8 Cool Photography Studios for Rent in Berlin

15 January 2021
15 January 2021
8 Cool Photography Studios for Rent in Berlin

Berlin is undoubtedly a creative and cool part of the world. Teaming with creative professionals and spaces, all you need to do is bring a product or an idea. The rest will be taken care of.

Finding a good photography studio to rent might seem like an unnecessary extravagance. But we disagree with that. More often than not, a clients first point of contact with your business will be the photos on your website or socials.

And you know what they say, you never get a second chance to make a first impression!


Ikonic studioIkonic via Ikonic

Our first studio for rent is true to the article’s title: cool. You’ll find Ikonic Studio in Neukölln, where its cosmopolitan aesthetic is typical of the neighbourhood.

This enviable open-plan loft isn’t only a photography studio. It doubles as an after-work venue, meeting space, and much more.

It’s bursting with natural light, retro decorations, elegant glass partitions, and lots of charming plantlife. What’s more, you’ll even have cosy lounging areas and a fully functional kitchen – making it an excellent location for long, versatile, and social photography sessions.

And finally, the studio contains of two floors, each with 310m2 of space. You’ll have sound equipment, WiFi, a projector, and a total capacity of 25 people.

Fun fact, an additional third floor is being used for special events and is originally being used as a motorcycle workshop as well as a tattoo studio!

2) We're all in (WAAI)

blank studio for rent
We’re all in (WAAI) via eventflare

We’re all in (WAAI)is a coworking space that has various spaces for corporate events.

The Play Room is their creative space that could be the blank canvas you’ve been looking for. It’s 35m2 that is dominated by a large classical looking rug. It’s unpretentious, and very well kitted out with any amenity you could want.

You’ll find yourself in the Scheunenviertel neighbourhood in the city centre. It’s a former slum district that has flourished since the ’90s and is now one of the city’s most charismatic areas.

WAAI can offer various catering options to suit your event or session’s ethos.

3) Wolkn Space

white photography studio with natural light
Wolkn Space via eventflare

Wolkn Space is an open and luminous space. It has an imaginative quality that engages creative faculties and invites aim-less meandering through its pillars.

There’s an elegant kitchen with smooth black fittings that juxtapose the airiness of the venue. You can use it as you please.

There’s also high-quality music equipment, a projector, and WiFi so you can set the tone to your liking.

After you’ve clinched the perfect shots, you can then open the doors to up to 100 guests for an afterworks party. Or 40 for a private dining experience.

4) Studio Chérie

Studio Chérie via studiocherie

Studio Chérie describes themself as having a French flair that meets the spirit of Berlin. Now that’s how to make a bold first impression!

The studio was founded in 2012, inspired by the French salons of the 18th century. A time when artists and innovators met and spurred each other on to change the world.

The studio is not only dedicated to creative spaces and work. They also pride themselves on their warm, welcoming and friendly environment.

Studio Chérie has two loft studios, accessible by a huge lift so you can carry any gargantuan props you might have. The studios are great examples of the joys of natural daylight. They have an infinity curve, as well as an impressive range of professional photo equipment.

It’s in the fabulous location of Neukölln, within walking distance from Hermannplatz and the Landwehrkanal, the Bauhaus, Karstadt, Conrad Electronic and a parking garage.

5) We Studio

natural light photo studios
We Studio via westudio

We Studio is in the East Berlin borough of Lichtenberg. It’s an impressive operation. They currently have three different studios to choose from, with one more under construction.

Their studios are compatible for photo shoots, film and video shoots, castings, and workshops. We Studio also has a staff of experienced photographers, assistance, makeup artists, and catering service to make your experience more comfortable and polished.

Studio 1 is called Daylight and is a large rooftop space designed to be the epitome of ambience. And that’s just what it is.

The Cyclorama is their second daylight studio with a building cover and genuine clinker brick wall.

The Red Room is an authentic 1930’s style studio with beautiful furniture and decor to give your shoot a seductive nostalgic quality.


photo studios with natu
YORCK STUDIO via yorckstudio

YORCK STUDIO is in Kreuzberg, in the heart of Berlin.

The YORCK STUDIO is an open daylight studio, with seven magnificent windows facing southwest.

YORCK’s clients include some of the editorial world’s biggest names like Interview, Zeit, and Vogue.

It’s an international creative space, having assisted clients in English, French and German.

The venue is versatile for photoshoots and editorials with a lovely open kitchen to keep you and your guests well looked after.

7) Heynstudios

 Eynstudios Via Eventinc
Eynstudios via Eventinc

If the Peaky Blinders opened a photography studio, it would like Heynstudios.

The wooden floor is to die for. They used deft touches to modify this space, giving its rustic charm a chance to shine. Antique automobiles are an off-piste choice for furniture, but it works so well in this 200m2 space.

They have a fully equipped kitchen. It is bookable with service staff who are ready to host up to 100 people in this venue.

It’s in the heart of Berlin, with excellent transport links on hand. It is approachable by truck to if you want to shoot something big or have an army of props ready to deploy.

8) Raw Studios

 Aw Tudios Via Raw Studios
Aw Tudios Via Raw Studios

Raw Studios is a studio with real depth. Their venue has over 600m2 to play, including two daylight production studies, a production room, an office, a gallery, and large industrial studios.

The studios come with moveable makeup tables, a full kitchen and bar, and a superb PA system.

The rooftop has quite spectacular panoramic views of the area around you, giving industrial vibes for a shoot or just for a nice break.

Wrapping up

As we said, we truly believe that first impressions are crucial in this lightspeed world we’re living in. Renting a photography studio, you can take your work to the next level.

While you’re in Berlin, you’ll want to make the most of it. As well as being a creative capital of the world, it’s also a bit of a party capital. If you fancy putting on an afterwork for some guests, maybe you’d like to check out our guide to some cool party venues in the city?

Featured image: Wolkn via eventflare

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