London’s Outstanding Areas for Events

02 October 2020
02 October 2020
London’s Outstanding Areas for Events

London is one of the top cities in the world for events of all kinds. But if you’re not a resident you won’t know where to start looking for your venue if you don’t know which area of London best suits your style of event. 

Here are some of our favourite areas in London to choose from, they are all vibrant, dynamic places, but they each have their unique personality.


Versatile chic and trendy location for events
Chic and trendy space via Eventflare

It may have gone through some rough times in the past, but Shoreditch is still the energetic, creative darling of the art scene that it has always been. Once home to factories and industry, these now repurposed buildings offer a wealth of art galleries, concert halls, bars, restaurants and event venues that rivals that of the West End. 

Even media businesses and web technology companies have started favouring this side of town thanks to its creative vibes.

Its graffiti and lively street art are a testament to the effort made by renowned artists like Banksy to change the face of Shoreditch since the late 1990s.

Since then it has attracted people for its unique museums like the Brick Lane Gallery, and its markets that offer a friendly, energetic atmosphere for its visitors.

It is conveniently well connected to the London Underground with stations dotted all over the area and served very efficiently by the London Overground.

Shoreditch also boasts some of the best venues in the city like this chic and trendy space that has a glass ceiling and tiered seating for up to 140 people. Here you can find anything from a cosy hotel for a private dinner to a concert hall for a music festival. This is the up and coming area of London that has it all! 


Fabulous cocktail room for elegant events
Fabulous cocktail room via Eventflare

This swanky side of town was developed from farmlands by King Henry VIII when it became a royal park used for hunting by the Tudor kings, and it has been nothing but glitz and glamour ever since.

Located in the very heart of London, between Charing Cross Road, Oxford Street and Regent Street, Soho is home to high-end shops, top-rated restaurants and the trendiest nightclubs in London. It also has more theatres per square mile than is humanly possible to count!

But it’s not only theatres that are housed in Soho, but music clubs and music publishing houses have also been based here, as well as some important film industry businesses including Twentieth Century Fox.

Thanks to its central location, it’s close to major landmarks like Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament – all within walking distance from Soho square. It’s surrounded by 5 underground stations within a 1- or 2-mile radius.

All of this makes Soho a perfect destination for any high-end event. It’s full of culture and luxury. It offers venues surrounded by a vibrant yet swanky nightlife, fancy restaurants and quality entertainment. Our favourite is this fabulous cocktail room that offers a plush space for a private cocktail hour.


Trendy restaurant with a Palm Springs-inspired decor
Vibrant cocktail bar via Eventflare

The heart of Peckham is Rye Lane, a fantastic blast to your senses in the form of shops that lead you to a green space spreading out for miles to East Dulwich.

There’s always something happening in Peckham. The rich cultural and artistic offer is always available in the form of an exotic mix of flavours, colours, aromas and music. Home to one of the oldest restaurants in the area, and also ethnic cuisine from all over the world.

Its artsy, vibrant streets house new businesses in old buildings and it’s amazing! You can find yoga classes in a repurposed warehouse, restaurants in a converted multi-storey car park and a rooftop bar in an old industrial factory.

This side of London is not yet serviced by the underground – although that is already in the works – it does have connections to the railway system that takes you to Central London in a matter of minutes.

Peckham is ideal for artsy, cultural events where you want your attendees to be able to explore their surroundings and soak up a little bit of the local vibe. Our recommended venue for Peckham has to be this vibrant cocktail bar that offers a laid back party environment inspired by travel, its varied music and delicious food and drinks bring the world to you. 


Stunning venue with a New York loft style
Repurposed warehouse via Eventflare

It is host to most of the tourist attractions that London is famous for, like Tower Bridge, the Shard, Shakespeare’s Globe, Tate Modern, Borough Market and the Imperial War Museum. 

But it doesn’t stop there. Southwark is also home to some very prestigious financial corporations– PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young among them. The publishing industry has also found a comfortable home there, with The Financial Times, The Evening Standard and The Daily Mail choosing to set up headquarters here.  

Galleries and museums are just the beginning. Its animated arts scene is not to be underrated. With bars, pubs, nightclubs and underground theatres offering a platform for new talent to shine. It’s the perfect opportunity to venture out and explore this area of London that has managed to seamlessly bond its ancient heritage with its modern developments.

Locating an event here will give your attendees a chance to soak up the most famous landmarks of London while experiencing the local atmosphere of pubs and markets, restaurants, and shops with real English character. Why not go for this repurposed warehouse, converted into a plush loft with arched windows, wooden floors and exposed brickwork – ideal for photoshoots, a chic private dinner or a business lunch with clients.


Cosy event space with a rustic touch
Cosy event space with a rustic touch via Eventflare

This quaint neighbourhood has the typical rags-to-riches story. In the mid-19th century, it had become a notorious slum due to the arrival of the industrial age. Factories, warehouses, docks and plants were built up quickly to respond to the ever-growing demand for production of the Victorian businessmen.

But today, those same buildings have become the character of Bermondsey, endowing it with a picturesque air of fanciful time-travel. Old riverside wharves have been redesigned into hip new flats overlooking the waterfront, and all those factories and warehouses have become pubs, restaurants, hotels, studios and offices, often leaving their Victorian brickwork exposed as a nod to their past.

Cobblestone streets wind up and down cosy corners of the neighbourhood, taking you past whimsical little shops, pubs and cafés. There is an exquisite venue with an actual secret garden hidden away underneath a railway arch. It holds up to 120 people and boasts some of the best AV tech in the area. 

Because there is a touch of modernity amongst this blast to the past, the White Cube Bermondsey, an immense commercial art gallery owned by Jay Joplin, and the Fashion and Textile Museum are housed here, constantly showing the latest trends in art and fashion.

Bermondsey is great to walk around, you’re 10 minutes away from the Shard, the tallest building in Britain, and right around the corner from Borough Market, the oldest market in London. This is a perfect destination for a slow-paced event, where you want your attendees to connect with their environment and have time to explore. 

London awaits!

No matter which area of London you choose, there are always going to be hundreds of options available in terms of venues, restaurants, bars, and cafés. However, the city is so much more than merely a collection of venues. Take some time to explore the neighbourhood you’ll be visiting and discover what makes it authentic. London has something for everyone, so it’s just a matter of exploring a new place each time you visit! Done exploring the city? The UK has many beautiful nature sites to visit across the country.

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