7 Exciting Team Activities in Copenhagen

08 November 2021
08 November 2021
7 Exciting Team Activities in Copenhagen

How nice it is to find something special for your team. How nice it is to have an exciting event down in your diary.

You’ve made positive steps to make it happen with this guide to exciting team activities in Copenhagen.

The outcomes of team building activities are undeniably attractive: skill-building, team bonding, just plain fun, whatever the reason, effective team activities are essential.

This guide to team activities in Copenhagen has been carefully curated to satisfy any and all team-building outcomes: from problem-solving to satisfying natural curiosity. Now get reading, and we hope you find what you’re looking for!

1. Institute of Wonder 
Institute of Wonder via Facebook

We’re kicking off our guide to team building activities in Copenhagen with the Institute of Wonder. They have a simple motto, play together, explore together, grow together.

What makes the Institute of Wonder unique is that they have a DIY event service for those that prefer to take care of the organisation themselves.

You can explore the hip Kødbyen or the mysteries of the tranquil Assistens Cemetery. They’re unique experiences that induce engagement through gentle competition and prizes.

2. Escape Copenhagen
Escape Copenhagen via Facebook

Up next, we have Escape Copenhagen. It’s a dramatic series of escape games, each lasting 60 minutes.

They have a series of unique sets and complex stories, such as The rogue General, The Terrorist Cell, Vikings, The Solitary Monk, The Psychotic Janitor, Enter The Mind, and Dr Evil’s Plan.

Each room is meticulously designed to not only challenge but to awe. The set design is marvellous, and the tension authentic. The beauty of these games is that they require teamwork to solve.

And finally, you’ll find it in a unique central location, right next to Nørreport Station.

LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW via lakridsbybulow

Liquorice is an acquired taste. But LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW is for everyone. It’s a fascinating insight into how they make their world-renowned goods.

It’s not only a sensory experience. It’s also a narrative delight. They tell their entrepreneurial story with passion and authenticity.

You’ll also get a robust tasting experience and insights into how their development lab operates, where they are constantly developing new and exciting flavours.

This is an operational factory, remember, so there is a limit of 20 people, and it’s not suitable for children.

4. Royal Copenhagen

 Raftsmanship Tiles X ARoyal Copenhagen via royalcopenhagen

The products that Royal Copenhagen make are breathtaking. A distinctive blue, precious porcelain, and timeless designs that any stylish person would be honoured to have in their home.

It’s a historical institution that you can immerse yourself in, literally. You can learn how to paint these cultural artefacts in a rare workshop experience for you and your team.

This is an experience you can only get in Copenhagen. They have major stores all over the world. But you’ll only get their painting workshops in their flagship workshop stores in their capital city.

5. Den Blå Planet
Den Blå Planet via denblaaplanet

If the words “Northern Europe’s largest aquarium” doesn’t excite you, then you’re reading the wrong article.

Yes, Den Blå Planet is a magical place, and you can arrange an exciting backstage tour for you and your team.

There are four backstage areas to choose from:Behind the Scenes explores the basement passages and their technical installations, with all the secret animals that aren’t on show.

A High-Tech Aquatic Marvel is a secret glimpse of the fascinating engines that keep this magical place running.

The Sustainable Planet is an essential educational tour and learning experience on climate change’s dangers upon our seas.

And Once Upon a Sea is an engaging and lively tour and learning experience on the evolution of sea creatures.

6. Mystery Makers
Mystery Makers via Facebook

Mystery Makers promises “entertainment that makes you smarter”. If that isn’t how to sell a team-building activity in Copenhagen, then what will? Their philosophy is something they call entertainment.

They have two styles of game, mystery hunts, and mystery rooms. Mystery hunts is a whirlwind adventure where you hunt down and tackle clues. The mystery rooms are a timed challenge where your problem solving is resolved in an effort to escape and win the game.

The stories are dramatic and beautifully designed, with captivating titles such as The Killing Room, The Ritual, The Lab, Kronborg Castle, The Citadel, The Kings Garden, and Christiansborg Palace.

7. World of Adventure 
World of Adventure via Facebook

If you like a comprehensive service, then World of Adventure is for you. They have an astonishing amount of services to suit all your team building outcomes.

Whether indoor, outdoor, or in the virtual realm, they do it all, literally. Drones, hackathons, murder mysteries, casino experiences, boat building, kayaking, soapbox racing, mini-Olympics, quizzes, and that is just a fraction of what they have on offer.

So if your team has boundless energy and like to try it all, World of Adventure will make them very happy team members indeed!

Wrapping up 

So there you have it, our guide to exciting team activities in Copenhagen. We hope you’ve seen what you’re looking for. And remember, you don’t need to do just one. Why not work your way through all of them?

If you have found an activity you like, but need a venue, then make sure to check out our stunning collection of Workshop rooms in Copenhagen.

And our final bit before we go, check out our guide to the Great neighbourhoods in Copenhagen for corporate events. You’ll get the lowdown on venues, travel, and hot places to eat and visit. For anything else, don’t be afraid to ask.

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