in the city. Pearl Lemon Catering is known for offering top-quality vegan catering services in Barcelona.

Using only the best ingredients to craft dishes that are healthy and fresh, their team of experienced chefs and catering staff work hand-in-hand to deliver a menu that will impress your guests. So, be it cheerful salads, flavourful entrees, and refreshing main course meals, Pearl Lemon Catering has got you covered.

Don’t forget to add their vegan lentil soup, their vegan sushi rolls, and their vegan chocolate cake to your menu. Your guests are going to love them.

Wrapping Up

Now that we’ve reached the end of our guide to vegan catering in Barcelona, we hope that you’ve enjoyed every bit of it.

Here’s a little extra love coming your way. Check out these areas in Barcelona that are great for events. You’re going to love all of them.

And remember, our local experts are just a click away if you need anything specific.

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