Great Group Dining Venues in Copenhagen

15 January 2021
15 January 2021
Great Group Dining Venues in Copenhagen

Wondering where to eat after visiting the Tivoli Gardens? Do not merely wander into a random restaurant. Do your research and make an informed decision. You will not have to look far because this guide will give you the best selection of group dining venues in Copenhagen.

Knowing where to eat in Copenhagen is essential to your visit. Do you enjoy culture and an exciting restaurant scene? Then let us tell you what you want to hear. Meet the locals and have an amazing meal within these fine dining restaurants.

The choices are endless in the Danish Capital, from Michelin Star restaurants to the local typical Nordic Cuisine.

Amass Restaurant

restaurants in copenhagen with concept icecream
Amass Restaurant’s Black Beetroot Ice Cream via Amass Restaurant

Amass Restaurant is entirely focused on sustainability and the environment. The group dining restaurant refers to this mindset as ‘Responsible Deliciousness’ — two words you will certainly experience after visiting here.

The restaurant has reduced 75% of waste material by using all the by-products of their produce. The excellence of the restaurant comes back in their way of thinking and their

The current situation has made the restaurant even more innovative. They serve one menu in the evening. We love the Grilled Duck, Quince, Pickled Wild Rose, Walnut Milk. You should certainly stop by when you can.


Barr’s Ribs, Jerusalem artichoke, pear and endive from Barr

Barr describes itself as a casual restaurant. The group dining venue is on the waterfront of Copenhagen. This restaurant also has a 30 seat beer bar that is adjacent to the dining room.

This restaurant wants to uncover the cuisine that ties together the traditional eating and drinking habits from the North and Baltic seas. You should taste the Bleak Roe with grilled Belgian Waffles! Thorsten Schmidt invites you to explore the traditions of Northern Sea Cuisine and amaze your taste buds in the process.


Baest via BÆST

BÆST combines organic produce of the highest quality with sustainability. The result is a host of innovative dishes.

You should visit this group dining restaurant if you want to try a new, delicious way of making pizza. No, this is not an Italian restaurant. But the team has won numerous prizes and accolades for ‘best pizza’ on both a local and international level.

This restaurant praises themselves on producing their homemade cheese and charcuterie daily. You will want to try out the team’s Burrata with mushrooms or any other item out of their

The neighbourhood Nørrebro is a melting pot of all things delicious, fun and vibrant. This restaurant fits right in with the family.


minimal restaurant dish white
Geranium dish via Geranium, photo by Claes Bech-Poulsen

Geranium is a Michelin Star restaurant located in Fælledparken in the Østerbro neighbourhood of Copenhagen. The kitchen is lucid, light and dynamic. This restaurant will make sure that each dish is paired with a glass of good wine. Tell the team what you are looking for, and they will entertain you with their creations.

The group dining restaurant offers to seat you at their fireplace table via special request. If you prefer to come with a slightly larger group, dine at the ‘Inspiration Kitchen’. It is a beautiful, creative and light private dining room with an open kitchen and wine cellar.

Gaarden & Gaden

Gaarden & Gaden via Gaarden & Gaden

Gaarden & Gaden is a bar and kitchen located at Nørrebrogade in Copenhagen. This place is perfect for you if you want to try out a variety of natural wines. There is a minimum of 500 different wines stored in the basement. Next to that, you will find a selection of draft beers on tap for you to choose from.

During the day, you can pair your beverage with a simple lunch. You will want to come back in the evening to try out the six-courses menu, though. Just imagine enjoying slow-cooked pork neck, baked apples, sauerkraut and mustard sauce with a perfect glass of wine…


where to eat in copenhagen sperimental sea food
Kadeau’s Norwegian scallop dish with pickled pumpkin and walnut leaf oil via andershusa

Kadeau is a Danish restaurant that adjusts its menu according to the season. The name of the restaurant literally translates to ‘gift’. A visit will definitely feel like one! If you need any more convincing, the restaurant has received its second Michelin Star.

This group dining venue in Copenhagen is perfect for dining parties; the exclusive private dining rooms can fit 14 people. The restaurant can offer your party custom menus packed with Nordic ingredients. Make sure to pair your menu with some good wine!

As well as their fine dining restaurant in Copenhagen, they also have a sister restaurant on the Danish island, Bornholm in the Baltic Sea.

Wrapping Up

Denmark is a wonderful country to visit, and Copenhagen is the crown jewel. In our opinion, sampling the local restaurants is the best way to experience the capital to the max.

Enjoy a drink, meet the other guests, make your next booking and look forward to experiencing the Danish Cuisine. A quality meal will make all your worries go away. Welcome to Copenhagen and enjoy the good times in top group dining venues.

If you need a place to stay during your visit to the city then we have a list ready for you!

Featured image: BÆST via BÆST 

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