The 5 Best Event Caterers in Bogotá

21 June 2022
21 June 2022
The 5 Best Event Caterers in Bogotá

We love providing useful advice for our friends, and today’s advice comes in the form of the best event Caterers in Bogotá.

So if you happen to be event planning in Colombia, your search for the choicest cuisine has been taken care of already!

From stunning Asian banquets to traditional and homely classics, we have a list here that will cater to every taste.

All you have to do is read on and choose which one best suits your event. We hope you enjoy and watch out for bonus pieces of expert advice we’ll be dropping along the way!

1. Salak
Salak via Salakeventos

So here we go, kicking off our guide to event catering in Bogotá, we have Salak. They have 12 years of experience and are experts in working with meats, with stand-out stars on their menu being things like al pastor tacos and veal Osso Bucco.

What we love about their service is that it’s so versatile, from simple snacks at informal events, to full-scale silver service experiences at huge conferences.

But their virtual event catering makes their service stand out even further. They have perfected a system of fabulous vacuum-packed meals delivered to your attendee’s door.

2. Nikki and Mom’s
Nikki and Mom’s via Facebook

When you think of caterers in Bogotá, you probably don’t think of Indian cuisine. But here we are, recommending Nikki and Mom’s, the purveyors of fabulous South-Asian event food.

What we love about Nikki and Mom’s catering is that their ingredients are fresh, locally sourced, and seasonal, meaning not only is it eco-friendly, but they have a new and exciting menu each month!

To keep things 100% fresh, they do use Columbian ingredients too, like rice, beans, lentils, coconuts, plantains, tamarind, and so on, which perfectly go hand in hand with Indian classics like pakora, basmati rice, chana masala, dal, and much more of your favourites!

3. Bodega & Cocina
 He Est Vent Aterers In Ogotá
Bodega & Cocina via Bodegaycocina

The next event caterers in Bogotá we’re going to tell you about is Bodega & Cocina. They’ve been creating gastronomic experiences for over 31 years, and have lots of cool menus for you to choose from.

Bodega & Cocina have been trusted by huge names such as Oracle, Johnson & Johnson, The Bank of Columbia, and Diageo. This is a big team of 100 people, and they like to take care of the small details.

They offer a bespoke package depending on the type of meeting you have, from traditional Columbian breakfasts to classic cocktail food services, and even do eco-friendly box meals for fast-paced workshops.

4. Fork Catering
Fork Catering via Forkcatering

If you like family food and tradition to be a part of your event catering in Bogotá then you’ll love Fork Catering!

From empanadas to eggs benedict, crowd favourites are waiting. Moreover, they’re well known for their beautifully styled plates as well as their wholesome cuisine.

And with prestigious brands like Nike, Motorola, Citi Bank, Fifa, and Coca-Cola as their clients, you know it’s a service you can trust!

5. Banquetes Camarez
Banquetes Camarez via Facebook

Alas, this is the last of our caterers in Bogotá. But don’t fret, you’re in very safe hands with Banquetes Camarez. They have 18 years of experience and offer a fully customised experience.

We love the range they operate with, from sushi banquets to beautiful cake luncheons or traditional Colombian seated dinners, you can have it your way. They have particular expertise in fruit services and patisseries, and they even do a fun cocktail service!

And if you’re new to the local cuisine, then make sure to read our Colombian food guide and you can talk the talk like an expert!

Wrapping up

So there you have it, our guide to event caterers in Bogotá. We hope you’re as ravenously hungry as we are right now – because that means we’ve done our job.

And now that you have an idea of who your caterer will be, now you need a location. Well, we just happen to be event space specialists, so make sure to browse our amazing selection of venues in Bogotá.

Alternatively, kill two birds with one stone and secure a venue that comes with food. Case in point, this guide to the coolest group dining venues in Bogotá.

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