Where to see Amazing Photography Exhibitions in Brussels

by HarryPrince,  01 December 2020
by Harry Prince, 01 December 2020
Where to see Amazing Photography Exhibitions in Brussels

Are you a photography enthusiast? Well, you’re in luck! Because Brussels is packed with inspiration for budding photographers.

We’ve put together a guide for where you can see amazing photography exhibitions in Brussels. The choice is up to you now. We hope you enjoy it!

Fondation A Stichting
Group of people listening to a guide in a museum
Fondation A Stichting via facebook

Fondation A Stichting is a former shoe factory in Forest, Brussels. Opened in October 2012 by Astrid Ullens de Schooten and Jean-Paul Deridder, the foundation’s mission is to “further the creation, knowledge and preservation of photographic images”. 

The organisation also puts on workshops for young people. Their exhibitions are regularly changing; they’ve showcased the likes of legendary German photographers Bernd and Hilla Becher and hosted a show by Max Regenberg.

Box Galerie
Small photo gallery in Brussels
Box Galerie via boxgalerie

Box Galerie first opened in 2004. It was founded by Stefan De Jaeger, former adviser to photography collectors, and Alain D’Hooghe, photography historian, professor and founder of Cliché magazine. 

Box Galerie can count some of the biggest names in photography amongst its artists such as Harry Gruyaert and Sarah Moon. Its debut exhibition featured Spanish photographer Toni Catany. The gallery’s next show will present work from Frank Christen.

Inside the Kanal Museum in Brussels
Kanal via arter

Kanal is somewhat of a first in Brussels. Although Brussels already had museums and spaces for contemporary art and architecture. Kanal made the ingenious step to dedicate a museum to both. 

The museum is located in the historic and brilliantly cool former Citroën garage, on Place de l’Yser. It is currently being renovated and is expected to be complete in 2022/2023.

After that, the public will be able to discover this mythical building with several exhibitions, large installations, ten new creations by Brussels artists and a programme of live shows.

Mima Museum
Arts museum focusing on colourful art
Mima Museum via mimamuseum

Mima Museum opened in 2016 in the centre of Brussels. Their most prominent feature is their lively exhibitions, which are focused on highlighting the work of the new generation of artists in the city.

The showcasing artists are encouraged to transgress artistic genres, and are to reach new audiences for the museum.

Mima is currently exhibiting ZOO. Visit to see references to pop, humour and anthropomorphic art. The exhibition will showcase artists from The Netherlands, Lithuania, America, Spain, Australia, the UK, Belgium and more!

Industrial photography museum in Brussels
Hangar Photo Art Centre via artrabbit

Hangar was created in 2016 by Delphine Dumont. It lives in a former car workshop built in 1899. Since its inception, it has been wildly popular. For example, the 4th PhotoBrussels Festival saw 10,000 visitors come to the city. 

There is no restriction on genres, location, or methods. The focus at Hangar is on the artists themselves. Their amplified voices are waiting for you in the gallery; hear what they have to say about the times. 

Hangar has overseen exhibitions from Paul D’Haese and Karel Fonteyne. In the future, you can look out for the 5th edition of the PhotoBrussels festival

Hangar gives particular attention and support to young talents by organising competitions such as the PBF Prize during PhotoBrussels Festival. 

 Snapshot of museum Brass
BRASS via facebook

BRASS is the Cultural Centre and the House of Cultures of Forest. The building was formerly Wielemans-Ceuppens brewery, whose machines have been preserved. It remains a faithful witness of the industrial heritage of the early 20th century.

Visitors to BRASS can see concerts, shows, exhibitions, workshops, convivial and citizen meetings, thematic festivals, and apply for internships (particularly around digital culture). There is even a bar open for before and after events where you can indulge in local food and drinks. 

BRASS is a neighbourhood institution. It emphasises the participation of local residents and the emergence of diversity in artistic and cultural output in the city. 

At the heart of Brussels’s diversity, BRASS supports emerging artistic and cultural vitality. This is highlighted in events like SuperVliegSuperMouche festival and the Forest Sounds festival in Forest Park.

Studio Baxton
Snapshot of a hall in a photography museum
Studio Baxton via studiobaxton

Studio Baxton is a quaint and cool space with one simple and powerful aim: ‘to save from destruction cameras and accessories from all pre-digital era, keep them working or use defective one as spare parts to save others.’

They present a new temporary exhibition every two months, inviting photographers that are stubbornly exploring the endless possibilities of analogue, alternative and instant photography.

Open exhibition space for photography and art
LaVallée via screenbrussels

LaVallée is a 5000 m² workspace designed for creative freelancers located in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean. Within walking distance of public transportation (Yser), LaVallée offers artist studios and an exhibit hall. 

The events here are wide-ranging, with fantastic contemporary art exhibits and spontaneous DJ sets. A highlight for us was the 1UP photo exhibition, which highlights Brussels’ urban landscapes. 

Tiny Gallery

Small art gallery in BrusselsTiny Gallery via tinygallery

Tiny Gallery dips between classical and alternative photography. It is open for professionals, artists and students, along with anonymous and amateur photographers. This art gallery has allowed Brussels to re-connect to the reality of raw photographic language.

Their current exhibition is titled The Death Row of Posed Portrait. These largely anonymous photos were taken in a time when portable cameras were entering the market at the turn of the 20th century. You’ll see images captured by people not yet considered artists – but the depth in their work is undeniable.

The Tiny Gallery also offers alternative photography workshops in Brussels. These workshops focus on emotive and historical photographic processes. Learn to create your own image like the very first photographers.

Wrapping Up

There you have it. Photos have a place of pride in the capital of Belgium. We’ve shown you where to see amazing photography exhibitions in Brussels. Now it’s up to you to go out and see them. 

Not just a city for photography exhibitions, Brussels is also a great place for corporate events.

Featured image: MIMA Museum via roselinde

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