6 Unique Team Building Activities in Bogotá

14 July 2022
14 July 2022
6 Unique Team Building Activities in Bogotá

A team-building activity in Bogotá is within your grasp. It’s the perfect way to top off a great business trip with your work.

Yes, they’re primarily just great fun. But more than that, they can work wonders for team bonding, fostering collaboration, and developing core skills.

Down below we’ve made a diverse list of team-building activities to appeal to every outcome and every kind of team.

So please, read on and enjoy!

1. Escape Room Colombia
Escape Room Colombia via Facebook

Our first team-building activity in Bogotá for you today is Escape Room Colombia. The escape room craze has become popular the world over, and in Bogotá, it’s no different.

They’re just great fun. From improving your problem-solving skills to developing communication and bonding between team members.

The best escape rooms have intricate set designs for guests to immerse themselves, engaging stories, and challenging traps. And folks, Escape Room Colombia has it all.

They’ve got 13 different storylines, all with a unique and tantalising plot, ranging from Crazy Scientist, the Museum Robber, The Pirates of the High Seas, Zombie Apocolypse, and Area 51.

2. La Pista Indoor Karting
La Pista Indoor Karting via Lapista

The next of our team-building activities in Bogotá is La Pista Indoor Karting, Colombia’s premier karting experience.

Go-karting is always a solid idea for team building. It sets your team’s competitive spirits alive, it gives them a rush of adrenaline, and it’s just plain fun. And best of all, it’s accessible. Even if you can’t drive, even if you’ve never done it before, you can just jump in and have a ball!

Plus, there’s a splendid viewing gallery where you can watch your friends do battle, or just recap a good race with some jokes. There you’ll have some nice food and drinks too. Oh, and of course, there is a podium and winners ceremony too!

The track itself is very safe, and optimised for exciting racing, with a signature flyover and tunnel fixture. All in all, it’s 270m of high-speed fun.

3. The Colombian Cooking Experience
The Colombian Cooking Experience via Facebook

Our next hot idea for team-building in Bogotá is one that will give your team an authentic taste of the local culture. It’s a cooking workshop with the Colombian cooking experience.

You’ll get a full insight into what the locals eat and drink in a day, over four courses, covering everything from coffee and fruit tasting to making stews and doughs.

It’s an all-encompassing experience where you won’t just learn about Colombian cuisine, you’ll get a deep dive into the culture, from the customs to the music, history, accents and more.

And if you are considering this activity, make sure to read our Colombian food guide so you can turn up and wow everyone with your knowledge.

4. Flavours of Bogotá Coffee Experience
Flavors And Aromas In
Flavours of Bogotá Coffee Experience via Tripadvisor

Our next team-building activity in Bogotá is another slice of local life. And as you might already know, coffee is an integral part of Colombian culture and daily life.

Flavours of Bogotá is a fun and dynamic workshop where you’ll learn:

  • Who grows coffee in Colombia
  • How Colombians drink coffee
  • Coffee history in Colombia
  • How coffee has impacted culture and life here in Colombia
  • why coffee is more important than ever to the present and future of Colombia
  • And how coffee changes lives

You’ll also learn hands-on and actionable lessons such as:

  • How you can understand the flavours in coffee
  • How coffee should be brewed
  • How you can help by purchasing the right kind of coffee
  • It’s a workshop led by coffee experts, with real passion. It’s not only a hands-on experience, but it’s also a cultural and historical education, and best of all, it can be done virtually too!
5. Urban Gaming Bogotá
Photo Concept X
Urban Gaming Bogotá via Urbangaming

In a change of pace, if you’re looking for team-building activities in Bogotá with a modern, tech feel, then you’ll love Urban Gaming Bogotá.

It’s an innovative agency that uses the latest tech and compelling stores to help your team foster communication, collaboration, and success.

Whether it’s treasure hunts in the city or hybrid problem-solving experiences, it’s a great way to get to know the city intimately, as well as achieving core team-building outcomes.

The best thing about Urban Gaming is that it’s completely customisable. Whether it’s a fun day out for funs sake or a business-oriented session, they can make a tailored experience just for you.

6. Viator Waterfall Hike
Viator Waterfall Hike via Viator

And without further ado, here is our final idea for team-building in Bogotá. It’s a stunning waterfall hike at the La Chorrera Natural Park. Because we couldn’t talk about team-building in Bogotá without including some of the stunning nature that surrounds the city, could we?

It’s a guided tour with experts from Viator that takes your team through the forests of the Andes Mountains. One of the highlights is the peak of Guadalupe Hill, where you’ll have unmatched views of the city.

What’s more, as well as visiting the highest waterfall in Colombia, it’s very close to the city, with pickup and drop-off included. And, you can even have lunch included!

Wrapping up

So which team-building activity in Bogotá did you find most appealing? We’re sure it was more than one, which is why we’d like to gently remind you, that you’re not restricted to just one!

And if you need an exciting event space while you’re in town, make sure to check out our fantastic selection of venues in Bogotá.

But before you go, you might want to take a look at our guide to getting around Bogotá, it will help you traverse the city like a local.

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