5 Hip Exhibition Venues in Bogotá

17 June 2022
17 June 2022
5 Hip Exhibition Venues in Bogotá

Hello there, and welcome to our guide to the hippest exhibition venues in Bogotá. We love a good exhibition, and we love the magical city of Bogotá, so you’re in for a treat.

Bogotá is a jewel among the charming cities of South America. It’s a huge capital, 2,640 metres in the sky, full of history and yet looking firmly forward: all in all, a marvellous place, and popular with the MICE industry for good reasons.

And an exhibition, in short, is an organised presentation of any given items. What you display is your business (although we can help with that too in our event production services), and where you display it, is ours. We’re corporate event space experts after all.

This article on exhibition spaces in Bogotá represents the contrasting faces the city has to offer the world. Just read on and find out for yourself. And keep your eyes peeled for bonus expert advice on the way!

1. Maloka
Maloka via Maloka

So without further ado, let’s crack on with it. Our first exhibition space in Bogotá is this super fun and fascinating interactive science museum.

If you’re looking to host an exhibition that is science or technology-based, then this location will be perfection and then some.

What you have here is a complex of different spaces, creating a location that is dynamic and versatile. The marquee event space here is the Dome Rome. It’s an engaging and unique theatre with a huge space-age domed roof, guaranteed to create an awe-inspiring atmosphere for your exhibition.

And as we said, there are lots of different spaces here such as the digital room, a square for leisurely breaks, a restaurant, and multiple meeting rooms. This means you can host side events and experiences here such as meetings, workshops, lounge sessions, fun rooms, private dining experiences and more.

Capacity-wise, you’ll have able to accommodate up to 309 people here or 10 if you’re hosting in one of the breakout rooms. And finally, this venue comes with great amenities such as free parking, first-class AV equipment, and rehearsal time.

2. Bogotá Planetarium
Bogotá Planetarium via Planetariodebogota

Our next exhibition venue in Bogotá is a magnificent planetarium. Another of the city’s scientific wonders.

This planetarium is a true landmark of the city – designed by Columbian architecture firm Pizano, Pradilla, Caro and Restrepo in the 1960s – loved by the locals, and sought out by visitors. It’s famed for its record of innovations, entertainment, and production of exciting ideas.

It’s a marvellous place for hosting exhibitions that are more than just objects lazily sitting on plinths, but a dynamic and awe-inspiring experience they won’t get anywhere else.

Just imagine utilising the panoramic planetarium screen that spreads over your attendee’s heads. You’ll be able to put stunning flashing displays that turn your exhibition into a show. Pure magic awaits, we promise!

And finally, there are meeting rooms, lovely catering services, and even a planetarium gift shop where you can take home some exciting gifts!

3. Cinemateca de Bogotá
Cinemateca de Bogotá via Cinematecadebogota

Our next exhibition venue for hire in Bogotá is a centre for cinema and cultural heritage, another iconic establishment of this fine city.

To be as concise as possible, the Cinematica de Bogotá is a prestigious place to host an exhibition, especially if your theme has an artistic strand to it.

The group behind this fabulous venue has been at the forefront of the Columbian cultural scene since 1971, formed to preserve the nation’s cultural heritage and to create an open and inclusive space for dialogue and creativity.

The location we’re presenting to you wasn’t completed until 2019 however. It’s now embedded itself into the city both as an architectural landmark and as a space for creativity and inclusiveness.

The venue here is sleek, colourful, and versatile; designed to host training programmes, meetings, workshops, screenings, and more.

From large theatre spaces and plenty of interesting breakout rooms, you’ll be able to host events of different sizes and styles here. And finally, you’ll have a total capacity of 270 people.

4. Museum El Chicó

Museum El Chicó via museodelchico

How would you like your next exhibition venue in Bogotá to be in a park? Well, in the affluent area of El Chicó that can be a reality.

The park museum here is a glorious green space that is highly manicured and filled with charming fountains, pretty hedge-ways, and a series of historical villas and mansions for you to host first-class events.

The spaces here come in different sizes, but they all date back to 1620, and have been respectfully renovated so you can host contemporary events here, while still maintaining their historical charms, such as the clay roof tiles, and arching entranceways,

5. Teatro Faenza
Teatro Faenza via Ucentral

Our final exhibition venue for hire in Bogotá is something for the nostalgists. Just take a look at this stunning university theatre.

For those who love history, or for those who are planning an exhibition with an eye on the past, this will be perfection.

And it doesn’t just look pretty, it has a story to tell too. It was built originally as a ceramic factory. As it stands today, it’s the oldest movie theatre in the city.

This is an exhibition space in Bogotá that will add an element of grandeur to events. In fact, your guests will be impressed before they even walk in the door and see your work. The exterior facade is a stunning example of Art Nouveau design

It’s a bright and jaunty symmetry that Wes Anderson would be jealous of. showcasing a large and complex set of windows encased in a circling brick frame.

It’s a spacious and well-lit affair thanks to the large vintage windows. And plus, there is a spacious mezzanine that spreads around the venue, making for perfect viewing gantries and breakout areas.

Wrapping up

And that’s a wrap, our favourite exhibition venues in Bogotá, all listed for your pleasure. Now all you need to do is pick your favourite.

It doesn’t have to end here mind you. If you want to see more, please, go ahead. You can see so much more venues in Bogotá [ADD LINK WHEN PUBLISHED] here on our platform.

And finally, make sure to check out our piece on how to write an event sponsorship proposal. It’s will get the money flowing in, trust us!

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