Our Favourite Areas in Lisbon for Hosting Events

18 February 2021
18 February 2021
Our Favourite Areas in Lisbon for Hosting Events

Tucked away on the edge of its continent, Lisbon is short-changed when it comes to the praise it deserves.

It’s steep, old, bold, colourful, historic, joyous, great fun and all in all, the hidden gem of Europe.

If you want to take your guests somewhere where the food, drinks and partying is serious, and the work is unceremonious, bring them here.

Hosting an event in Lisbon is a good idea because it isn’t a typical place to hold one. This article is a gentle area guide that is going to prove that to you.

Bairro Alto 

Bairro Alto is the high district that sits atop the hill. It’s known for being a quintessentially bohemian area and one of the coolest areas in Lisbon.

That much will be obvious after walking just a couple of blocks of this area. The streets are tightly packed and full of interesting street art, restaurants, cafes, tattoo parlours and hostels.

Bairro Alto is where the city comes to party. So if you want to show colleagues your hip and carefree side, this is where to host your event!

Where to Host a Meeting in Bairro Alto

Cozy and Chic Space in Lisbon
Cozy and Chic Space via Eventflare

This cosy and chic space for work and play exemplifies Bairro Alto’s bohemian spirit beautifully.

The venue has a simple concept; white accented with black metal and light brown wood gives smooth vibes for an informal meeting with your team.

Despite its small appearance, it can accommodate up to 40 people standing.


Alfama is one of the oldest, most historical, and perhaps most charming areas in Lisbon. If you want your event to be accompanied by old-world style, this is the place for you.

The narrow medieval streets and alleys are flooded with traditional cuisines and fado music at every turn.

The street pattern is a bit of a labyrinth and all part of the experience. They’re steep too, just like in all the photos of Lisbon you’ll see.

Where to Stay in Alfama

elegant Boutique Hotel
Boutique Hotel via Eventflare

We can heartily recommend this boutique hotel if you want beautiful, whimsical views over historic Alfama.

Luxurious and spacious, it’s very becoming of its classy surroundings. You’ll also love the beauty bar, cafe, restaurant, and top-grade amenities.

It’s an award-winning hotel to boot, so that will be nice to brag about over small talk!


Although not technically part of the city, Alcântara is within the parish district. The locals consider it as much a part of Lisbon as any other area.

You’ll find it along the mighty Tagus river with gems such as the Docas de Santo Amaro. There’s also a magical dock full of bars and restaurants for you and your colleagues to spend days and nights familiarising yourself with.

If you’re in the mood to be a little bit more serious, then Alcântara has the LX Factory. It’s a former factory complex, which now exists as a shopping, office, and restaurant area.

Where to Host a Meeting in Alcântara

Stylish and Highly Functional Event Venue via Eventflare
Highly Functional Event Venue via Eventflare

While you’re there, you might want to check out this flexible and highly functional event venue.

It’s a luminous and fascinating looking place, with great amenities such as projectors, high-quality sound equipment, whiteboards and flipcharts. And of course, strong WiFi.

The venue has more than 200m2 for your event to stretch into. You can invite a grand total of 100 guests for a seated event and 200 for a standing event.

You can really let your imagination take over with this one. From brainstorming sessions, conferences, meetings, photoshoots or maybe a workshop?

Príncipe Real

Any area called Royal Prince can expect to be a grand old place. And friends, Príncipe Real is aptly named.

What you and your guests will like is that it’s an area that is both residential, and public; it’s where people live, and where people socialise.

It’s one of the more upscale areas in Lisbon. So any event you host here will carry that royal quality with it too.

Where to Host an Event in Príncipe Real

Bright Productive Spacewith natural light
Bright Productive Space via Eventflare

You’d assume trendy areas are comprised of trendy places. And you’d be right. Case in point: this bright, productive space in central Lisbon.

The flashy yellow furniture is a treat for tired eyes. So expect a productive and creative session! There are also some cracking views, with floor-to-ceiling bay windows.

Your little team of 7 will have access to the kitchen and can enjoy complimentary tea and coffee.

Avenida da Liberdade

Avenida da Liberdade is Príncipe Real in hyper mode. It’s a modern area of Lisbon and a relative baby, built in the 19th century.

It’s one of the swankiest boulevards in Europe. Its wide, green streets, lined with palm trees, are the perfect medicine between work sessions.

It’s full of fancy hotels, and the best designer shops you could hope for. If you want a corporate event that embodies the good life, this is the area for you.

Where to Stay in Avenida da Liberdade

view from Luxurious Hotel terrace in lisbon
Luxurious Hotel via Eventflare

If you like the sounds of this glam area, then we have a luxurious hotel with views of central Lisbon that will have you blending right in.

Each room has deluxe amenities including pampering Hermès lotions, the scent of fresh flowers and crystal clear sound from a Bose music system.

What’s more, the rooms have elegant balconies, and the restaurant has a modern, sleek interior, showcasing a unique marriage of French and Portuguese cuisine.

Graça and São Vicente

We’re now back in one of the older areas in Lisbon. The streets and pavements are once again teeny tiny.

The river’s views are worth booking alone, and so are the iconic landmarks such as the National Pantheon and the Igreja de São Vicente.

Your guests will love the Feira da Ladra, an outdoor market where treasures are found, and deals are struck. You’ll be guaranteed a charming, bustling atmosphere, and if you’re lucky, you’ll find a precious antique to take as a keepsake.

Where to Host an Event in Graça and São Vicente

Industrial Workspace
Industrial Workspace via Eventflare

Sometimes the best way to enjoy a new area guilt-free is to get some serious work done first.

This industrial workspace for vital business projects is that place. After a couple of hours in here with your streamlined team, you’ll be swaggering around Graça and São Vicente that bit more smugly.

We love the bright yellows that play great supporting actors in this feature. What they’ve achieved is exciting while not distracting, and that is not easy!


This area is quite the hidden gem. It was formerly the old Moorish district, known for housing immigrants from as far back as the 12th century.

Mouraria is an area that still wears its history like it was yesterday. The art and decor of its past are unchanged, and it’s an area on the up.

Its central location, walkability, and heart on its sleeve ethos make it a wonderful place to be. Your guests will love its authenticity and beauty.

Where to Stay in Mouraria

Contemporary Art Nouveau Hotel
Contemporary Art Nouveau Hotel via Eventflare

This contemporary hotel is a local icon. It’s a piece of history and a great example of art nouveau architecture.

The interior is decidedly modern, but keep that secret to yourself. Passers-by don’t need to know that.

The restaurant is predominantly a Portuguese affair, with subtle dalliances with international influences.

The hotel also operates as an art gallery. But if you get bored with the art, you can always just admire the views over Central Lisbon from your French balcony.

Wrapping Up

We hope you’re as charmed by Lisbon as we are. Events in Lisbon have a special atmosphere about them, and as European standards go, it’s a pretty cheap place to do business! There are also plenty of things to do in Lisbon alongside your event.

If you want to know more about events in this city, we’d love to hear from you!

Alternatively, you could get yourself excited about the famous Lisbon nightlife scene we’ve been teasing you with. Check out the best venues for afterwork events in Lisbon.

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