7 Unbeatable Terraces in Brussels

03 December 2020
03 December 2020
7 Unbeatable Terraces in Brussels

Sunny days are limited in the north of Europe, so you need to be on your toes when it is out. And what better way to enjoy it than relaxing on a nice terrace? We’ve saved you some time by putting together a list of unbeatable terraces in Brussels. Enjoy!

1) La Terrasse 02
Snapshot of one of the outdoor bars in Brussels
La Terrasse 02 via la-terrasse

La Terrasse 02 is a stone’s throw from La Bois de la Cambre, which is the perfect place to stretch your legs before or after your visit. It’s the hangout of Brussels’ young professionals and has an entirely natural vibe.

It’s renowned for serving a menu with strong themes such as Discover, Butchers Corner, and Earth. There’s a strong dress code too, so leave the hoodie at home.

The guys at La Terrasse 02 have described their venue as a vacation in the capital. And from our experience, they’re spot on. They’ve taken great care in designing this place and it shows. Inspired by eco-responsibility and comfort, it’s the perfect combination of wood and light colours.

2) Chalet Robinson
Chalet next to a lake in the forest. A hidden bar near Brussels
Chalet Robinson via screenbrussels

Chalet Robinson has been around since the 1870s, but only in its current guise for ten years now. The Belgian brasserie has a fine selection of Belgian beers and a delicious seasonal menu. Or if you’d prefer, a simple waffle or a crepe.

Only accessible by boat (you can rent them out yourself), it’s on an island in Bois de la Cambre, one of Brussels’s largest parks. You’d never know you’re in the middle of Brussels; it’s a great experience.

So, it’s no surprise that you should really book in advance if you’d like to visit because it’s oh so popular.

3) La Fabrique
Cozy outdoor terrace in a Brussels park
La Fabrique via itinari

La Fabrique is nestled in the tiny Egmont Park. The leafy setting creates a wonderful atmosphere for enjoying a drink between friends or colleagues.

But our favourite thing about La Fabrique is their food. The former Orangery has a diverse breakfast and a lunch menu. The Eggs Benedict is particularly good, or if you want something more exotic, their British Fish and Chips is a great guilty pleasure.

To seal the deal, they have strong WiFi, and beautiful old trees ring the terrace; it’s perfect for a spot of work. They even rent out their spaces for private events for you and your team.

4) Café Belga
Snapshot of one of many bars in Brussels
Café Belga via facebook

At the foot of the steamship building that contains the world-renowned Flagey concert hall, Café Belga is the archetypal Belgian style cafe: relaxed and unpretentious.

It’s ideally located to soak up every inch of sun Brussels has to offer. The atmosphere of the surrounding Étangs d’Ixelles and square are lovely accompaniments.

If the stunning art deco interior isn’t enough, they have some lovely food that includes Lebanese bread, American sandwiches, or a classic ham and cheese.

5) JAM Hotel
Rooftop with swimming pool
JAM Hotel via tripadvisor

JAM Hotel doesn’t need a hard sell. It’s a former art school that is now a seriously cool hotel. I mean, just look at that pool. Their mission is to put everything you could want in one place.

The pool is heated to a pleasant 28°C all year round. And if you don’t want to get wet, the sunbeds are super chill, and the view is incredible as you enjoy a drink.

While you’re there, you really need to try their pizzas. Trust us.

6) Play Label Records
Snapshot of a rooftop bar
Play Label Records via therooftopguide

Play Label Records is for those wanting more from a rooftop terrace and the most out of Brussels nightlife.

You’ll find Play Label Records at the Crosby Bowling building. If you take the elevator to the top floor, you’ll find a rooftop bar complete with the essentials for a great evening: delicious drinks and live music provided by a DJ.

Make sure to check out their events page, so you don’t miss out on the best upcoming sets. Play is all about showcasing the best emerging talents in Brussels electronic music scene, with great artists like DkA, Anthony Georges Patrice, and Max Tealer.

7) W46
Large and modern outdoor space with garden
W46 via meetingsplatform

W46 is an event and meeting centre. You can choose from several event spaces, which can be tailored for your event: meetings, dining, and lounging are all possible, as are workshops, conferences or sales training.

It’s the perfect place to feel removed from the city, and its private location has an element of seclusion that the bars in Brussels just can’t offer.

W46 has halls that start from €190 and have a maximum capacity of 250 people. They have a range of trusty caterers including Artfood, Food Lovers, and Huitriere & Eole.

Wrapping Up

Well, that’s a pretty good list. Once you’re done with the terraces, carry on the party inside at a cocktail bar in Brussels. We wholeheartedly recommend it.

Here’s an even smarter idea: fill your stomach as you go. Try out the best food trucks in Brussels, and we promise you’ll thank us later.

Featured image: Brussels Skyline via roselinde

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