5 Cool Hackathon Venues in Berlin

04 May 2022
04 May 2022
5 Cool Hackathon Venues in Berlin

Welcome, friends, to our guide to the coolest hackathon venues in Berlin. You’re in for some treats here.

Hackathons have been the rising star of the corporate event scene for a few years now. So it’s essential you know how to host one!

They’re versatile and electrifying experiences, from collaborative projects to marathon competitions, from professionals to students. But at their core, they’re coding events, and they’re in demand.

To that end, we’re going to show you our favourite hackathon spaces in Berlin. From old industrial lofts to brand new workshop spaces. So get reading and enjoy!

1. Versatile Daylight Studio For a Hackathon in Berlin
Versatile Daylight Studio For a Hackathon in Berlin via Eventflare

Kicking off our guide to hackathon venues in Berlin, we have this versatile daylight photo studio.

If you’re looking for a hackathon in Berlin with a stylish and lounging atmosphere, this is the place for you. It has an open kitchen, a private bar, and several lounging areas for well-deserved breakout sessions.

You’ll find it in the bustling area of Neukölln where old meets new. This location is defined by its edgy and quirky decor, from the in-house tattoo studio and custom motorbike workshop space.

It’s spacious too, with up to 310m2 split over two floors, allowing for 150 people in a standing event and 100 people in a standing event. And, of course, it comes with a host of AV material for a hackathon and even has wheelchair access.

2. Bright and Versatile Industrial Hackathon Space in Berlin
Bright and Versatile Industrial Hackathon Space in Berlin via Eventflare

Our next hackathon space in Berlin for you is this bright and versatile industrial studio. It’s centrally located and spacious too, with up to 340m2 allowing for up to 100m2.

It’s a location showcasing a nostalgic and edgy aesthetic. There are rustic brick walls, thick industrial beams and pillars, and lattice frame windows glowing with natural light, all set to an off-white colour motif.

The space is given bursts of life with tropical plants and vintage rugs and mirrors. Your hackathon in Berlin, if set here, will have great depth, too, with different rooms and spaces for breakout sessions, workshops, and hangouts.

Plus, there’s a private kitchen, excellent catering, wheelchair access, and all the amenities you’d need for a top hackathon experience!

3. Multipurpose Hexagon-Shaped Hackathon Venue in Berlin
Multipurpose hexagon-shaped venue for corporate events
Multipurpose Hexagon-Shaped Hackathon Venue in Berlin via Eventflare

If you’re looking for something a little different, then how about this multipurpose hexagon-shaped hackathon venue in Berlin?

It has impressive 6-metre high ceilings and windows all the way around its six sides, giving the location a stunning glow.

What makes it even better for a hackathon in Berlin are the breakout rooms out with the central hexagonal space. Therein you can host breakout sessions, nap spaces, catering services, or whatever you please.

This location is a blank canvas venue, meaning you can style it as you please. Plus, there’s a private bar, catering, projectors, TVs, sound equipment, whiteboards, high-speed WiFi, and more. And finally, over its 195m2 you’ll be able to accommodate up to 199 people.

4. Playful Rainbow Event Room For a Hackathon in Berlin
Playground Playful rainbow event room in Berlin
Playful Rainbow Event Room For a Hackathon in Berlin via Eventflare 

If you want your hackathon in Berlin to be loaded with charm, then look no further. This playful event space in Berlin is for you.

It’s a sleek and new location, right in the centre of the city. It’s decorated in flamboyant and loud colours, designed to inspire creativity, keep fatigue at bay over long sessions, and most importantly, it’s designed to be fun!

Plus, the floor to ceiling windows bask the room in natural light, and with the addition of the tropical plant life, there is a real dynamic and natural energy to events here.

The room is versatile – in terms of furnishings and the moveable walls – meaning you can set the layout to your wants and needs. There’s a private bar, a great music system, a projector, a screen to showcase presentations, stationery, and lots of light, snacks, and coffee.

And finally, there’s 120m2 to work with here, which means capacity-wise, you’ll be able to host a hackathon in Berlin here for up to 80 people.

5. Concrete Loft Gallery and Hackathon Space in Berlin
 Oncrete Oft Allery &amp Orkshop Oom
Concrete Loft Gallery and Hackathon Space in Berlin via Eventflare

So here we are already, our final hackathon space in Berlin for today. However, we are leaving you with a gem. It’s a concrete loft gallery with an intimate and airy vibe.

One of its signature features is the picturesque view of Kurt-Hiller Park. Your guests will be able to admire the surroundings and the natural light thanks to the many floor-to-ceiling windows. There’s stylish decor here, too, with large vintage wooden tables, gorgeous black leather chairs, and stunning old rugs.

Your hackathon in Berlin here will be fully equipped with a projector with airtime function, wireless speakers, a large magnetic whiteboard, mini-fridge, Nespresso machine, flip chart, private bathrooms and a kitchen.

And finally, over its 40m2, you’ll be able to host a hackathon for up to 20 people here.

Wrapping up

Well, that’s a wrap on our guide to the best hackathon venues in Berlin. We hope you’ve found what you’re looking for. And if not, no worries, we have plenty more workshop rooms in Berlin for you to peruse.

But before you go, why not learn how to host a blockchain conference? Our expert journal piece here will lead you from planning to execution, teaching you how to host the perfect blockchain experience for your guests!

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