5 Unique Event Venues in Bogotá

20 June 2022
20 June 2022
5 Unique Event Venues in Bogotá

Now is the time to secure your unique event venue in Bogotá. Life is too short for boring corporate event spaces.

And let’s face it, the modern attendee is less likely to accept generic conference halls and tired old meeting rooms anymore.

Your event space reflects how people see you and your event. So tell them who you are with somewhere special.

And happily enough, we happen to be event space specialists, so you’re in the right place. So sit back, read on, and choose your favourite. It’s as easy as that!

1. Bogotá Planetarium

Bogotá Planetarium via Planetariobogota

So here we go with our guide to unique event spaces in Bogotá. And to kick us off, how about an institution for exploring the stars?Yes, you can book one of the city’s most iconic and beloved places for your own: the planetarium.

Designed by Columbian architecture firm –Pizano, Pradilla, Caro and Restrepo – It’s been a core part of Bogotá’s cultural fabric since the 1960s.

Your guests will be dazzled by the panoramic planetarium screen that illuminates overhead. It will turn your events and presentations into a show. And to sweeten the deal, there are additional meeting rooms, great catering options, and even a gift shop so you can take something home with you!

2. Teatro Faenza

Teatro Faenza via Ucentral

This next unique venue in Bogotá will appeal to the art and history lovers out there. Now owned by the university, it was originally built as a ceramic factory. Today it functions as the oldest movie theatre in the city.

Of course, the most striking feature is the remarkable Art Neavaue facade. It’s a stunning example of the curvilinear expression the art form is famous for.

Inside, you’ll see a regal hall space, with a professional stage, and a spacious mezzanine with private booths and tiered seating. The perfect viewing gallery for all manner of events.

What’s great about this space is that it’s a blank canvas venue – meaning you can utilise its natural theatre layout, or redesign the floorspace however you like.

3. Teatro Colón

 Alcos ScaledTeatro Colón via Teatrocolon

Our next unique event venue in Bogotá is the illustrious Teatro Colón. If you’re planning an event that is large in scale, and grand in ambition, this is the place for you.

There are so many beautiful features to admire here. It’s classical space in every sense of the word. From the chandeliers to the wall mouldings, ceiling paintings, and antique seating, it’s simply stunning.

Plus, as well as the large theatre space, there is a ballroom and an exhibition room. Moreover, it comes with excellent staffing, top-of-the-range technical equipment, and dressing rooms.

And finally, you’ll have a total capacity of 745 people over four levels: stalls, first, second and third-level boxes and the gallery.

4. Maloka

Maloka via Maloka

If an interactive science museum doesn’t count as a unique event space in Bogotá then what will?

Yes, this fascinating and beloved institution is available for your next corporate event and is perfect for any science or tech-related occasions you have in the city.

We also love the versatility of spaces this location has. The main event space is the Dome Rome – a space-age-themed theatre room. Then you have lots of different meeting and workshop spaces, as well as a restaurant.

You’ll have great AV equipment too, as well as free parking and rehearsal time for your event. And finally, you’ll have a maximum capacity of 309 people for large events in the Dome Room. And for intimate workshop events, you have spaces for 10 people.

5. Cinematica de Bogotá

Cinematica de Bogotá via Cinematicadebogota

Our final unique venue in Bogotá is another of the city’s famous cultural institutions. Here is your choice for events that have a strong creative theme; it’s a bastion of cultural and cinematic heritage that will bring your event kudos and more.

This space was completed in 2019 – however, the group that looks after this place was founded in 1971 and has been a core cultural voice in Columbian society ever since.

What you have here is a sleek location that is both stylish and versatile, with a total capacity of 270 people. And as well as the colourful main cinema room, you’ll have a host of workshop spaces, meeting rooms, and lounging areas.

Wrapping up

So there you have it, our guide to unique event venus in Bogotá. It’s just like we said, sit back, read on, and pick your favourite.

If you’re a fan of this simple process, you can see a whole load more venues in Bogotá right here.

And before you go, here’s one final piece of expert advice for your event planning. It’s our guide on how to choose an event videographer in Bogotá

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