The Best Bars in Copenhagen

14 January 2021
14 January 2021
The Best Bars in Copenhagen

Do you love a good whisky? Or are you feeling festive and prefer Mezcal? You will want to have a drink after a day of meetings in Copenhagen. But where do you go after visiting the Tivoli Gardens?

Look no further because all your doubts are resolved here. You will find all the best bars in Denmark’s capital right here. Your wine, cocktails, and craft beers are closer than you might think. Here is a list of the best Copenhagen bars.


stylish cocktail bar
Ruby via visitcopenhagen

Ruby is a bar located inside an old townhouse from 1740, just facing the Parliament building and the Thorvaldsens Museum. The building itself has a colourful history. It has served many purposes, from a book press to a private bank. But the bar is most proud of the fact that the Danish Spirit Producers was founded here in 1882.

Nowadays you can enjoy the best cocktails in the heart of history. The bar is now an institution within the Danish Cocktail industry. The international atmosphere together with the local vibe gives you a unique experience. A worthy mention of the Copenhagen nightlife.

Check out their amazing cocktails! You can’t really go wrong when you’re ordering. 


 stylish pub where to go while visiting copenhagen
Balderdash via visitcopenhagen

Balderdash is a cosy cocktail bar in the middle of the historic centre of Copenhagen. In 1732, a Jewish goldsmith migrated to Copenhagen. The house he built is now home to this bar.

Balderdash is an open cocktail bar, but you are also encouraged to make reservations for private parties and cocktail events. Bring your colleagues and enjoy a spirit of your choosing at this comfortable and inventive bar. The friendly staff and delicious drinks will make your night a memorable one.

This venue keeps history alive while adding a modern Nordic touch. You can now join this Danish historical environment while enjoying a lovely beverage. Add this place on your list of ‘Copenhagen bars to experience’.

Kyros & Co

Kyros & Co via Kyros & Co

There are many Copenhagen bars. But none is as unique as Kyros & Co. Here they make use of four simple terms: culture, science, craftsmanship, and surprise. As the bar says, it all begins with an idea.

Understanding the world of flavour is a basic requirement for running a good cocktail bar. And there is no questioning of the expertise at this joint. The bar’s cocktails are a delight of pure, natural and experimental flavour teamed with exceptional craftsmanship.

Although the bar doesn’t have an online menu, make sure to bring your wishes to the table and let the crew amaze you. Whisky or brandy? Sweet or sour? Tell them! The magicians behind the bar will create your personal favourite from scratch. Your palette will thank you afterwards.

R Vinbar

coazy winebar
Vinbar via Facebook

If you are looking for professional and knowledgeable service regarding your wine, then R Vinbar is your spot. The bar always has around 35 different wines by the glass, and regularly changes their offer. It’s a great excuse to come back more than once.

This wine bar is also perfect if you would like to organise a tasting as a team-building event. Both large and small groups can come here to enjoy and experience the world of wine.

This bar is also aware that you should have something to eat with your drink. Simple and tasty dishes such as charcuterie, cheeses, smoked salmon, seafood are available for you to enjoy.


Brønnum via Brønnum

Brønnum is a cocktail bar located in a refurbished historical building. The location has an outdoor serving area, which faces the Royal Theatre and the Grand Central Plaza. 

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, enjoy your cocktail in the bar’s courtyard. We can only describe it as a hidden gem in the city.

The bar has six different rooms plus an additional Games Room. Engage in pleasant conversation or fall out with colleagues over a game of pool or table football.

The bar wants to make sure that everyone is comfortable. Music is played at a soft volume to keep everyone happy.

Check out the bar’s cocktail menu! No need to worry, there are also delicious beers and a selection of grape-based drinks for you wine lovers. A worthy mention on the list of ‘Copenhagen bars’.


copenhagen nightlife old school atmosphere
Lidkoeb via Facebook

Lidkoeb bar is in a three-storey building in a courtyard just off Copenhagen’s famous Vesterbrogade. The house was built in 1886 by pharmacist H.P. Madsen, and for more than 100 years, housed the production facility of Vesterbro pharmacy. The building has been a fantastic bar since 2012.

The friendly and professional service together with great products and a cosy atmosphere make for one incredible evening. Make sure to read through their menu and get excited! You will love the ‘Grapes of Wrath’.

The bar is also perfect for your next meeting, party, or get together. The three floors and courtyard can be hired individually or together as a package.


modern drink
Curfew via Curfew

Curfew has stood the test of time. Since the Second World War, the location has harboured many murky taverns and even served as a gangster hangout.

The scratchy, funky, vinyl will make you want to experience this spacious bar’s relaxed atmosphere again and again.

Make sure to enjoy the Vaudevillian if you like a refreshing combination of pear cognac, chestnut, chocolate spirit, fennel, lemon citrus, finished with brut apple cider.

Oh, and bring your colleagues to the bar’s cocktail masterclass. You can learn all the cocktail techniques (shaking, stirring, and muddling) with 8 to 20 other guests.

Wrapping Up

Visiting Copenhagen should be fun. Adventuring through the streets of Denmark’s capital is a worthy way to spend the day. But don’t walk past these cocktail bars. They are top picks for any after-work event in Copenhagen, whether you prefer a fantastic selection of classic cocktails or something completely different. Become friends with the bartender and let the good times roll.

Featured image: Bartender via Luxe Digital

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