9 Great Party Venues for Work Events in Berlin

13 January 2021
13 January 2021
9 Great Party Venues for Work Events in Berlin

What stories will you spill after your corporate trip to Berlin? That big party? Did you have a breakthrough with that contact? Did you stay up far too late with those colleagues?

Berlin is a party city that is full of spectacular party venues. From edgy all-night techno raves to antiquated Prussian balls, minimal art receptions and old fashioned beer-hall afterworks.

We now invite you to yearn for your ideal Berlin party for the rest of the day (sorry).

1) Der Bogen
spectacular party venue
Der Bogen via eventflare

Der Bogen is an intriguing venue. In spirit, it’s a grown-up play area. Physically, the venue is a large industrial archway that has evolved into a contemporary works and event hut.

The brick arch is shielded by an eye-pleasing glass wall, which offers lovely views of the waterfront. Natural light is aplenty if you want to shower guests in Vitamin D.

Der Bogen has 250m2 of space to play with. Host a standing event for 70 guests and 30 guests for a seated event.

As well as a raring party, this venue is primed for fun activities like creative workshops, team building activities and even conferences. You’ll have amenities like flipcharts, projectors, sounds equipment and WiFi to enhance the experience and depth of your party.

2) Spreespeicher
view on river Berlin
Spreespeicher via eventflare

Spreespeicher is a luxury loft, with a luxury terrace to match.

The original exposed brickwork carries the dignity and timelessness of an old building. Wooden flooring only highlights its extravagance. White load-bearing beams and white block furniture add pageantry to the proceedings.

You can host parties for up to 150 guests across 260m2 of space. It’s a venue suited to well-heeled cocktail parties, silver service dinners, formal conferences, just a plain fun private party or launch parties.

3) Bridge Studios
white minimal space
Bridge Studios via eventflare

Bridge Studios is a friendly 300m2 blank canvas for an event space. So, you can do as you please with it. Work events or fun activities, anything goes!

As well as its unmatched flexibility and adaptability, the views overlooking the water are beautiful. The terrace is an ideal place to host a drinks reception.

The all-white bright walls, flooring and ceiling blend to create a unique visual. Large floor-to-ceiling windows contribute good old-fashioned natural lighting and the greenery of the surrounding nature.

Bridge Studios has an impressive capacity of 300 people for a standing event, and up to 120 for a seated event.

4) Studio Eyecandy
loft space berlin
Studio Eyecandy via eventflare

We’d love to meet the folk that decorated Studio Eyecandy, shake their hands, and ask them about their process. It’s so stylish!

The delicate and unapologetic bright colours are oh, so, endearing. There’s a lovely open kitchen with quality tea and coffee amenities.

The neon signage and exotic flowers give it further depth. Not that it needs it, but the tall windows overlooking the water are the cherry on top.

The historic S-Bhan archway is 180m2, and very versatile. You can arrange all manner of fun activities like an afterwork company party, brainstorming, exhibitions, photoshoots, and private dining. Just name it!

5) Aptm
party venue berlin
Aptm via eventflare

Aptm is one of those party venues that channels cosmopolitan parlour vibes. Throwing a party here will feel like you’re partying at your cultured friend’s house.

The art and decor are put together marvellously. You won’t fail to appreciate the deftness of touches used to marry bright and dark in this complicated and accomplished colour scheme.

The bar is well-rounded and open for people to congregate and share stories around. You can hire a mixologist to sort you and your guests out. Or always try your hand yourself?

There is a screen projector if you have a funny presentation to put together. Or a flipchart if you have games to get everyone in the mood for a laugh.

6) The Friend Space

chic room The Friend Space via eventflare

The Friend Space is the physical manifestation of Friends of Friends, an international interview magazine.

Architect Philip Mainzer designed this collaborative event venue to be versatile, and of course, friendly. From banquets, to smooth and casual, it’s a sincere space for groups.

This venture has been nothing but successful, having hosted over 250 events within the last three years. Their portfolio includes all manner of corporate events.

Just think, it could be the perfect venue for a dinner, a party, a concert, a product launch, a lecture, an exhibition, a discussion panel, a photoshoots, a workshop, or maybe a film screening?

7) Restaurant Oderberger

restaurant berlin Restaurant Oderberger via eventflare

Have you ever dreamt of hosting an elegant throwback to European galas? If so, Restaurant Oderberger can make your fantasy come true. Built in 1902, this historic building was a bathhouse before it was restored as a hotel.

The Oderberger is a three-story restaurant with an open hall. Just to reiterate the venue’s grandness, the ceilings are 15m high! We challenge you to find a private party venue with a higher ceiling!

You can arrange several types of events here. The Oderberger is a big venue, remember. You can invite up to 100 guests to your afterworks party, conferences, private dining, and of course, a regal gala dinner.

8) Eoin Moylan Studio

private dining venue Eoin Moylan Studio via eventflare

The phrase ‘play to your strengths’ has always been solid advice. Eoin Moylan Studio is testament to that. Its most endearing quality is its rough-around-the-edges industrial look.

We love the versatility of this venue. You can host your event during the day or night. In the day, natural light floods the whole place via tall factory-esque windows. The evenings – lit by gentle candlelight – assume an altogether different atmosphere.

It’s a creative looking space and, despite its small appearance, is very spacious; there’s a standing capacity of 100 guests. It can be catered, or you can play it minimal. It’s entirely up to you.

9) Belushis

afterwork bar Belushis via eventflare

Gather around, you drinkers and dancers. We want to tell you about a place called Belushis. There’s a private dance floor for private parties for starters, so we’re off to a good start. It’s a venue with a lot of heart and passion for celebrations.

The rooftop is an excellent place to get a breath of fresh air and indulge your neighbourly nosiness. The views across the city are top class.

There are private rooms, staff, audio and visual equipment, perfect for arranging a host of party games and workshops. Belushis can accommodate up to 200 party goers. So have a good think before you greenlight the open bar.

And we’d be remiss if we didn’t tell you that Belushis is in Mitte, the centre of the city. So you’re well located to get home after the music stops.

Wrapping up

So there you have it! Ten great party venues for work events in Berlin. It doesn’t stop at ten, mind you. We’ve got lots more up our sleeve, don’t worry about that. We know how to make a corporate event a celebration!

Those anecdotes won’t write themselves now; they’re waiting for you to make them!

Featured image Aptm via eventflare

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