The 8 Best Neighbourhoods in Helsinki for Hosting an Event

by Akshayaa RaniM,  07 January 2024
by Akshayaa Rani M, 07 January 2024
The 8 Best Neighbourhoods in Helsinki for Hosting an Event

Hey Event Planners! Facing challenges in finding the perfect venue? We've got the inside scoop for you.

Dive into Helsinki's vibrant neighbourhoods, boasting stellar architecture and buzzing hotspots. Whether you're looking to unwind, dine, or host, Helsinki's got you covered.

While looking for a place to stay and host your next event, pick an area that suits your preference. Don't stress over distance - Helsinki's seamless public transport will whisk you to the heart of the city in a flash.

Ready to explore? Here are the top 8 Helsinki neighbourhoods to consider.

1. The Centre of Helsinki: Kluuvi District

Kluuvi District of Helsinki via The Nomadvisor.jpg
Kluuvi District of Helsinki via The Nomadvisor

Craving vibrancy for your next event? Then Kluuvi should be on top of your list. Not only is it studded with iconic landmarks, but it's also a shopper's haven with bustling streets and massive department stores. Believe us, this district has all your event essentials.

Worried about connectivity? Don't be. Kluuvi’s central position offers easy access to local and intercity trains to connect you to any destination across the country. Even trains from Saint Petersburg. That being said, you don’t have to worry about travel for guests attending your event.

Beyond its commercial appeal, Kluuvi is also a cultural powerhouse.. Attractions like music centres, national theatres, and art museums could be potential venues for your next event.

If you’re a literature buff, you’re in for a treat with the stunning libraries around the area. Here are a couple of libraries you must visit. The Kaisa House located on the campus of the University of Helsinki is an institution by itself. The Central Library Oodi is yet another wonder of Helsinki.

Want to infuse some green into your event? Choose from the area's serene parks and botanical gardens, ideal for exhibitions or launch events.

If sharp, state-of-the-art meeting and conference rooms are on your checklist, then Kluuvi's remarkable hotels are game-changers. Here you’re not just offered a venue, but also arrangements like food, infrastructure, instruments, and a good experience that will take your event to the next level.

2. The Heart of Helsinki nightlife: Kamppi

Kamppi District of Helsinki via
Kamppi District of Helsinki via

Apart from being home to large shopping centres and popular flea markets, this bustling area in Helsinki is known for hosting diverse boutiques and dining spots, whether you are in the mood forthe hipster flareorLGBTQ-friendly venues.

All the way from Mannerheimintie Street to Hietalahti Bay, the Kamppi district is the heart of Helsinki. If you look at the eastern side of the district you’ll find a vast number of sights, restaurants, and fun entertainment activities. The Amos Rex Museum, Kamppi Mall, the Narinkkatori Market, and the Tavastia Club are a few gems among many more.

To the western side, you’ll find the Alexander Theatre and the Hietalahti Square, known for its flea markets and many small restaurants that would be perfect for a relaxing evening post your busy day. You will also find cultural sites, movie theatres, and concert locations to add flavour to any type of upbeat event you wish to host.

Being one of the most vibrant areas in Helsinki, Kamppi offers an array of hotels for a comfortable stay and hostsMICEConferences andProduct Launches. Your guests will find long-distance transport buses and trains suited to their travels in and around the district.

3. District Helsinki’s bohemian oasis of bars and restaurants: Kallio

Kallio District of Helsinki via
Kallio District of Helsinki via

East of the city centre lies Kallio, once a working-class neighbourhood. Kallio is one of the areas in Helsinki known for its relaxed and vibrant atmosphere with a wide array of cafes, bars, restaurants, wonderful boutiques and so much more. It has now developed into a trendy and fashionable area. Hence, it is perfect for your light and trendy cocktail parties or luncheons.

With numerous watering holes, your task is to simply be there for a fun night out. Or, if you want a quiet affair, Kallio has numerous coffee shops close to the park to destress after an event.

This bohemian district is full of things to do as it aims at young adults. Kallio has seen an influx of artists, alternative crowds, and students thanks to the many attractions. Its antique buildings just add to this neighbourhood’s rustic charm. This area also comes with venues and hotels at considerable prices. Travelling is also budget-friendly.

Kallio is home to different music festivals and artistic performances at the Kallio Block Partiesand other festivals that can add colour to any of your events. But if you’re looking for that typical Finnish experience at your next event, you’ve got venues to cater to that too.

4. Helsinki’s Historic District: Kaartinkaupunki

Kaartinkaupunki District in Helsinki via
Kaartinkaupunki District in Helsinki via

Discover the heart of historic Helsinki in the charming district of Kaartinkaupunki. A pocket-sized gem, this area brims with architectural marvels and venues perfect for your elegant events. From picturesque parks to the characterful old fire stations and bustling market squares, your venue options are vast and varied.

Nestled in the southern precincts of Helsinki’s city centre, Kaartinkaupunki exudes a cosmopolitan yet chic ambience. While modern office spaces stand ready for your conferences, the neighbourhood's renowned restaurants and opulent five-star hotels are set to elevate your galas and boutiques.

Need a breather amidst the urban buzz? Dive into the district's cultural treasures with its stunning museums or find serenity in its recreational spots. Whether it's a leisurely stroll along the harbour or a moment of tranquillity in the lush Esplanade Park, you're sure to find both tourists and professionals alike soaking in the vibes.

But there's more to Kaartinkaupunki. Celebrated for its quintessential Finnish architecture, it's a haven for families. So, if a cosy, family-centric event is on your radar, the district’s verdant parks and spaces are at your disposal.

5. District Helsinki’s Modern Marine Area: Länsisatama

Länsisatama District of Helsinki via
Länsisatama District of Helsinki via

Dreaming of a maritime ambience for your next event? Dive into Länsisatama, an enchanting corner of the Helsingin Niemi Peninsula. Here, the iconic harbour melds seamlessly with modern high-rises and the renowned Löyly sauna complex, crafting an exquisite backdrop for any gathering.

From the serene harbour to the ultra-modern event centres, Länsisatama offers picture-perfect locales tailored to both casual get-togethers and grand celebrations. And if you’re seeking accommodation, the local hotels cater seamlessly to both bustling business trips and laid-back holidays.

Navigating the city? The efficient subways and trams ensure you’re always just a swift journey away from Helsinki’s many treasures.

6. Helsinki’s hidden gem: Katajanokka

Katajanokka District of Helsinki via The Nomadvisor.jpg
Katajanokka District of Helsinki via The Nomadvisor

Unknown to most visitors, Katajanokka is an island filled with great taste and charm. Located on the eastern shore of the city centre, the Katajanokka Channel is embedded between the district and the mainland. There are four bridges that bring visitors into the sublime district.

It is yet another picture-perfect area for finding your next event venue. You can find terrace venues along the shoreline that offer you a picturesque venue for a daytime gathering. With a number of restaurants coming up, this district in Helsinki has become a hotspot for Finnish dining.

If you’re looking for a little edge, then try hosting your next conference in a hotel that was a former prison. It’s a game-changer. But if you’re looking for a little tradition to add to your event, then you’ve got the largest orthodox cathedral in Western Europe around the corner. Or, how about a meeting venue with a panoramic view for your next hybrid event?

Katajanokka has plenty of unique places with wonderful things to see and add value to your upcoming event.

7. Home to Hartwall Arena and Tripla: Pasila

Pasila District of Helsinki via
Pasila District of Helsinki via

Nestled away from the regular tourist hustle, Katajanokka is a treasure trove of style and sophistication. Situated on the eastern fringe of the city centre, this island district is cradled by the scenic Katajanokka Channel, with four iconic bridges ushering visitors into its captivating embrace.

Looking for the ideal backdrop for your event? Katajanokka boasts sun-dappled terraces lining its shores, perfect for daytime soirees. And with a rising tide of restaurants, this Helsinki district is quickly making its mark as the crème de la crème of Finnish dining.

For those seeking a hint of the unconventional, imagine hosting a conference in a hotel that was once a prison. Talk about an unforgettable experience! But if tradition calls your name, the grandeur of Western Europe's largest orthodox cathedral awaits nearby. Fancy a top-tier hybrid event? Opt for a venue offering panoramic vistas that will leave attendees spellbound.

Katajanokka is an eclectic blend of the unique and the exquisite, ensuring your event is truly memorable.

8. The coolest neighbourhood in Helsinki: Punavuori

Punavuori District of Helsinki vis
Punavuori District of Helsinki vis

Craving that Brooklyn-esque charm in Helsinki? Look no further than Punavuori, where trendy meets traditional in a delightful mashup. Brimming with chic boutiques and delectable eateries, the district's vibrant cafes and bustling patios emanate a contagious, laid-back energy.

Steeped in history and community spirit, Punavuori wears its heritage with pride. Situated southwest of the city centre, it stands as Helsinki's inaugural suburb, now teeming with the hustle and bustle of young families and avant-garde professionals. Envisioning a MICE conference or a trendy hybrid event for the next-gen achievers? Punavuori's got your back.

Architectural aficionados will revel in the district's aesthetic blend, from art nouveau edifices to neo-Renaissance marvels. The rebirth of erstwhile industrial spaces into chic apartments and offices offers an ideal backdrop for your vintage-themed meetings.

And as the sun sets, Punavuori's Design District unfurls a tapestry of bars, eateries, and boutiques, promising the perfect unwind post-event. Wander down the pedestrian haven of Iso Roobertinkatu, marvel at the Mikael Agricola Church, indulge your artistic side at the Sinebrychoff Art Museum, or find solace at St. John Church. Don't forget a toast at the Sinebrychoff Park, christened after a famed local brewer. In Punavuori, every moment calls for a ‘Cheers!’

Wrapping Up

We hope you’re all clear with where in Helsinki to host your next event. That being said, we suggest that you get to know our Helsinki City Guide for all you need to know about the city. From choosing a venue to planning your event with cool sustainable events in Helsinki.

We look forward to having you in Helsinki for your next event. And if there is anything else you need to know about Helsinki and hosting events there, our Local Experts are here to assist.

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