The Best Vegan Event Catering in Berlin

by DahianaGutierrez,  14 June 2023
by Dahiana Gutierrez, 14 June 2023
The Best Vegan Event Catering in Berlin

When you think of Berlin, you think about beer and sausages, but did you also know that you can find excellent options for vegan catering in Berlin?

We’re not kidding. The city boasts a vibrant vegan food scene that can elevate your event and satisfy all your attendees, regardless of their dietary preferences. From plant-based burgers to vegan cheeses, and even vegan sushi, these event caterers in Berlin will serve up a cruelty-free culinary experience that’s a feast for the eyes and the tastebuds.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s indulge in some of the best vegan catering in Berlin.

A Vegan Caterer in Berlin for Sustainable Cuisine: Thore Hildebrandt
A vegan caterer in Berlin for sustainable cuisine: Thore Hildebrandt via.Facebook

If you’re looking for vegan food in Berlin that celebrates sustainability, Thore Hildebrandt is your man. With a fascinating background that includes a career in banking, a transformative stay in a Buddhist monastery, and globetrotting adventures, Thore has rekindled his passion for cooking with a vegan food business that has a strong focus on sustainability.

His diverse background and experiences have taught him the significance of minimising food waste end embracing creative culinary solutions.

When you hire Thore and his team to cater your event, we can assure you that you’ll get an unforgettable dining experience that not only tantalises your tastebuds but also showcases the power of mindful and eco-friendly eating.

A Collaborative Community of Chefs for Vegan Food in Berlin: Bloom & Echo
A collaborative community of chefs for vegan food in Berlin: Bloom & Echo via

Why settle for just one caterer for Berlin vegan food when you can have the best of all the caterers? That’s the thought behind Bloom & Echo, a collaborative community of vegan chefs and artists that promise a one-of-a-kind, sensory-filled food and drinks experience.

What sets Bloom & Echo apart is their personalised approach to catering. Rather than sticking to a fixed menu, they take the time to understand your vision, themes, passions, and experimental ideas. They collaborate closely with event planners to craft an exclusive menu that is tailored to the specific cuisine desired, the dietary preferences of the attendees as well as any innovative flavour combinations that you’re open to trying.

Bloom & Echo is a boutique catering company and can only cater to events with 60 or fewer attendees. They also do artistic plated and finger-food spreads. Their impressive list of clients includes Dior, H&M, Zalando, and N26.

Vegan Event Caterers in Berlin with Amazing Burgers: Veg’D
Vegan event caterers in Berlin with amazing burgers: Veg’D via Facebook

When you think of what vegan private caterers in Berlin might have on their menu, burgers are usually one of the last things that come to mind. But here’s a vegan caterer that not only serves plant-based burgers, but he also serves some excellent plant-based burgers!

We’re talking about the popular Berlin food chain, Veg’D which was founded by professional DJ, Andre Com. This popular burger chain has a few restaurants in the city, and they can also cater for events with a prior booking.

If you’ve never had a vegan burger before, Veg’D will surprise you with the different types of buns, patties, sides, and sauces they have. Trust us when we tell you that each bite of these vegan burgers is a party of flavours in your mouth.

So, if you’d like to add a casual (and delicious!) flair to your event, make a booking with Veg’D.

P.S.: If you like what you see here and need help arranging anything from event venues to event caterers in Berlin, contact our local experts.

Corporate Catering in Berlin for Vegan Fusion Food: Mojewa
Corporate catering in Berlin for vegan fusion food: Mojewa via Facebook

Vegan food in Berlin is all about surprises, and the next caterer on our list wins brownie points for innovation!

Mojewa is the perfect caterer for those event planners who are indecisive about what cuisine to pick for their event. This vegan catering company in Berlin has come up with an extraordinary culinary fusion that brings together the best of both Japanese and Mexican cuisine.

They’ve got some pretty cool things on their menu such as plant-based fish tacos, which replace a tortilla taco with vegan seaweed as well as their bestseller, burritos, which are an interesting cross between sushi and burritos.

They also have a range of other popular menu items, such as vegan rice bowls, salads, and plant-based sushi. Mojewa gives you the option of hiring their caterers to set up at your event venue or using their food truck.

Pro-tip: If you enjoy thinking out-of-the-box as Mojewa does, you’ll enjoy this article on hip exhibition venues in Berlin.

A Vegan Caterer in Berlin for Cheese: Beba Baxter
A vegan caterer in Berlin for cheese: Beba Baxter via Facebook

We’re rounding up our list of the best vegan event catering in Berlin with Beba Baxter, who is known in the vegan community in Berlin for her cultured plant-based cheese.

If you’re planning a wine and cheese event, you don’t have to look beyond this vegan caterer in Berlin. Beba’s expertise lies in crafting remarkable vegan cheeses that will leave you wondering how they could possibly be dairy-free. But that’s not all that she caters to. She’s also a master of baking mouthwatering sourdough bread and delicious vegan desserts.

And, if you’re in the mood for something fresh and vibrant, Beba also creates delectable raw dishes using the finest seasonal ingredients. In other words, she’s the go-to vegan caterer for delicious vegan grazing platters.

That’s not all, Beba is not just a chef but a sustainability champion. She takes great pains to be mindful in her catering. She does her best to avoid processed foods and plastic packaging. In fact, Beba is so mindful of her ecologic footprint, she hand delivers smaller orders herself using her trusty bike!

Wrapping Up

We hope this article on the best vegan event catering in Berlin has been a feast of information for you. We know you’re excited to continue planning your event but before you go we have a bonus article for you.

Since you understand the importance of food at an event, we’ve curated a list of quirky private dining venues in Berlin to help you take your event planning to the next level. And, if you’ve enjoyed this article, do check out the rest of our expert advice on Berlin for more helpful tips to make your event a grand success.

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