The 5 Coolest Group Dining Venues in Bogotá

17 June 2022
17 June 2022
The 5 Coolest Group Dining Venues in Bogotá

When it comes to choosing a group dining venue in Bogotá, you’re truly spoilt. It’s a tough choice, and difficult to know where to start.

That’s where we can help. We’ve compiled this list, presenting the very best, so you don’t have to wade through the average.

From traditional Columbian cuisine to magnificent examples of Mexican, European, and Peruvian food and more, this list has something for every palette.

The locations here are stunning. You’ll see a venue that caters to every kind of private dining experience you could want. From intimate brunches with your team to all-out, main event private parties. So dive straight in and enjoy folks!

1. The Garden Café by Alelí
The Garden Café by Alelí via Facebook

So here we go, we’re kicking off our guide to group dining spaces in Bogotá

With The Garden Café by Alelí.

This stunning location has been going since 2021, serving as a beautiful outdoor attachment to the luxurious Alelí house.

As well as being a hub for local and fresh gastronomy, it’s a venue that offers a completely immersive guest experience, being held in what they call, “the most magical garden in Bogotá. It’s designed to express sheer class in design materials, with just the subtlest nod to traditional aesthetics.

The menu is rather special too. A modern Columbian expression of bistro cuisine, with a host of charming entrees, soups, sandwiches, salads and an impressive list of desserts and liquors.

2. Baja
Punto Baja via Puntobaja

Our next group dining venue for hire in Bogotá is Punto Baja. Taking its name from the Mexican coastal state, it specialises in Mexican seafood for which the area is known the world over.

So sure, it’s not authentic Columbian food, but it’s certainly magical! The thing you have to try is the classic Baja fish taco: beer-battered cod in a fresh tortilla with coleslaw, pico de gallo, salsa de locos and chipotle mayonnaise. Pure perfection. We also recommend taking in some of their ceviches and stunning traditional cocktails.

The venue itself is a treat to behold as well. The colour scheme is built from off-whites and very gentle browns, reminiscent of seaside shacks, while the materials and design itself are refined and sleek.

Let there be no confusion, you’re in a truly classy place here, bursting with natural light. With options of booking tables as you please, or taking up a large private room for yourself.

3. Oficial
Oficial via Tekami

If Mexican food isn’t your style, how about Peruvian? Yes, our next group dining venue in Bogotá is all about the wonders of Peruvian food!

The philosophy here is very charming. It’s classical Peruvian with a modern twist and an emphasis on simplicity. So expect all the heroes of this fabled cuisine such as sandwiches, ceviches, tiraditos, saltados, tacu tacus, chaufas and more.

There’s a relaxed and informal atmosphere here. Like the menu, it’s not pretentious. And yet, you can’t help but notice how impressive it is. It’s a venue that is long, with a towering ceiling. Its signature fixture is the magnificent floor-to-ceiling windows that span the width of the wall.

Thereafter, your guests will be charmed by the chandeliers, exposed brick walls, tropical plant life, vintage rugs, and much more.

4. Chichería Demente
Chichería Demente via Soho

Our next group dining space in Bogotá is an enigmatic piece of architectural heritage: a former farmhouse turned restaurant. A forward-looking piece of nostalgia, where sharing is a key theme and experience.

The action revolves around an open kitchen. The central courtyards and building structures remain intact, in all their glory. It’s been given a gentle facelift, featuring edgy – yet tasteful – graffiti, and bistro-style furnishings.

The cooking philosophy here is defined by smoke and fire. From grills brought to life by firewood, and stone ovens reaching soaring heat, the flavours here are powerful.

All the ingredients are locally produced by small sustainable producers. The results are mesmerising. We recommend trying the empanadas, chorizo rib, braised tail burger, and the sweetbread.

5. Cafe Bar Universal
Screenshot 2023-04-26 at 17.33.02.png
Cafe Bar Universal via Tripadvisor

Alas, this is our last group dining venue for hire in Bogotá today. However, we’re leaving you with a really stylish location for your event.

Built on the style of contemporary European cafes, it showcases the fusion of European dishes with a Columbian twist. The food here can be considered an informal style of haute cuisine.

Highlights of the menu include saffron and Wagyu oxtail risotto, steak frites with shitake mushrooms and royale potatoes, grilled puttanesca style fish, and churros with chocolate.

The decor is simply stunning. From the tiled flooring to the skylight roof, it’s more than Instagram-worthy. It’s neo-vintage at its very best.

Wrapping up

So there you have it, our guide to the coolest group dining venues in Bogotá. If you’re not starving just now, then you’ve clearly just had your lunch break.

If you’d like to learn more about what food you can expect in Bogotá, then make sure to read our Columbian food guide.

And before you go, make sure to check out our amazing selection of venues in Bogotá. We have something for every occasion.

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