The 4 Best Historical Event Spaces in Bogotá

14 July 2022
14 July 2022
The 4 Best Historical Event Spaces in Bogotá

As a city founded way back in 1538, you can be sure to find lots of cool historical event spaces in Bogotá.

If you find historical locations as exciting as we do, then you’re in the right place. Because here we have a list of the very best.

We have a list that reflects the different faces of Colombia and life at large. From huge spectacular theatres to sprawling mansions and rustic farm buildings.

So get reading, and enjoy. And make sure to hang around till the conclusion for some bonus expert advice!

1. Sumptuous Historical Event Venue in Bogotá

 Umptuous Heatre Rom The Entury
Sumptuous Historical Event Venue in Bogotá via Eventflare

Okay folks, let’s dive right in. Here is our first historical event location in Bogotá, a sumptuous theatre from the 19th century. It’s one of the oldest theatres in the country. Here you can see the neo-classical style in full flow.

One of the most prominent features is the stunning ceiling frescos. Other fixtures your guests will love are the hand-crafted mouldings found all over the space from the stage border to the terraces. The seating is beautiful too; vintage pieces of dark red velvet.

One of the more delicate touches here is the Ramelli lamps. And who could fail to love the canvas painted y Annibale Gatti at the front curtain in 1890?

Moreover, it has versatile furniture arrangements, 9 dressing rooms, first-class sound equipment, excellent technical staffing arrangements, and a great drinks service. And finally, capacity-wise, you’ll be able to host up to 745 people here.

2. Emblematic Historical Event Space in Bogotá

Emblematic Mansion With a History
Emblematic Historical Event Space in Bogotá via Eventflare

Now we’re going to change the pace from the cinematic neoclassical venues of before. This next historical venue in Bogotá offers something a little more rustic.

You’ll find this emblematic mansion in the Northwest of the city. And at over 400 years old, it’s not only a fine piece of cultural heritage but a national monument!

This huge house is a stunning example of how to preserve rustic historical architecture. The white and blue colour scheme is endearing and folkish, and therein you’ll have beautiful wooden roof beams and patio flooring.

But one of the main stars of this location is the spacious garden, full of manicured grass and flowers, historic trees, and classy lighting fixtures.

Plus, it comes with great catering options, drinks services, attentive staff, versatile furniture arrangements, and excellent WiFi. In short, it’s perfect for hosting things like after-works, private dinging, and receptions. And finally, you’ll be able to host an event of 100 people here.

3. Raw Historical Event Venue in Bogotá Built in the 1900s

Raw Historical Event Venue in Bogotá Built in the 1900s via Eventflare

If you prefer your historical event location in Bogotá to celebrate a more humble origin, then you’ll love this next raw event venue.

Built at the beginning of the 20th century, this space used to be a farm. The central courtyard remains intact in all its glory, and so too does the original brickwork. Meaning you can see the historical vibes right in front of your eyes.

However, what makes this such a dynamic and exciting space are the subtle contemporary innovations that have been installed. Some of the highlights include the beautiful skylight, street art, and neo-vintage furnishings.

The food here specialises in grilled and stone-cooked meats and vegetables. Plus, all their ingredients are locally grown from seasonal and small-scale sustainable farms, meaning the food is not only tasty, but it’s good for the environment!

And as well as the private bar, you’ll have great sound equipment, TVs, and excellent WiFi.

4. Enchanting Historical Location in Bogotá With Picturesque Outdoor Space

Enchanting event venue with picturesque outdoors
Enchanting Historical Location in Bogotá With Picturesque Outdoor Space via Eventflare

And alas, this is our final historical space in Bogotá for your perusal today. But don’t worry, it’s certainly not a case of last but not least.

Here we have an enchanting event venue with a picturesque outdoor space for your guests to roam. You’ll find it in the north of the city, offering pure serenity to your guests, while having the city close by.

It was built more than 200 years ago and is in perfect, authentic working condition. Inside, you have timeless interiors such as polished wood flooring, historical artefacts and antique furniture paired with ample sunlight from the old-fashioned windows that radiate a homely vibe!

The interior courtyard is a leafy dream, and the exterior garden is a sprawling dream-like scape that will be perfect for receptions and breakout sessions.

This location is perfect for after-works, conferences, outdoor events, receptions, and much more. And finally, it also comes with superb catering options and high-speed WiFi.

Wrapping up

And just like that, we’ve reached the end already. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our guide to historical event spaces in Bogotá as much as we’ve enjoyed writing it.

But it’s not all just about the past at Eventflare. We have venues in Bogotá from all time periods, and in any size and style, so don’t miss out on the rest of our amazing spaces.

And finally, here’s the bonus expert advice we promised: our guide to the best areas in Bogotá for hosting events.

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