5 Hip Cocktail Party Venues in Bogotá

17 June 2022
17 June 2022
5 Hip Cocktail Party Venues in Bogotá

Something every event planner in Columbia should know about is where to find the best cocktail party venues in Bogotá.

Whether it’s wooing clients, setting up cool networking experiences, or rewarding your hard-working team, we’ve got some places below to really impress them.

From sky-high terraces overlooking the city, to hip jazz bars serving stunning cuisine, we have a set of bars here that your guests will be looking forward to long before and thinking about long after.

So take a good look and be amazed, you’re spoilt for choice here. And make sure to meet us in the conclusion, where we’ll have some bonus expert advice waiting for you!

1. Bandido Bistro

Bandido Bistro via Facebook

So here we go, our first selection for your cocktail party in Bogotá is Bandido Bistro. It’s a smooth and elegant bar that has great food, great drinks, and superb live music.

There’s a stunning range of cocktails, a large wine room, and an especially choice selection of Scottish whisky.

Thereafter they have a curious food menu that has a strong contrast in styles, from classic European cuisine like beef bourguignon and salmon with hollandaise, to favourite Latin American dishes like empanadas and Berenjena Asada. If you prefer something lighter then they have a Spanish tapas-style entree selection.

Live music is a strong part of Bandido Bistro’s DNA. They have a host of great bands that play a medley of blues and jazz. It’s loud enough to bring soulful energy to the bar but not so loud as to be frustrating.

And finally, the decor is sleek and superior, with a strong off-white wooden aesthetic, joyful leather furnishings, a vintage island bar, and a stunning tree-filled terrace.

2. Hilton Bogotá

Hilton Bogotá via Kayak

Our next cocktail party space in Bogotá is the Hilton. In fact, it’s not one space, it’s four, and you can choose one or more as you please for your cocktail party in Bogotá.

The first is their Devocian Cafe, where they specialise in the very best of Columbian coffee from traditional hot drinks to cool and exquisite cold brews. Plus, there’s a glorious traditional cuisine, and a vintage feel to the place with stunning wooden decor.

Then there is the La Ventana room, which is where you’ll experience fabulous grilled food in the traditional Columbian style.

For party music, happy hour deals, and an innovative cocktail menu, then there’s the Levels Bar.

And finally, you have the Sky 15 Rooftop. A stunning terrace 54-metres high, where you can enjoy stunning cocktails, freshly prepared grilled food, and some of the most enviable views of the city.

3. Federal Rooftop

Federal Rooftop via Facebook 

The next cocktail party venue in Bogotá we’d like to share with you is the Federal Rooftop. You’ll find it in the lively area of Zona Rosa and is the perfect place for hosting a lively party.

It’s a stylish place, sat atop an old warehouse. This multi-storey rooftop has been given a chic and tropical makeover. It’s a beautiful blend of glass, plant life, mezzanines, part open-air, partly covered spaces, and of course, remarkable panoramic views of the city.

It’s well known for its special drink offers, with a huge list of cocktails and beers, with a charming snack menu featuring mini-burgers, sharing plates, and other treats.

The Federal Rooftop is also known for its great parties, with a host of cool live entertainment from DJs to dancers and more for your guests to enjoy!

4. Click Clack

Click Clack via Therooftopguide

Our next cocktail party space in Bogotá is where Columbia meets Classic Americana: Apache at Click Clack Hotel

The Apache is famous for having some of the best burgers in the city. The menu is inspired by American comics of the 1950s.

And to match, the decor itself has taken a subtle inspiration from the Old West, with high bar stools, large leather sofas, lots of rustic wooden fixtures, and nostalgic steel pillars.

But it’s not a museum, after all, it’s a modern, trendy space, with a trendy clientele. They serve great cocktails that most certainly weren’t around in the Wild West.

And finally, your guests won’t fail to notice the beautiful 360-degree views of the city and surrounding mountains. Some of the best you’ll get during your stay, believe us!

5. Astoria

Astoria via Facebook

Alas, this is the last stop. But don’t worry, we’re leaving you with a very strong contender for your next cocktail party in Bogotá.

The Astoria is brought to you by the Altas Vistas group, which specialises in creating high-end gastro bars in Bogotá.

The Astoria edition is a homage to New York City, right in the heart of Bogotá. From the suede furnishings to the brass fixtures, bright yellow light fixtures, and marble flooring, it’s not hard to imagine that you’re in an upmarket cocktail bar in Manhatten.

The stunning interior design is housed in a sort of contemporary glass house. These stunning floor-to-ceiling windows and expansive skylights create a beautiful natural glow, and of course, give your guests premier views of the city.

The menu is described as modern haute cuisine, created by a Michelin star chef, and captures the essence of New York and North American cuisine. Plus, it has an emphasis on sustainable and fresh ingredients.

Some of the stars of the menu are duck breast with pepper honey, salmon with citrus fruits, BBQ pork fillet and grilled octopus tentacles with black risotto.

The cocktails have been crafted to give guests a visual and sensory experience, not just a thrill on the palate. So expect to see lots of smoke, fire, and curious drinking vessels such as Roman-era busts, and many more surprises along the way!

Wrapping up

So we hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to the hippest cocktail party venues in Bogotá. Wherever you choose from up above, you’re guaranteed to host an amazing event!

If you’re curious to see more of our after-work spaces, then you can find much more venues in Bogotá right here on our platform.

And finally, before you go, make sure to read out our Columbian food guide so you’re prepared for your trip to the capital!

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