How to Choose a Venue For Hybrid Events in Bogotá

by Akshayaa RaniM,  09 January 2024
by Akshayaa Rani M, 09 January 2024
How to Choose a Venue For Hybrid Events in Bogotá

The modern event planner must understand the art of selecting the ideal hybrid event venue in Bogotá. Hybrid events have witnessed a surge in popularity since the onset of the pandemic and are expected to continue thriving post-pandemic.

We've compiled practical advice for those seeking to explore the intricacies of choosing the right hybrid event space in any location. Furthermore, we'll showcase some stunning hybrid event venues in Bogotá to illustrate our points.

But this article isn't exclusively for those planning a hybrid event in Bogotá; it offers valuable insights for event planners everywhere. Wherever you are, read on and enjoy!

1. Essential Elements of a Hybrid Event Space

Internet Connectivity

  • Reliable internet access is a fundamental requirement for any successful hybrid event in Bogotá.
  • A minimum of 10 gigabytes (GB) of streaming speed with low latency is essential.


  • Adequate tech equipment is crucial for connecting in-person and virtual attendees.
  • Necessary equipment includes multiple cameras, tripods, microphones, lights, and VR sets.
  • Consider whether you'll need to rent AV equipment externally.


  • Assess the venue's power supply, including the number of outlets, extension cables, and backup generators, to ensure a consistent power source for your demanding hybrid event.


  • Hybrid event spaces require additional space for equipment and crew.
  • Ensure the venue offers a breakout or control room if needed to prevent equipment from impacting capacity.


  • Most event planners will require a production team to manage live streaming and the hybrid event platform.
  • Choose a venue with a support team or plan to hire one separately.

Loading Access

  • Ample and accessible loading access points are essential, especially when bringing in large tech equipment and set design pieces.

Time For Practice

  • Allocate sufficient time for setting up and running thorough practice sessions to ensure a flawless event.


  • Consider the style of the venue, keeping your brand's image, event theme, and industry in mind to create a cohesive atmosphere for your hybrid event.
2. Our Favourite Venues for Hybrid Events in Bogotá

Now that you understand the key aspects of a suitable hybrid event space, let's explore some examples of exceptional hybrid event venues in Bogotá.

Spacious Venue With a Polygonal Structure

Spacious Venue With a Polygonal Structure via Eventflare.webp
Spacious Venue With a Polygonal Structure via Eventflare

This Bogotá venue stands out as an excellent choice for hybrid events due to its immense size, safety features, and versatile amenities. Its polygonal structure, made from anodized aluminium, not only ensures safety but also gives the venue a unique character.

With soundproof walls and durable concrete-cobblestone flooring, it can accommodate a wide range of events, from concerts to conferences, with a maximum standing capacity of 13,000 people. The venue also provides essential amenities such as tables, chairs, projectors, and speakers, making it a top choice for large-scale events.

Funky Rooftop Venue With Incredible Views

Funky Rooftop Venue With Incredible Views via Eventflare.webp
Funky Rooftop Venue With Incredible Views via Eventflare

This trendy rooftop venue in the El Chico neighbourhood is an ideal choice for your upcoming celebration. With its stylish decor, featuring wood flooring, chic furniture, and warm lighting, it exudes a glamorous atmosphere. The added allure of glass walls offering stunning Bogota skyline views makes it perfect for cocktail receptions and after-work parties.

The venue comes equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi, top-notch sound and music equipment, and catering options are available upon request. It's a top pick for those seeking an upbeat and chic location for their hybrid events near popular hotels in the area. Contact us for more information.

Wrapping Up

You now have the knowledge to select the ideal hybrid event venue in Bogotá, and you have access to some outstanding venues in the city.

However, these are just a fraction of the remarkable venues in Bogotá. Explore more options and treat yourself to the best selection.

Before you go, consider exploring additional expert advice for planning your hybrid event in Bogotá, such as our guide on interactive tools for hybrid events.

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