The Top 5 Event Photographers in Barcelona

by Akshayaa RaniM,  10 July 2023
by Akshayaa Rani M, 10 July 2023
The Top 5 Event Photographers in Barcelona

Hola, event planner extraordinaires! You’ve set the stage for a fantastic event, and now all you need is the perfect event photographer in Barcelona to capture all that hard work coming to life.

Well, it’s your lucky day! Not only does this exciting city have some of the most talented photographers you can find, but we’re also going to help you narrow them down.

Whether you’re looking for a photographer who can effortlessly blend into the background and capture candid shots, or an event photographer who can orchestrate epic group shots with finesse and charm, we’ll help you find them.

Say cheese! Here’s presenting some of the top event photographers in Barcelona.

1. A Corporate Event Photographer for Hire in Barcelona: Aleksandra Dynaś
A corporate event photographer for hire in Barcelona - Alexandra Dynas via.
A corporate event photographer for hire in Barcelona: Aleksandra Dynaś.

If you’re looking for someone to work on your event photography in Barcelona, Aleksandra Dynaś is a name you should remember.

This budding photographer may be young, but she already has several accolades to her name. Not only was she chosen by Canon to participate in the Canon and Magnum Young, but she has also won several awards in her home country Poland, and Europe.

Aleksandra Dynas’s pictures have also been published in El Pais, Vanguardia, Periodico, National Geographic, El Nacional, and other Spanish newspapers.

She’s also quite the veteran with corporate events, having photographed several business conferences, travelling events, international congresses, and university meetings. Her impressive list of clients includes TEDx Women Barcelona, Ignite, Estrella Damm Events, DaShape, Drivy, TEDx Gala, and MOB.

2. Contact Álvaro González for Event Photography in Barcelona
Contact Álvaro González for event photography in Barcelona via.
Contact Álvaro González for event photography in Barcelona via.

Álvaro González is a corporate photographer in Barcelona who approaches event photography with a combination of technical expertise and creative vision.

He has all the latest techniques and tools of the trade to ensure that he captures your event in the highest quality. He’s worked on corporate events, product launches, conferences, and trade shows in Barcelona and has an impressive list of past clientele.

Some of the brands he has photographed include Bowers & Wilkins, Veon, Mobile World Congress, Luxury Spain, Dell, and Zoom. But if that still doesn’t impress you, Álvaro’s exceptional skill and speed will. Not only does he promise to deliver high-quality images, but he also has an extra fast (same-day) delivery option.

3. A Group of Corporate Photographers in Barcelona: FotoStudi
A group of corporate photographers in Barcelone - FotoStudi via.
A group of corporate photographers in Barcelone: FotoStudi via.

Now, if you’re looking for a young and dynamic team of corporate photographers for hire in Barcelona, FotoStudi might be worth checking out.

This photography studio has worked for many clients and events in Barcelona, including Wedo Technologies, Catalunya, The International Forum for Sustainable Development, and Cercle D’Economia. They’ve also been the official photographer at several fashion shows and product launches in Barcelona.

Foto Studi not only promises professionalism in their approach, but they also promise to deliver photographs that project your event and organisation in the best manner possible. Another advantage of working with this group for your event photography in Barcelona is they don’t charge a standard fee. Instead, they tailor-make a budget that suits your needs.

4. A Corporate Photographer for Hire in Barcelona: Gabriele Merolli
A corporate photographer for hire in Barcelona - Gabriele Merolli via.
A corporate photographer for hire in Barcelona: Gabriele Merolli via.

Our next event photographer in Barcelona has been capturing gorgeous images in Barcelona, Rome, Amsterdam, and occasionally the rest of Europe since 2001.

Gabriele Merolli has captured stunning images for corporate events, incentives, conferences, team-building activities, and company meetings. He has a unique style of working and places special care on lighting to ensure that he captures images that reflect the most authentic emotions of event participants.

He also offers additional services when you book him for your event in Barcelona. These include same-day photo delivery, photocall preparation (design, printing, transport, and assembly), studio lights, props, tailored decorations, and instant photographs (polaroids) for the event participants.

5. A Talented Photographer for Hire in Barcelona: Natalia Photography
A talented photographer for hire in Barcelona - Natalia Photography via.
A talented photographer for hire in Barcelona: Natalia Photography via.

For event photography in Barcelona with a personal touch, Polish photographer Natalia is an excellent choice. This young photographer has been working the camera since she was 16 but only turned it into a professional career 7 years ago.

In this short span of time, Natalia has made quite a name for herself working in Barcelona, Madrid, and other parts of Spain. She has photographed events such as Mobile World Congress, Riot Games Conference, Saastr Europa, Impact Hub, and more.

She works with a full-frame Canon 5d mk iv and a variety of lenses and flashes. One of the unique aspects of working with Natalia is that she can set up a Headshot Lounge at your event. You can make this a fun photobooth with props or offer professional headshots.

Pro-tip: Event photography is only half the battle of getting the best images of your event for your marketing team, you also need to capture great videos of your event. Check out this list of Top Event Videographers for Your Event in Barcelona.

Wrapping Up

We’re now at the end of our list of top event photographers in Barcelona, and we hope these options have got you smiling like someone has said “Cheese”.

Photography is an important part of planning any event and booking the right photographer can make a huge difference. If you need any more information on event photography, event venues, or anything else that will make your job easier, feel free to contact our local experts.

Alternatively, you can also check out our amazing selection of photoshoot rooms in Barcelona for yourself in your own time!

Until next time, say cheese!

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