Our 4 Favourite Boardroom Spaces in Bogotá

08 July 2022
08 July 2022
Our 4 Favourite Boardroom Spaces in Bogotá

Bienvenido a Bogotá, the heart of Colombia! In this city, creativity is a way of life, something you'll see reflected in our selection of board meeting rooms in Bogotá.

From spaces that echo the city's vibrant nature to sleek, modern conference rooms that mean business, these venues will turn even the most mundane meeting into a masterpiece.

It’s a simple system; read on, pick the one you like best, follow the link, and our intuitive booking system will make it a reality. Alternatively, message one of our experts, and they’ll do everything for you!

After you strategise, why not take a cultural detour? Imagine wrapping up your meeting and stepping straight into the historical wonderland of the Gold Museum or unwinding amid the verdant beauty of the Botanical Garden. These are the city's pride, places where you can soak up some Bogotano brilliance.

And the cuisine? Ah, prepare your taste buds for a fiesta! Try the rich, brothy delights of ajiaco to the simple pleasures of street-side arepas. Whether you're a foodie or just peckish after all that brainstorming, you're in for a treat.

So, stick around as we guide you through the crème de la crème of Bogotá's creative board meeting rooms.

Enjoy folks!

1. Funky Rooftop Boardroom Venue in Bogotá

Funky Rooftop Boardroom Venue in Bogotá via Eventflare

Minutes from landmarks like Four Points by Sheraton and Casa Dann Carlton Hotel & Spa, you’ll come across this funky rooftop venue – we think you’ll agree that it’s redefining impressive board meeting rooms in Bogota.

You walk into the boardroom where style oozes from every corner — think swanky wood floors, the comfiest furniture you can sink into, and plants with a perfect touch of green.

With floor-to-ceiling windows, whimsical flower decorations, and velvet furniture, it’s great for startups and quirky companies that want to break the mould!

Whether it's a game-changing board meeting or an executive workshop, this conference room has you covered. You'll get lightning-fast Wi-Fi, the latest in sound tech, and, if you're feeling peckish, some top-notch catering.

So, why wait? Let's chat and turn your next meeting from planning to can't-wait-to-post-about-it!

2. Urban Space for Board Meetings in Bogotá

Urban Space for Board Meetings in Bogotá via Eventflare.webp
Urban Space for Board Meetings in Bogotá via Eventflare

As it goes for collaborative board meeting rooms for strategic planning in Bogota, this venue sits at the top.

We think you’ll love this sleek board meeting venue just a four-minute walk from Parque de la.

Imagine stepping into a room that feels just right. Chic parquet flooring at your feet, clear glass walls offering a bright, open feel, and tasteful lighting that complements everyone.

It's cosy enough for your group of ten but decked out with all the tech trimmings, like a top-notch TV and super-fast Wi-Fi.

No matter if you’re hosting a brainy brainstorm or a critical strategy session, this place is where your team can huddle, doodle, and noodle all your grand plans.

Want to rent this venue for your next event? Reach out to us, and let's get your spot secured!

3. Beautiful Boardroom Space in Bogotá With Farmhouse Vibes

 Eautiful Pace Ith Arm Ouse Ibes
Beautiful Boardroom Space in Bogotá With Farmhouse Vibes via Eventflare

Ever dreamt of escaping to the countryside without leaving Bogotá?

Right in the heart of the city, we have a piece of idyllic country life in the form of this beautiful venue with its farmhouse vibes.

The interior has been respectfully refurbished, with new shining wooden flooring, large panoramic windows, and restoration of the historical roof beams. It's like a time capsule with a modern twist, making it one of the most vibrant board meeting rooms in Bogotá.

What’s more, you’ll have a spacious garden space featuring stunning patios and fountains.

Plus, it comes with all the amenities you could need for a boardroom meeting, such as flipcharts, TVs, projectors, sound equipment, excellent Wi-Fi, and more.

And because no great meeting was ever fueled on empty stomachs, there's catering, too.

How do you feel about this quaint venue in Bogota? Drop us a line for more details!

4. Urban Boardroom Space in Bogotá With a Shared Terrace

Urban Boardroom Space in Bogotá With a Shared Terrace via Eventflare

Just a stone's throw from Parque de la 93, there's an eco-friendly board meeting room in Bogotá, where sustainability is as important as the agenda.

The meeting space itself is tranquil and sleek, with lots of natural light, thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows. And through the other side, you’ll have an intimate terrace to take your coffee breaks.

It’s worth mentioning that the venue takes pride in its sustainable dining options, serving dishes crafted from locally sourced produce, with vegan choices to boot, all while keeping food waste to a minimum.

Whether you're hosting a strategic planning session, a creative workshop, or a high-profile board meeting, the location adapts to create an atmosphere that's just right for your event.

We can’t forget the amenities! You’ll have a TV, a projector, a screen, a sound system, and high-speed internet. And finally, you’ll have a total capacity of 14 people.

Sounds great, right? Contact us — we’d love to talk to you more about it.

Wrapping up

So now you’ve seen our favourite board meeting rooms in Bogotá. Which one was your favourite?

If you’re planning any other kind of event, then make sure to check out the rest of our venues in Bogotá; we’ve got places for any kind of occasion you could imagine.

And if you’re still not convinced about this city, just read this guide to sustainable event initiatives in Bogotá.

Good luck!

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