Food Trucks to Hire in Brussels for Events

13 November 2020
13 November 2020
Food Trucks to Hire in Brussels for Events

We hope you’re not reading this on an empty stomach. Because the food truck’s ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ attitude beckons hungry bellies. Sadly, it seems the poor catered buffet just doesn’t carry the same vigour it used to.

Belgian Food Truck Culture

Mobile catering is huge business, especially in Brussels.

City guidelines allow food trucks to operate in 20 destinations. So you don’t need to spend hours hunting down your favourite. Or you can cut to the chase and follow them on social media through the links we’ve provided below. They’ll tell you where they are!

It’s such a big deal here that the Brussels Food Truck Festival presented over 100 food trucks from over 14 different countries. Following our…  dedicated research, we’ve put together our favourites to impress the guests at your next corporate event.

PIM Coffee on the go
Mobile coffee bar
PIM Coffee on the go via Facebook

Coffee evokes strong emotions from people. For some, it’s a passion. Others can’t say hello to you until they’ve had a good cup. Safe to say, it’s a key part of our daily routine.

To put it plainly, PIM Coffee on the go makes one of the best coffees in the city. If you reckon you’re going to have a lot of coffee lovers at your event, you might impress them with this truck hire. It’s also a fail-safe way to perk up attendees in between sessions.

Pinpon Mobile
Red food truck specialising in seasonal products and French and Belgian flavours
Pin Pon Mobile via Pinterest

Pinpon Mobile is a former fire engine which is, frankly, pretty cool!

Pinpon loves working with local producers to promote quality seasonal products. Fashionably, their menu changes with the seasons.

What isn’t prone to change is their distinctly French and Belgian flavour! Expect breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.

If you are hosting your next corporate event in Brussels, you could show them just how good the local cuisine is with Pinpon!

Sin Street Food
Brussels food truck offering vegan food
SINstreetfood via Facebook

Vegan food is one of the biggest catering trends in recent years. So we suggest providing a vegan option at your next corporate event.

Cue Sin Street Food, our favourite mobile vegan food. A vegetarian truck as well as vegan, their speciality is burgers. What’s more, the staff are lovely, and they sell beer!

El Taco Mobil
Mobile mexican food in Brussels
El Taco Mobil via

Tacos have never been more popular. And what’s not to like? Fat, acid, salt, crunch. The symmetry, the convenience, and oh wow the colours!

El Taco Mobil is run by a Belgian-Mexican couple. We can guarantee you three things about this food truck. The food is fresh; it’s authentic, and you have two options: one meat and one vegetarian. It might seem limited, but trust them, they know what they’re doing!

Only having two options is also a surefire way of keeping queues down and attendee’s bellies full during your conference. 

Give your guests something to rave about when they get home by hiring El Taco Mobil!

Authentic street burgers for take away
Pistola via Facebook

Sometimes simplicity is genius. Pistola is on to something with their seductively simple concept: beers and burgers.

And when you keep your menu simple, you have more time to dedicate to your ingredients. The strength of Pistola comes from their premium Irish Aberdeen Black Angus beef. Once it arrives from Cork, Ireland, they keep it simple again: add salt, then let the meat do the talking.

Then you have freshly-made Brioche buns from Renard Bakery and Ballymaloe Food’s burger sauce. While they look after the burgers, the next part is up to you. 

Choose from their superb selection of craft beers from around the world and Brussels. We can’t think of a better way to round up your conference. 

Croquetas Intelligence Agency
Self-made croquetas in Brussels
Croquetas Intelligence Agency via Facebook

If you don’t already know this, the Belgians love beer. And if you know anything about drinking beer, you know it’s essential – not to forget sensible – to eat as you drink.

The Belgians have a rich tradition of bar snacks. The crown jewel of that tradition is deep-fried croquettes.

Croquetas Intelligence Agency is raising this tradition to the next level. If you think your guests would like convenient, quick, and homely snacks at your next corporate event, maybe you should check them out!

Amazing Street
Yellow food truck with Italian and Libanese cuisine
Amazing Street via Facebook

Collaborative work isn’t without its problems. But, when it works, it can lead to fantastic results.

Amazing Street is a collaboration between urban Italian and Lebanese cuisines. And as you might have already guessed, the result is fantastic! Amazing Street is proud of its fresh and homemade products, and it comes through loudly on your palate.

Food Trucks for Your Next Corporate Event

By this point, you’re probably starving. And we’re sorry about that. But we’re not sorry about planning exciting corporate events. Hiring a food truck could be exactly what you need to make yours really memorable! If you want to know more about catering lively events, we’d love to hear from you! 

Featured image: Fête de l’Iris / Irisfeest © EDanhier Photography

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