Our 6 Favourite Caterers in Brussels

04 October 2021
04 October 2021
Our 6 Favourite Caterers in Brussels

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, food is the most important thing in the world.

Good catering can make a lousy meeting good and a good conference unforgettable.

Our expertise is in event venues. So when it comes to event catering in Brussels, we are delighted to direct you to the experts.

This is our home town, so we like to think we know what we’re talking about when it comes to caterers in Brussels. We have gone out of our way to offer a good mix of styles here, so all that’s left for you to do is stop drooling and start choosing!

1. Food Lovers
Food Lovers via Facebook

The first of our caterers in Brussels is Food Lovers. What makes this young team unique is their personalised approach to their event catering.

They specialise in catering for meetings, although they can do anything from canapes to seated meals. Food lovers specialise in Northern European cuisine to make for an authentic Belgian experience.

They’ve catered to big names such as BNP Paribas, Citroën, and Nato, so you can’t deny their credentials!

And finally, they’re located in Rixensart and can cater to any location in Brussels.

2. Art Food
Art Food via ArtFood

The second of our list of best caterers in Brussels is Art Food.

What you’ll love about them is that they do classic foods that everyone loves; the twist is that dishes are organic with a modern twist, and of course, with an artistic presentation. You’ll have the choice of paninis, tacos, burgers, and more.

They’re located in the area of Anderlecht and can cater across the whole of the city.

3. Pop-Pot

Pop-Pot via Facebook

If you’re looking for an event caterer in Brussels with an alternative vibe, then we would recommend Pop-Pot.

Their remit is one of homemade, healthy, and sustainable cuisine. Pop-pot has expertise in lunch break food, so it’s ideal for workshops, brainstorming sessions, meetings and that ilk.

They are famous for their delicious fruit salad bowls, homemade pita bread, hummus dips, and fruit juice cocktails.

You’ll find this marvellous caterer located in Forest, operating across the whole of the city.

4. Biorganic Factory
Shrimp brochette with cilantro from biorganic
Biorganic Factory via Biorganic

Our next catering service in Brussels does precisely what it says on the tin: it’s 100% organic.

Yes, Biorganic Factory is focused on reducing the ecological footprint of your corporate events. If that’s important to you too, then this could be a perfect catering partner for your event.

Their service isn’t just focused on being environmentally friendly, however. They’re also driven by gastronomic excellence as well. Their seasonal menus combine contemporary European flavours with subtle Asian influences and a penchant for quality seafood.

You’ll also find Biogranic Factory located in Forest, and likewise, they cater to anywhere in the greater Brussels area.

5. Eating Point
Eating Point via EatingPoint

Eating Point distinguishes itself from its fellow caterers in Brussels via its four unique and tailored catering concepts: Original, Express, Rise, and Time Out.

Original is a global and comprehensive dinner service where you can choose from cuisines such as Italian, African, Flemish, Mexican, Asian, and more.

For smaller and fast-moving events, you have Express. You have a selection of funky boxed meals that include a vibrant salad, the main meal – such as a curry or a sandwich – and a dessert.

Rise is an attractive breakfast option to get your events started on the right foot. You’ll have the option of decadent bagel meals, energising yoghurts, traditional eggs and bacon, or all of the above!

And finally, there’s Timeout, which are delicious grazing snacks to enjoy anytime, over the course of the day, such as hot dogs and chocolate!

6. Choux De Bruxelles
Crispy Cheese balls from Choux de Bruxelles
Choux De Bruxelles via Ktchn

Our final catering service in Brussles is Choux De Bruxelles. All in all, they have 20 years of experience and have expertise in stylish, customised dining experiences.

When it comes to event catering in Brussels, they do it all, from intimate meals for 10 to whopping receptions of 5,000 people. From a classic buffet to formal silver services, Choux De Bruxelles do it all. They even do food truck services if you’re looking for a more informal experience.

The cuisine here is a dynamic and evolving menu of French classics with a contemporary twist, and don’t be afraid to make requests as their service is customisable to your needs!

Wrapping up

So there you have it, our favourite caterers in Brussels. We hope we’ve spoilt you for choice. We’re certainly starving at this point.

But what next? As we said, our expertise is in venues, so if you need a lovely private dining room in Brussels to match your caters, browse our selection till your heart is content.

Alternatively, why not hire one of these food trucks to hire in Brussels for events? The food truck in Brussels is booming. We’d know because as we said, this is our home town after all!

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