The 7 Best Exhibition Spaces for Hire in Brussels

22 March 2021
22 March 2021
The 7 Best Exhibition Spaces for Hire in Brussels

You know the old saying, strike while the iron is hot?

Well, it’s hot in Brussels, especially for MICE events. And what does the ‘E’ stand for in MICE? No, not email. Exhibitions!

Brussels is one of the best cities in Europe, nay, the world. Hosting an exhibition here is good business sense, as well as just being great fun.

We hope you’re in the mood to be impressed because we’re about to embark on a journey of the best exhibition spaces for hire in Brussels.

1) Quirky Industrial Space for Exhibitions 

Quirky Industrial Space for Exhibitions
Quirky Industrial Space for Exhibitions via Eventflare

Our first exhibition venue in Brussels is a quirky industrial space, just a few steps away from St. Catherine.

It’s across 3-levels, giving guests ample space to explore your expansive exhibition.

It seamlessly morphs bare concrete, exposed brickwork, and blank white art gallery style walls.

You can use vintage furniture or remove it, depending on what look you want to opt for.

And to seal the deal, there is a cosy courtyard to make use of. Amenities include a projector, sound equipment, and WiFi.

2) Exhibition Space for Hire in Brussels

Exhibition Event Space
Exhibition Event Space via Eventflare

Our next exhibition venue in Brussels is like an aircraft hanger that artists have commandeered.

The stand out feature of this bright gallery is its arched roof. It’s brought to life by sky windows, black steel structure and air vents.

If you get your measuring tape out, you’ll learn that the venue spreads out across 300m2. All that space allows for 450 guests.

3) Venue Luminous and Modern Events Studio 

Venue Luminous and Modern Events Studio via Eventflare

Now it’s time for a change of pace. Here is the first of our modest exhibition spaces in Brussels.

This luminous and modern events studio is an auteur – to steal a word from the filmmaker’s dictionary – of corporate event spaces. You can use it for after-works, brainstorming sessions, exhibitions, meetings, photoshoots and workshops.

It’s uber-cool and feels more like a studio apartment than a corporate venue. With the stacked bookshelves, open kitchen, plant life and coffee table, you can’t help but want to hang out there.

4) Event Space Creative Studio Mezzanine

Event Space Creative Studio Mezzanine
Event Space Creative Studio Mezzanine via Facebook

A former workplace of the famous Belgian sculptor Jacques de Lalaing, this creative studio was renovated in 2017.

It’s located in the heart of the European District. So you’ll be rubbing shoulders with some very distinguished neighbours. It’s also around the corner from the Maelbeek metro station.

Your guests will appreciate the spacious Mediterranean style terrace, the large interior balcony, and the cosy mezzanine.

5) Creative Industrial Space

Creative Industrial Space
Creative Industrial Space via Eventflare

Of all our exhibition spaces in Brussels, this creative industrial space is the only one that calls the fashion industry its day job. You, too, can indulge in the extravagance of the fashion world if you book this space.

What was once a rundown industrial space is now a charming and whimsical venue with neon bourbon signs, fluffy white lounging decks, and sturdy brick flooring.

This venue offers you a kitchen, a professional photography studio, workshop spaces, and WiFi.

And now that we mention it, our collection of photography studios in Brussels is quite impressive. Check it out if you happen to be in the market for one of them too!

6) Beautiful White Event Space

Beautiful White Event Space via Eventflare

Like orbs in a sci-fi drama, glowing bulbs hang from the ceiling in this beautiful white event space. Located in the heart of Brussels, the canal is close by for a light stroll.

It’s a blank canvas venue, so all manner of corporate events are possible within its four sturdy columns. Organise meetings, launch parties, workshops, exhibitions, photoshoots, and more – the sky’s the limit!

This is one of our smaller exhibition spaces for hire in Brussels, at only 90m2. But if you need some more breathing room, there’s always the sprawling roof terrace to hang out on.

7) Old Industrial Laundry Factory 

Old Industrial Laundry Factory
Old Industrial Laundry Factory via Eventflare

The last of our exhibition venues in Brussels is this old industrial laundry factory. Save for some subtle modern installations, the venue is almost as it was when the last launderer clocked out.

Two floors of balconies surround the main hall. That means more wall space to exhibit and more vantage points to explore. Off the main hall, you’ll find lots of different rooms to use!

It’s quite a big place, offering you the chance to invite up to 500 people for your exhibition. Additionally, you’ll also have WiFi and wheelchair accessibility.

Wrapping up 

An exhibition at one of these spectacular venues will be missed when it’s over. That’s why you should hire one of the top photographers in Brussels to capture it on camera, forever!

Featured image: Exhibition Event Space via Eventflare

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