5 Cool After-Work Venues in Bogotá

24 June 2022
24 June 2022
5 Cool After-Work Venues in Bogotá

Every good company should know how to throw a good party. And with this guide to cool after-work venues in Bogotá, that could be you!

Whether you’re celebrating a big win, manufacturing precious networking opportunities, or just doing some honest team building, there’s always an excuse to host a fun after-work event.

Here we’ve made a list of our favourite after-work spaces Bogotá has to offer. All you need to do is get reading and choose your favourite. Now get to it!

1. Sophisticated After-Work Space in Bogotá With a Vintage Setup
Sophisticated restaurant with a vintage setup
Sophisticated After-Work Space in Bogotá With a Vintage Setup via Eventflare

So here we go, first up we have this sophisticated restaurant, perfect for those looking for a vintage swagger for their next after-work event in Bogotá.

The colour motif is an old-fashioned off-white, filled with retro furniture and nostalgic artwork. There’s also a beautiful in-house garden under a charming little skylight.

They have a superb menu hosting a mix of European and Colombian classics. As for drinks, they have a huge wine room, superb cocktails, and an extensive collection of Scottish whisky.

But what this venue is most famous for is live music. It’s known the city over for its reputation as a fantastic live music spot for blues, jazz, and old-school rock and roll.

2. Classy Venue With Vintage Interiors For an After-Work Event in Bogotá
Classy Venue With Vintage Interiors For an After-Work Event in Bogotá via Eventflare

If you love the romance of New York City, then you’ll love this next after-work space in Bogotá.

This classy venue is a homage to the city that never sleeps. The spirit of Manhattan is invoked in the marble flooring, polished wooden furnishings, vintage brass fixtures, leather seating, and iconic island bar. All this nostalgic interior is encased in a contemporary glass exterior, through which you have sublime panoramic views of the city.

Plus, your guests enjoy a sophisticated menu of contemporary North American cuisine. Plus, they’ll experience experimental cocktails that they won’t have had anything close to before!

3. Funky Rooftop After-Work Venue in Bogotá With Incredible Views
Funky Rooftop After-Work Venue in Bogotá With Incredible Views via Eventflare

Up next, we have this funky rooftop. An after-work venue in Bogota that is modern, hip, and full of vibrant energy.

You’ll find it in the upmarket area of El Chico. And from this tall vantage point, you’ll see the neighbourhood in all its glory – and the rest of the city too; the views are truly remarkable.

We also love the style of this location, from the panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows to the velvet furniture, colourful floral arrangements, and sleek wooden flooring.

Plus, you’ll have a private bar, great catering options, first-rate music equipment, and high-speed Wi-Fi.

4. Dashing Rooftop After-Work Space in Bogotá With Breathtaking Views

How about this dashing rooftop for your next after-work event in Bogotá? You’ll find yourself in the heart of the city, partying in a premium location, 54-metres up in the sky.

Your guests will love the panoramic views of the city and the Eastern Mountains. Plus, there’s a sleek style here, perfect for classy events.

We particularly love the concept lighting fixtures, glass railings, and slender furnishings.

And perhaps best of all, they offer traditional Colombian food, with specialty grilled meats, and stunning fruit cocktails.

5. Dazzling Rooftop With Glass Wall For After-Work Events in Bogotá
Dazzling rooftop with glass walls for afterworks
Dazzling Rooftop With Glass Wall For After-Work Events in Bogotá via Eventflare

And just like that, we’re at our final after-work venue in Bogotá. This last one is a real beauty, especially picked out for those that want a proper party.

This dazzling rooftop is located in the stylish El Retiro neighbourhood. Built atop a former industrial building, it’s a stunning clash of styles, from the glass walls that bask the place in natural light to the tropical plants and furniture that introduce a party atmosphere to proceedings.

As well as stunning views, there are mezzanines and side rooms, so you can host an after-work event with space to explore and network. Plus, there’s superb music equipment and a private bar. And finally, they have delicious cocktails and a large food menu with great bar snacks.

Wrapping up

So there you have it. We hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of cool after-work venues in Bogotá.

If you’ve got other plans while you’re in town, like a meeting or a conference, then we have a whole load of other venues in Bogotá to suit your needs.

And before you go, brush up on your knowledge of the local food with our Colombian food guide.

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