The 5 Best Event Photographers in Buenos Aires

by HarryPrince,  10 November 2022
by Harry Prince, 10 November 2022
The 5 Best Event Photographers in Buenos Aires

It’s not easy to choose an event photographer in Buenos Aires. That is until now, as we’ve scoured the city and made a concise list of the very best!

From ariel photographers to character experts and master food product photographers, we’ve got talent below that can capture everyone and everything.

So have a read, enjoy it, and choose your favourite for your next event in Buenos Aires. Simple!

1. Ezequiel Scagnetti
 Zequiel Cagnetti Hotographer Uenos Ires Via Zeqiel
Ezequiel Scagnetti Photographer Buenos Aires via Ezeqiel

The first event photographer in Buenos Aires we’re discussing is Ezequiel Scagnetti. He has over 20 years of experience in the field, ranging from portrait to editorial, fine art, industrial, and corporate photography services.

He has worked in over 80 countries for some very illustrious clients, including his work as the official portrait photographer for European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso. 

His approach to event photography is one of collaboration, specifically, tailoring his style to his clients’ needs and requests. 

2. Murno Villa
Murno Villa Event Photography Buenos Aires via Murnovilla

Munro Villa is our second pick for your Buenos Aires event photography. This duo have been working together since 2004, bound by their love of storytelling.

Their goal for their corporate photography has been to tell visual stories that intersect the documentary style with the cinematic.

This ambition has led them to work with a magnificent range of groups, from motorsport racing to food festivals, freight shippers, and more!

They are particularly well-known for their expertise in making communication pieces for corporate companies. So, if your team could do with some of that, these could be the photographers in Buenos Aires you’re looking for!

3. Rosario Bobbio

 Osario Obbio Vent Photographer In Uenos Ires Via OsariobobbiophRosario Bobbio Event photographer in Buenos Aires via Rosariobobbioph

The next event photographer in Buenos Aires you need to know about is Rosario Bobbio.

She describes her camera as her passport that allows her to walk into diverse worlds. With this mindset, she has built her reputation as a great emotion-centric photographer.

Rosario has been featured in many publications like Foto Argenta Magazine, Latin American Magazine of Labor Anthropology of Conicet, and Ohlalá, as well as major exhibitions such as Samsung Argentina’s Empower Women and G20’s The Future, is in the Mountains.

4. Claudio Jordá
Claudio Jordá Photographer Buenos Aires via Claudiojorda

If you’re looking for a photographer in Buenos Aires with a remarkable track record for working in product and fashion, then might we introduce you to Claudio Jordá?

Yes, they are particularly celebrated for their work with food and alcohol, fashion, interior design, architecture, and all manner of products.

So basically, if you have a physical object that you want to sell in Buenos Aires, Claudio Jordá will make it look beautiful. As if you need any proof, just look at that burger. That is art, friends!

5. Marco Guoli
Marco Guoli Event Photography Buenos Aires via Facebook

And last but certainly not least, the final selection for your event photography in Buenos Aires is Marco Guoli.

As you can see, Marco does stunning aerial photography. He is also an expert in architecture and interior design. Plus, he also loves to do portrait and corporate photography too.

He’s also trusted by some of the biggest brands in the world, having worked with groups like the BBC, the New York Times, Dunlop, and Airbnb.

Wrapping up

And there you have it, our concise guide to the best event photographers in Buenos Aires. We hope you’ve enjoyed it! 

For further advice on how to hire a corporate event photographer, read our ultimate guide right here. 

And, of course, the perfect photographer needs the perfect location to shoot. And you can find it oh so easily, with our fabulous selection of venues in Buenos Aires

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