8 Cool Discussion Spaces in Brussels

01 March 2021
01 March 2021
8 Cool Discussion Spaces in Brussels

As the old adage goes, there’s no i in team. And we know you put stock in that statement too. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading about corporate event spaces.

Yes, brainstorming is a corporate event that is very much a team game. A team game that is geared towards collectively and creatively solving problems. It does have an i in it though…

Suppose you have a daunting task that you and your team need to solve. Turn it into something you can look forward to by booking a killer discussion space.

There are some fantastic discussion spaces in Brussels. That’s a fact you will take away with you by the end of this article. Although there’s only nine here, we have so much more on our site. So get exploring.

1) Zen-Inspired Conference Venue 

Zen-Inspired Conference Venue
Zen-Inspired Conference Venue via Eventflare

The first of our discussion spaces in Brussels is this zen-inspired conference venue.

What immediately catches your eye is the green wall feature. Thereafter, you’re sure to enjoy the bounty of natural wood and plants before you. Then you have the large, bright open windows, and finally, the fantastic acoustics.

It has all the amenities required for a team session, including WiFi, a TV screen, a whiteboard, a flip chart, and more.

Finally, not to imply that your brainstorming in Brussels could ever get boring… But just in case, there is a ping-pong table.

2) Creative Lab Room for Discussions

Creative Lab Room for Discussions
Creative Lab Room for Discussions via Eventflare

Not enough venues these days have blackboards. Yes, they’re messy, and they’re not as ergonomic as whiteboards. But, they are really cool; they appeal to the nostalgist in all of us.

That’s just the first of many things this creative meeting room has to say for itself. It has an awesome lounge area with green and black seating. This area can be partitioned off for privacy, or left open, so you can feel the depth of the space.

You’ll also notice the nice wooden flooring, vintage rugs, and bespoke wall of wallpapers, showcasing various vibrant designs from the ‘60s and ‘70s.

It’s got a grand capacity of 35 people in a boardroom layout. It’s also rare for training rooms in Brussels – or anywhere – in that it has access to a pond!

3) Event Venue with Loft 

Event Venue with Loft via Eventflare

For those who want to get away from overly corporate looking spaces, how do you like the sound of a luxury loft? It might sound even better when we tell you that it’s above a restaurant.

The loft is a U-shape open plan that is more than spacious. Plus, the floors are decked in a gloriously shiny mahogany.

The style is turned up further with sculptures, black steel pillars, wooden shutters, and cool lamps. And while you’re there, you might as well make use of the fully equipped kitchen and the interior rooftop terrace.

When you need a short reprieve, you can lounge on the sofas or expel any frustrations by playing on the foosball table. Alternatively, you and your team can have a go on the piano. Sing some sea shanties, why not?

4) Brussels Creation Space

Brussels Creation Space via Eventflare

For team discussions in Brussels that are bursting with unique decorations, we give you this creation space. This room has things you just don’t see at other indoor venues.

What things, you ask? Well, several bright hammocks hang from the ceiling for a start. The big theme here, though, is honeycombs. Looking up, you’ll see they’re part of the ceiling lights. They’re even painted on the walls!

Further still, it’s soaked in natural light. Plus, the venue boasts an eco-friendly design and has a dedicated breakout room for coffee.

5) Creative Industrial Space 

Creative Industrial Space
Creative Industrial Space via Eventflare

One of the most telling things we can say about this creative industrial space is that it’s very popular with people in the fashion industry. So if you’re looking for stylish discussion spaces in Brussels, all roads lead here.

This venue is a classic case of an industrial face lift. You love to see it, and we love to have it on our platform.

They have a long lounger created with wooden pallets, made chic with white fluffy pillows. The original brick flooring is rustic. And the neon bourbon sign? Well, that’s just cool.

The amenities and facilities you’ll have are a kitchen, a professional photography studio, workshop spaces, and WiFi.

6) Modern Homely Discussion Space 

Modern Homely Discussion Space
Modern Homely Discussion Space via Eventflare

Welcome to this modern and homely discussion space. Opting for this venue guarantees one thing: your discussion space in Brussels will be creative and comfortable.

It has a wood-burning stove to give warmth, both literally and figuratively. The steep red staircase is a nice vintage touch. And the miss-match of wooden furniture gives the whole thing a dusting of quirkiness.

This venue has an all-round capacity of 50. You’ve also got a raised lounge area, and a kitchen that you can take advantage of.

As we’re talking about kitchens, a cooking course is a great idea for a team-building exercise. You can check out our guide to cooking courses in Brussels for some inspiration.

7) Bright White Discussion Space in Brussels 

Bright White Discussion Space in Brussels
Bright White Discussion Space in Brussels via Eventflare

The next of our discussion spaces in Brussels is this bright white meeting room.

Its 60m2 of space offers a boardroom capacity of 14 people. The table in question is a long slender white number. You’ll be sat on minimalist chairs, all sporting different jovial colours.

Opposite the window is a large mirror wall that adds to the overall brightness and unique character at play.

The final treat from this venue is the lighting fixtures, which are fashioned as some kind of cubist-minimalist installation.

8) Discussion Space in a Literary Venue 

Discussion Space in a Literary Venue
Discussion Space in a Literary Venue via Eventflare

It might be a literary venue, but you are under no obligation to discuss the finer points of War & Peace while you’re there.

The venue has a classical look and feel, with tall windows and cool looking light shades.

There’s up to 60m2 of space that can accommodate up to 40 guests in a boardroom capacity, 80 in a standing capacity, and 60 in a theatre capacity.

Discussion sessions here are aided and abetted with excellent equipment such as a projector, a flip chart, sound equipment, and plenty of trendy furniture.

Wrapping up

As we said, one way of making your pending tasks less daunting is to book a killer venue to tackle them in. We’ve given you nine so far. If you want to see more you can fill your boots on our website. We’ve got loads more brainstorming venues in Brussels. Even in the coolest discussion spaces, your poor little head can get fatigued. Some say – well, we say – the best medicine is a strong drink. If you agree, you might like to read our guide to the best cocktail bars in Brussels.

Featured image: Bright White Discussion Space in Brussels via Eventflare

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