The 11 Best Business Hotels in London

01 September 2021
01 September 2021
The 11 Best Business Hotels in London

We’re not going to be subtle here, this guide concerns premium accommodation. The 13 best business hotels in London, all class, no fluff.

Sure, there’s a time for hostels and doing things on the cheap, but this guide is for when you want the best.

Our venue scouts have left no stone unturned in this iconic city, and we’re here to show you our favourites.

From historical beauties to contemporary wonders, we’ve got a style to suit every candidate. Now, shall we?

1. Charming Business Hotel Rooms With Plenty of Daylight

We’re kicking off our guide to the top hotels in London with this charming business hotel with plenty of daylight.

It’s a vision of style with black-cristal style windows, early 20th-century wall mouldings, and subtle gold fixtures.

There’s a classy rooftop restaurant for the hard-working business person, a first-class lobby and mezzanine to get some work done, and a whole host of luxury amenities.

Plus, it’s located in Blackfriars, a quintessential corner in the centre of London that sits on the river.

2. Top Business Hotel in Covent Garden

Avoid generic hotel rooms with this top business hotel in Covent Garden. Each room is designed and decorated individually, so you’ll have a truly unique experience.

The design is a timeless and classy tribute to Italian design, emphasising a light colour palette and flowing curvature.

The hotel’s bar and restaurant is exquisite, showcasing European cuisine focusing on French and Basque gastronomy.

As well as having luxury bathrooms and every amenity you could need, the location is in a prime location. All of London’s top sights are in and around Covent Garden waiting for you!

3. Carefully Designed Business Hotel in London With 360 views of The City

Our next top hotel in London is carefully designed and has remarkable 360° views of the city.

Its two most distinctive features are the bright velvet upholstered seating and the subtle tropical plant life. The decor is somewhat ambiguous with a slight leaning toward the contemporary, emphasising cool straight lines and timeless interior design classics.

You’ll also find beautiful art pieces throughout, a bar, a dining area, a lounge and a terrace. The location is fantastic too, being within walking distance from the city centre and to the most vibrant areas of the East End, with Aldgate East tube station just outside for good measure.

Plus, each room is uniquely designed, featuring darling amenities such as hot drinks, a mini-fridge, a TV, and excellent WiFi.

4. Funky Business Hotel in The Heart of East London

If refinement bores you, then how about something more quirky? This funky hotel showcases a modern take on a hotel room, with its mish-mash of different colours and materials.

The style might get creative, but the standard doesn’t. The hotel further features various meeting rooms, a greenhouse and an eclectic restaurant where you can taste fantastic wholesome cuisine.

What’s more, you’re right in the heart of East London with premier transport options to get wherever you need to be. Or stay in your room, it has 5-star bedding, WiFi, movies, a mini-fridge and more, so you can’t say you’ll be bored!

5. Stunning Hotel in London With Skyline Views

This stunning hotel is located in London’s world-famous financial district. It also has nine fully-equipped meeting rooms, so if you’re looking for a quality hotel that combines work with pleasure, then this is your one!

Don’t forget to make use of the pool, bar, rooftop terrace, state-of-the-art gym and award-winning restaurant, though; you deserve some downtime too! And if there’s one thing you absolutely have to do here, it’s to look up from your PC and enjoy the premier skyline view.

The interior design here is a fascinating exploration of geometry and ergonomic forms, with an emphasis on high-quality materials and darker colours.

And finally, Canary Wharf Underground Station is at your doorstep, so the city, the O2 Arena, Greenwich, and Canary Wharf are yours to explore!

6. Prestigious Business Hotel in London

Now then, have you ever yearned to stay in a hotel that felt like your own personal city mansion? If so, perhaps you might like this prestigious business hotel located right next to Londons iconic Oxford Circus.

The grandeur of Victorian architecture is brought to life by a dash of contemporary design and colour here, in what is a seriously spacious and exclusive accommodation.

Each room includes en-suite bathrooms, flat-screen TVs, WiFi, gloriously big windows, and extravagant lounging areas.

Guests will also have the privilege of a swimming pool, saunas, steam rooms, a gym, a bar, and a restaurant. This is London at its sophisticated best!

7. Unique Urban Style Hotel in London

Changing direction completely – and displaying London’s cultural versatility, we have this urban hotel located in the centre of Shoreditch.

This hotel is a tribute to the artistic and musical legacy of the neighbourhood. Throughout its 258 rooms, you’ll see unique and tasteful pieces such as Martin guitars and Rega RPI turntables.

It might sport a lo-fi decorative theme, but you can’t help but notice the premium attention to detail and quality accommodation here.

So expect room service, luxury bathrooms, flat-screen TV’s, and more. And for the foodies, there is a unique bar and dining experience where they collaborate continuously with local businesses to create an ever-changing, ever-exciting menu!

8. Boutique Hotel in London with Idyllic courtyard

In the centre of London, we have this boutique hotel with its idyllic courtyard.

It has 32 rooms, each with a unique personality. Take your picks from themes such as Regency Era English, a remarkable white marble contemporary space, and an alluring homage to the Far East.

The terrace and the courtyard are undoubtedly tributes to nature, with enchanting plant life and wooden fixtures transporting you far from the city to a whole new world.

And if we’ve caught your attention with this charming courtyard here, we don’t blame you. So when you’ve finally picked a hotel, you can check out our guide to The best courtyard venues for hire in London here.

9. Unique Concept Business Hotel in London

For the nostalgists among you, you’ve waited patiently, but this one is perfect for you. These unique concept rooms in the heart of Shoreditch are simply exquisite.

The upholstered leather seating and the wooden parquet flooring are marvellous, while the modernised bedframes and wooden fixtures give it a sprinkling of contemporary elegance. Each room is uniquely designed, but all maintain the effortlessly cool, moody colour scheme.

What we also love about this hotel are its great grill restaurant and trendy bar. And as you’re in Shoreditch, you’ve got some of the best restaurants and bars in London at your doorstep for good measure.

And finally, all the rooms come with an excellent WiFi connection, a TV screen, a mini-fridge and a safe.

10. Luxurious Business Hotel in London

Our penultimate business hotel in London is this luxurious and authentic stay near Covent Garden.

It’s a refreshingly modern take on the historical English style. Its most prominent and charming asset is the depth of colour in which it is decorated.

Every room further provides all facilities you expect from a luxurious hotel, such as a safe, mini bar and WiFi.

This hotel is also home to a well-renowned restaurant for the foodies among us, and who could ask for a more iconic location than Covent Garden?

11. Top Business Hotel in London Led by Design

Our final business hotel in London is full of cheer. This design-led aparthotel charms guests with a delightful colour scheme and less-is-more attitude to interior design.

What you’ll love about these accommodations is they’re designed to feel like home. Perfect for unwinding, and well equipped and spacious enough to get some work done too.

What’s more, this space offers a gym, a restaurant, a bar, and a cafeteria. And finally, you are in a great location to attack the city on foot, or by public transport!

Wrapping up

We did say this guide would showcase the best, and did we lie? Absolutely not. If you want more, you can check out the rest of our hotel rooms in London here.

And if you’re compelled to leave one of these luxury accommodations, it has to be somewhere pretty special. Well, how about one of these 15 cool bars for hire in London?

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