11 Top Photographers Working in Brussels

by HarryPrince,  14 December 2020
by Harry Prince, 14 December 2020
11 Top Photographers Working in Brussels

Brussels is a place where many different worlds meet: politics, food, drinks, culture, and pretty much anything else you could want. So it makes sense that there’s an army of sublime photographers to do it justice. So if you need something special to be captured just right, we’ve put together a guide to the top photographers who work in and around Brussels. 

1) Geert De Taeye
Commercial with cyclists and a pick nick
Geert De Taeye © Geert de Taeye

Geert de Taeye is a creative and diverse photographer who shoots advertising campaigns, portraits, landscapes, painting and movie-inspired pictures. 

His approach is subtle and clever; he photographs, rearranges and manipulates everyday scenes. The result is a combination of flawless techniques with irony and empathy. While the truth is not always apparent, his work never ceases to captivate. 

His client list includes some impressive names such as Saatchi & Saatchi, Mccann Erickson, Volkswagen, Toyota, Lexus, English National Opera House.

2) Elodie Deceuninck 
Wild animals in nature
Elodie Deceuninck © Elodie Deceuninck

Elodie Deceuninck describes herself as a discreet little mouse; she tries “to capture the intensity but also the sweetness of your emotions”.  

She is based in Brussels but embraces any opportunity to go out into the world for her work. For her, she describes photography as a way to dream with open eyes, as a way of meeting, sharing moments, and creating memories. 

3) Lucas Boitquin
Picture of photographer
Lucas Boitquin via facebook

Lucas Boitquin has been in the game for five years and is currently available in Antwerp, Brussels and Rotterdam. He initially started shooting architecture, but his portfolio now boasts portrait, event, and corporate photography. 

He believes good photography involves getting to know people better. For him, it’s the best way to get natural and spontaneous images. But best of all, the subject does not need a lot of experience to make beautiful photos! 

If you would like to book him for your next corporate event, he would love to have a discussion with you about it.

4) Yuri Andries
Photograph of nature with mountains and desert
Yuri Andries via ignant

Yuri Andries works in and around Ghent, Belgium. He developed an interest in photography during his Graphic Design studies. 

Yuri is fascinated by the medium’s tense relation to reality; photography functions as both a documentary medium and as a means to stimulate the imagination.

His images are characterised by deliberate use of colour and a keen sense of graphic. Hovering between dream and reality, they seek stillness and evoke a serene aesthetic.

5) Jonas De Gent
Photograph of a woman looking at a men in the foreground
Jonas De Gent via facebook

Jonas De Gent describes photography as a hobby that got out of hand. After an enthusiastic response to his travel photography, friends began to request that he photograph their children and weddings. From there, he has gone on to make it his profession.

He describes his photographic style as spontaneous, romantic, and no-nonsense. Most importantly, he describes it as unusual. A self-described calm and down to earth guy, he is proud of his ability to blend in and always be at the right place at the right time to get that shot. 

6) Dani Oshi 
Event photograph of men and woman hugging on Oktoberfest in Munich
Dani Oshi via facebook

Dani Oshi‘s passion for photography began when he was just 11. He began working professionally in 2013. He is based in Brussels and now specialises in events, conferences, portraits, and is a corporate photographer.

Dani considered himself a life observer, and an urban explorer. He documents life in the streets, as it happens. But he makes sure he doesn’t get in its way. He blends in, and takes his shots, making him ideal when it comes to event photographers. 

He believes in the concept of allowing natural situations to unfold, which enables her to photograph those extraordinary moments that would go otherwise unnoticed, searching for expressions, composition, lights, and shadow.

7) Bea Borgers 
Snapshot of a behind the scenes moment at a theatre and music performance
Bea Borgers via beaborgers

Bea Borger’s passion for photography comes from her sense of wonder for the world around her. She soon made it her profession and is inspired by the magic of theatre to the celebration of special events and beautiful portraits.

Out of her love for Brussels, she decided to start renting out photographs of the city together with other Brussels-based photographers. So, Rent A Picture was born in 2017!

The collection has grown to include photographs of more than just Brussels. It’s very simple. If you want to bring more life to your business, home, restaurant or event space, you can rent a gorgeous original photography print ready to hang on your wall. They are delivered straight to you, and it’s tax deductible! 

8) Laura Van Severen
Photo of young men climbing steel pilars in a warehouse with an audience watching
Laura Van Severen via facebook

Laura Van Severen graduated from KASK School of Arts of Ghent in 2015. Since then, she’s been working on personal projects as well as commissions for a variety of clients.

In her graduation year, she was selected as one of Belgium’s Top Ten Young Talents by the FOMU Photography Museum in Antwerp. Her projects have been exhibited in Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, Mexico and Spain.

Her speciality is spaces, places, landscapes, and how humans relate to and transform them. Her work is unrelenting and focuses more on truth than traditional beauty. If you think your event of business could do with some hard hitting work like this, then you can contact her here

9) Frédéric Iovino
People on stage at the Opéra de Lille
Frédéric Iovino via panthea

Frédéric Iovino has been a freelance photographer since 1999. He has shown excellence in theatre photography, dance, opera, performances, concerts, events, and museum photography. 

He has also been a teacher since 2000, teaching photography, history of photography, computer graphics, and video. He has taught at institutions such as ISD RUBIKA in Valenciennes and ESUPCOM in Lille. 

Along with Pierre Rogeaux, Frédéric is also co-founder of the association L’héliotrope. They focus on the promotion of contemporary photography. They do that through awareness workshops and publishing editions of exciting work. 

10) Babylonia 
Boy wearing a neon vest and observing a blue car driving on the street
Babylonia via babyloniacreativeaffairsbrussels

Babylonia is a Belgian company founded in 2012. Not to sugar coat it, but they do it all! Hire them for photography, video, graphics design, copy-writing, translation, sound design, motion graphics, illustrations and even communications.

They work for a wide range of clients that span from private companies to communication agencies and even public and semi-public organisations. 

And don’t for a second think that you need to be in Belgium to have the privilege. Their geographical scope is as big as their service offer because they can help you out wherever you are in the world!  

Aside from their vast set of skills and their reach, what makes Babylonia unique is their à la carte philosophy. That means they like to tailor their services to you. So if you feel like you could do with personalised and professional service, contact them here!

11) Sophie Lenoir
 Ophie Enoir Russels During The Lockdown
Sophie Lenoir via Sophie Lenoir

Sophie Lenoir is a Brussels-based photographer who fell under the charm of her adopted home city. It is a fascinating playground for photographers with an immense variety of settings and backgrounds. From a personal point of view, she loves the open-mindedness of people, the melting pot of cultures and languages… She shares her local tips on her website Everything Brussels.

This passion for Brussels has led her to explore the full potential of its shooting locations all around. She knows many places of visual interest in Brussels and has worked in many of its popular venues.

As a photographer, she works as subtly as possible in order not to disturb any ongoing events. As a result, she manages to capture lots of spontaneous moments and authentic interactions. The style of her work can be described as bright, warm and natural.

Wrapping up

If we’ve learnt anything putting this guide together, it’s that collaboration can lead to some pretty special stuff. So, if you’re planning something in this city, we hope one of these photographers can make it eternal. 

And if you’re struggling to choose a photographer, you’re in luck. We have put together a guide outlining how to hire a corporate event photographer.

Featured image: Geert De Taeye © Geert De Taeye

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