A Guide to Event Translation Services in Bogotá

08 July 2022
08 July 2022
A Guide to Event Translation Services in Bogotá

Hello there, today we’re going to be discussing event translation services in Bogotá.

Even if you’re not planning an event in Colombia, keep reading. We’ve got lots of actionable advice on event translation you can use anywhere. It’s a key part of international event planning, allowing you to reach a bigger audience.

So get reading, because we’ll be going through your options clearly and thoroughly. Enjoy!

Human or Machine Event translation

There are two ways to interpret or translate live audio: automated, via software, or through a professional interpreter.

When to Use Automated Event Translation:

  • When the workload is significant, and you only need to capture a general meaning of the text
  • When your translation isn’t intended for a live audience
  • For internal use where 100% accuracy isn’t needed
  • To partially translate for a human to later improve on

When to Use Human Event Translation:

  • When accuracy is important
  • When presenting content to a live audience
  • When you have a duty of care to provide accurate translations
  • When trying to tap into creative nuances of language
A Guide to Event Translation Services in Bogotá
Event Translation Bogotá via Arabization
The Top Options For Event Translation in Bogotá

Interpreting Colombia: The first event translation service in Bogotá we’re recommending is Interpreting Colombia. They primarily work in the world of politics, with major TV networks and world government comprising their clients, such as The British Embassy, RCN Television, Unicef, and others. Their service isn’t restricted to event translation either, they also translate and revise texts as well as offer bi-lingual accompaniment.

UpWork: However, perhaps a company is not what you’re looking for. Perhaps you’d rather work with an independent interpreter in Bogotá. In that case, we recommend you check out UpWork. There they have a selection of the best independent event translations people in Bogotá. They all have easy-read profiles and individual ratings so you can make a trusted choice quickly.

The Top Machine Translation Services

DeepL: DeepL makes the bold claim of being “the world’s most accurate translator”. This program can translate 26 languages and is used by more than 200,000 professionals, and statistics show it outperforms its rivals by 3:1. So regardless of the copy, you know it’s good.

Interprefy: But don’t forget about Interprefy. it is famed for automated live captions for live events and is fully streamlined for 3rd party app integration. And perhaps Its best seal of approval is the fact that it’s used by some of the most prominent groups in the world, too, from Facebook to Google and even in The White House.

Wrapping up

So there you have it, our guide to translation services in Bogotá. We hope you’ve got a strong idea of how you want to go about your business in Colombia now.

Now all you need to do is find the perfect location. Well, we can help with that too! Just have a look at our amazing selection of venues in Bogotá.

And finally, the last thing you’ll need is our Colombian food guide for event planners in Bogotá. Impress your guests with your local knowledge!

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