Exceptional Luxembourg Restaurants for Business Lunches

19 January 2021
19 January 2021
Exceptional Luxembourg Restaurants for Business Lunches

Luxembourg is home to great restaurants with many types of cuisine and atmospheres. But which Luxembourg restaurant is the best choice for your next business lunch?

You can call ahead, search the web, or read this article. We will have all the intel on Luxembourg’s best restaurants for your next business lunch or dinner.

Um Plateau

elegant appetiser
Um Plateau dish via Um Plateau

Um Plateau is the place to bring your colleagues for a tasty meal. This restaurant has a cosy interior and serves a variety of delicious meals.You are welcome to enjoy both lunch and dinner here.

We recommend trying the Japanese Lacquered Pork Rib Shorts and finishing your meal off with a piece of Chocolate Cake.

This restaurant is a stone throw away from Luxembourg’s city centre. You will want to stroll by here after a long day of meetings at your local office space or during lunch hours. Take a seat at the bar for a glass of wine and enjoy your meal afterwards.

ELA Greek Cuisine

eclectic modern restaurant
ELA Greek Cuisine via ELA Greek Cuisine

ELA Greek Cuisine is, as the name suggests, a Greek restaurant. You can also enjoy a broader Mediterranean cuisine here. You should bring your team to the restaurant’s Tapas bar and enjoy a glass of wine on a Friday afternoon.

The restaurant has a big mix of dishes on their menu templates. Meat, Fish & Seafood, Mezze, and a selection of desserts are available depending on your fancy. Make sure to try out the “Sous Vide” Lamb if you crave a tasteful and filling meal.

This restaurant is open seven days a week and located in Kirchberg. Kirchberg is considered the business district of Luxembourg’s city centre. Several banking facilities and financial centres are here. Your business trip will take you to this part of town at some point, so make sure to give this restaurant a visit.


Snooze Burger via Snooze Facebook

This is a unique mention in our list of Luxembourg restaurants Snooze is the place to bring your team after a tough day of conferences, workshops, and other meetings. The restaurant says ‘Come for a beer, stay for a burger’. Trust us, you will.

This lively restaurant and bar will make you sigh with relief as you try the great variety of beers. We dare you to invite your colleagues to devour the ‘Chuck Norris Burger’together. It is 1kg of beef, a lot of cheese, tons of bacon, and a whole lot of fun.

The doors are open all week long. A second venue is in the South of the country if you would like to compare who makes the better burger.

Le Sud

modern dish
Le Sud via Le Sud

Le Sud is a restaurant overlooking the Rives de Clausen. This restaurant knows exactly how to take care of you on your business trip.

Do not miss out on the Monsieur Thierry Laurent’s Pigeonneau Crust or any of the other delicious dishes. The restaurant’s Homemade Apple Pie will take you back to grandma’s kitchen.

The restaurant has a beautiful bar and terrace with panoramic views. Stop the search for restaurants in Luxembourg and offer your colleague a cigar with a glass of wine from the bar.


mediterranean plate
L’Osteria via L’Osteria

L’Osteria is an Italian restaurant with a partner venue in Paris. The original concept was developed in the 1980s; the Parisian restaurant became famous for its unique risotto recipe. When the Luxembourg venue opened, the unique recipes were brought across the border into this establishment’s walls.

From Parma Galloni ham to olive oil, their high-quality products come directly from Italy. The Italian and Venetia specialities are delicious and make this a worthy addition to this list of restaurants in Luxembourg.

The restaurant is in the heart of Ville Haute, Old Town Luxembourg. You will want to take a look inside after the end of your meetings.

Wrapping Up

There is a great number of options for Luxembourg restaurants. During your business trip to the city, you will find yourself in a time crunch. Just don’t forget to find a moment to relax after a long day of work!

The selection of restaurants in Luxembourg will help you do that. Are you still in need of a hotel? Check out our recommendations! Good luck with your business trip – bon appétit!

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